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So we spent some time this week discussing who should be each team's "Mr. Franchise" (the full discussion is in this thread) and given the results, tried to fill out a full standard-Hall-of-Names 25-man roster.

The lineup and bench were no problem -- four legitimate Hall of Famers didn't even make the roster... but the pitching staff runs short. We have only seven arms available, five more Hall of Famers, one who certainly will be in six years or so, and another -- well, as you'll see, a projection, at best.

So how can we make this team better? Note that four of the six listed as not making the team all played primarily the same position, OF, with three primarily in RF alone..

Can we fill out the pitching staff somehow? Your thoughts ...?

Leadership Team Name Comment
Owner Angels Gene Autry
Only non-player on the list; but really, did Ryan deserve to be "Mr." for two franchises?
Player/Manager Reds Pete Rose
Apologies to Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan. But really, could it be anyone else?
Team Name Comment
C Expos/Nats Gary Carter
Sincere apologies to Tim Raines!
1B Yankees Lou Gehrig
Apologies to Joe DiMaggio and Yogi Berra.
2B White Sox
Nellie Fox
Apologies to Luke Appling and Fronk Thomas.
SS Cubs Ernie Banks
That's right, the Iron Man himself, Cal Ripken Jr., is headed to the bench, if he makes the team at all!
3B Phillies
Mike Schmidt
Does he really deserve to beat out Brett? Yes, yes he does.
LF Red Sox
Ted Williams
"Yastrzemski" is too hard to spell!
WIllie Mays
Apologies to Mel Ott and Carl Hubbell, but Willie was argbuably Mr. Giant on two coasts. (No complaining, Barry Bonds!)
RF Braves
Hank Aaron
Walker has been a great RF. Clemente and Kaline are in the discussion. But Hammerin' Hank deserves the spot.
DH Mariners Edgar Martinez
Apologies to Ken Griffey Jr. (too much time in Cincy!) ... Edgar is the only "natural" DH in the discussion.
Team Name Comment
C/UTIL Astros Craig Biggio
Apologies to Jeff Bagwell -- and, oh what the hell, for a third franchise, to Nolan Ryan, too.
IF Dodgers Jackie Robinson
Apologies to Sandy Koufax, Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider, Steve Garvey, many others!
Royals George Brett
Easiest "Mr. Franchise" decision in the entire major leagues.
IF Blue Jays
Tony Fernandez
Apologies to Joe Carter and Dave Stieb; Fernandez's versatility nets him bench spot over Ripken.
IF/OF Brewers Robin Yount
Apologies to Paul Molitor.
UTIL Reds Pete Rose
Also manager; All-Star at five different positions.
Pitching Staff
Team Name Comment
Mets Tom Seaver
193 wins with Mets, 118 elsewhere -- but he IS the Mets.
DiamonbacksRandy Johnson
Pitched longer in Seattle, but two Cy Young Awards and a World Series ring in Arizona. Apologies to Luis Gonzalez.
RHP Senators/Twins Walter Johnson
Possibly greatest pitcher in history of game; apologies to Harmon Killebrew and, less so, to Kirby Puckett.
RHP Rangers Nolan Ryan
Double-dips as team president, role he holds now for Rangers. Could arguably be Mr. Astro or Mr. Angel as well.
RHP Cardinals Bob Gibson
Apologies to Stan Musial. Dizzy Dean and Lou Brock.
RHP Indians Bob Feller
Apologies to Lou Boudreau.
LHP Devil Rays
David Price
Admittedly, based on projection as much as anything, but kid is already face of the franchise.
Pitcher TBD Vacant
Pitcher TBD Vacant
Pitcher TBD Vacant

Can't believe they didn't even make the team? Maybe we can trade someone to fill out the three vacant spots on the 10-man pitching staff?

  • Mr. Oriole: Cal Ripken Jr. (Apologies to Brooks Robinson)
  • Mr. Tiger: Al Kaline
  • Mr. Marlin: Jeff Conine
  • Mr. Pirate: Roberto Clemente (Apologies to Honus Wagner)
  • Mr. Rockie: Larry Walker (Apologies to Todd Helton)
  • Mr. Padre: Tony Gwynn
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zeppelinkm - Friday, November 28 2008 @ 05:58 PM EST (#194444) #

Well, it wouldn't be a travesty to call Doc Mr. Blue Jay, perhaps premature, but not a travesty. There's one more for the pitching staff, and then Mr.Ripken can take his spot on the bench.  Just a suggestion. Obviously the vote in the poll on the left is skewed by a younger audience, but Doc isn't far behind T.Fernandez. and at the very least, he is clearly the #2 choice for the Jays despite great arguments being made for multiple other players (Carter, Alomar, Steib).


Dewey - Friday, November 28 2008 @ 08:25 PM EST (#194446) #
Hmmm,  all I can say is if Ernie Banks is “Mr. Cub”, then Stan Musial surely is Mr. Cardinal?  And PeeWee Reese is Mr. Dodgers, not Jackie.  Peewee was first in the hearts of Bums fans before Jackie came along, as well as after.  (Even Gil Hodges was more Mr. Dodgers than Jackie.)  Don't misunderstand:  I have as high a regard for Jackie and for Bob Gibson as anyone.   But I thought this was about which player in the franchise's history was the one that fans would first think of when it was mentioned, or who was seen as somehow 'representing' the franchise. 

I've been thinking about Ernie Banks, too; and I wonder if he's called “Mr. Cub” in large part because the media told us to call him that?  Yes, he had his two wonderful MVP seasons, and hit 500 home runs.  He also had a ready smile and was a favourite as much of the media as of the fans, because he gave ready access to both, and he worked actively in the Chicago 'community'.  But Joe Carter isn't Mr. Blue Jays, is he?  (I was a little surprised that nobody even mentioned Fergie Jenkins as Mr. Cub.  Six consecutive (?) twenty win seasons, a Cy Young, thousands of strikeouts, and a rubber arm.  In the late 60's and early 70's he's the first Cub most fans thought of, I'd wager.  And though Billy Williams was a much less public figure than Banks,  I'm not sure he was any less a favourite with people who followed the club.

I'd like to hear some of the arguments for Gibson and Jackie myself.  Not for their excellence—which no one disputes--but for their “Misterness”.
seeyou - Saturday, November 29 2008 @ 07:06 AM EST (#194449) #
Tony Gwynn is undoubtedly Mr. Padres, but Trevor Hoffman would be a close second.  A bit of a cheat, but at least that way there'd be someone in the pen.
Mike Green - Sunday, November 30 2008 @ 11:28 AM EST (#194460) #
Jackie excited and challenged fans at the same time, like no other before him.  Did Dodger fans accept him completely as their own at the time?  Probably not.  Looking back, would those same fans who saw him back then say that he was more "Mr. Dodger" than Pee Wee Reese or Sandy Koufax or Don Drysdale?  I think so. 

Bob Gibson over Stan Musial as "Mr. Cardinal" is a different question, and frankly, a bit of a stretch.  It is hard for a truly great pitcher like Gibson or Koufax or Clemens or Marichal to define a team. 

Dewey - Sunday, November 30 2008 @ 11:53 AM EST (#194461) #
Well, maybe you're right about Jackie, Mike.  These matters are never decidable anyway; but they're good conversation-generators.  Jackie was certainly exciting and challenging.  Reese was instrumental in 'easing' Jackie's entry (not that it was easy at all).  But Reese defused the potentially explosive situation with Dixie Walker, and stood up for Jackie several times in hostile cities.  Dodger fans knew that.  And as someone remarked earlier,  this question is definitely a generationally-conflicted one.  I'm happy with Jackie as Mr Dodger; but I do think that perception is coloured (yeah, lazy pun) by the passage of  five decades.
KL - Monday, December 01 2008 @ 12:35 PM EST (#194475) #
I also think of Larkin when I think of the Reds, but that's mostly because I'm a younger guy. If there's some level of agreement, we could bump Rose in favour of Larkin, and then use the roster spot on the Dodgers for Koufax over Robinson. I think it's a bit of a stretch though.
Reader Challenge Results: The Mister Misters | 6 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.