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The boys are back in town after a day off. Oakland are in town for four games including a Monday day game. Once Oakland leave town the Red Sox show up for the first of 10 straight games against the AL East.

The A's are in a mini slump, they have lost six of seven.

Esmil Rogers faces Jarrod Parker tonight. Rogers is at 93 innings entering tonights game. He threw 80 innings the last two seasons. I assume the Jays will let Rogers pitch through August, 5 more starts, then move him to the bullpen.
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Magpie - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 07:29 PM EDT (#277821) #
Looks like the Rogers scouting report is getting around. The Oakland hitters just don't care about Rogers breaking stuff, or his off-speed stuff. Unless the hitter already got two strikes, they're all just letting it go by. They're sitting dead red.
Chuck - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 07:50 PM EDT (#277822) #
It would certainly appear that the bloom is off the rose.
Magpie - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 08:01 PM EDT (#277823) #
The bloom has been off for a while. This is the shrivel-up-and-crumble phase we're seeing.

Rogers' first 6 starts: 33 IP, 28 H, 24 K, 9 BB, 2-1, 2.18
Rogers' last 6 starts: 33 IP, 52 H, 27 K, 10 BB, 0-3, 7.36

Tonight is his 13th start, and it hasn't changed his luck.
Paul D - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 08:58 PM EDT (#277824) #
It seems like it's time to give Stroman and Nolin a shot. 
Richard S.S. - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 09:13 PM EDT (#277825) #
Sean Nolin can be called up the easiest because he's on the 40-Man Roster. Marcus Stroman is not. Drew Hutchison was recently moved to Buffalo, but is not even close to being ready. Is he off the rehab listing on MiLB site, and off the 60-Day D.L. listing? Kyle Drabek is struggling in New Hampshire, so he's still a ways away. The Question is "how fast is the plug pulled on Esmil Rogers"?
John Northey - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 09:27 PM EDT (#277826) #
Yeah, I'd say it is past time for Nolan to get another shot.  However, his last 4 haven't been the best... 21 1/3 IP 26 H 10 BB 29 SO 2 HR 5.06 ERA.  Wildness has never been a big issue, but suddenly he appears to have been.  However, again, his last start was just 1 BB vs 13 SO in 6 IP so maybe it was a short term thing (last 4 starts from oldest to newest were 4 BB 3 BB 2 BB 1 BB).  Yeah, the more I look the more I say 'call him up again and leave him in the rotation for at least 3 starts'.  Gotta see if he can adjust and do well at this level for 2014.

Stroman has allowed exactly 2 runs in each of his last 6 starts.  Weird. 2.45 ERA over those, 9-49 BB-SO ratio in 40 1/3 IP.  Only twice in 15 starts this year has he allowed more than 2 runs - 3 runs on July 2nd and 8 on May 29th.  If not ready, he is darn close.  At this point I'd say it depends on if he needs to be on the 40 man roster this winter or not - if not then leave him down, if he does need to be on it then it might be worth giving him a few starts up here to 'break him in' and get the juices flowing for 2014 for him.

FYI: Deck McGuire, in his last 14 games has allowed 3 or MORE runs in all but one start - his most recent where he allowed just 1.

greenfrog - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 09:42 PM EDT (#277827) #
Might it be that the team is starting to play out the string, if only slightly or subconsciously?
Magpie - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 10:10 PM EDT (#277828) #
With the way the Yankees are spiraling down the drain, the Jays might still end up in fourth place. Whoop-dee-damn-doo, as was once well said. The Yankees are 22-31 since June 6 and 6-14 since July 12.

Rasmus has become a real three-true-outcomes guy, hasn't he. Zero balls in play tonight.
greenfrog - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 10:42 PM EDT (#277829) #
At this point, I'm pretty much rooting for a high draft pick in '14 and a fresh start next April. I'm not much for meaningless September surges.
Richard S.S. - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 10:46 PM EDT (#277830) #
Interesting, Esmil Rogers was a ????? move last offseason, but a real find out of the pen. It's possible he's passed his best before date. Neil Wagner was a real find out of nowhere, in AAA. This was a surprising appearance, too much too soon against one team or just bad luck. Juan Perez was another amazing find out of AAA. This last performance was unfortunate, but was it unexpected?

None of these three pitchers were on the team last year. Everyone else that pitched was a Regular, and gave up no runs. That's interesting.
Thomas - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 11:14 PM EDT (#277831) #
Interesting, Esmil Rogers was a ????? move last offseason, but a real find out of the pen.

Esmil Rogers had a 4.23 ERA as a reliever. He struck out 4.6 batters per 9 innings. He had a K/BB ratio of 1.5. He allowed 57% of inherited runners to score. For a reliever, those numbers don't suggest that he was a "real find" to me.

Richard S.S. - Friday, August 09 2013 @ 11:54 PM EDT (#277832) #
Thomas, you're not paying attention to context. Out of the pen means not in the pen.

A.A. trades for a failed Starter turned Reliever named Esmil Rogers who's claim to fame was a decent half-season as a Reliever. It was a ????? acquisition. He was an average Reliever until called OUT OF THE PEN to Start. Until he hit a wall (for whatever reason) he was a surprise, very good.
dawgatc - Saturday, August 10 2013 @ 01:32 AM EDT (#277833) #
A vote here for Deck Maguire.Pitching pretty good recently,a former first round pick and he must be protected this year.Might as well find out as much as you can about him before deciding whether tp protect him.Nothing to lose.
Thomas - Saturday, August 10 2013 @ 01:47 AM EDT (#277834) #
Most people use the term "out of the pen" to refer to a relief pitcher who pitches out of the bullpen.

It's especially confusing when you speculate Rogers has reached his "best before date" after six good starts and still call him "a real find."
Richard S.S. - Saturday, August 10 2013 @ 05:31 AM EDT (#277835) #
Rogers is 2-5 with 6 N.D. (Team 4-2). In his first six Starts he's 2-1 while the Team is 5-1. So yes he's been a real good find. His last seven Starts he's 1-3 with 3 bad losses and the team is 1-6. One of those N.D. were not as good as other Starts, but two were coughed up by the Bullpen. They both happened in the seven game slide the Team went on at the All Star Break.

The reason I'm say best before date is he's never been consistently bad and pitching so few innings until lately (last 3 Starts) and most of his problems arise from one bad (3-4 run) inning. He hasn't figured out why he's getting beat badly yet, and Arencibia hasn't helped.
Richard S.S. - Saturday, August 10 2013 @ 05:47 AM EDT (#277836) #
Every considers that Mark Buehrle can't pitch on A.L. East or be effective early in the season. He's 0-5 with 5 N.D. (Team 3-2), but only two of the losses were considered bad. On the other hand, in April and May he's 2-4 with 6 N.D. (Team 5-1). Since June 2nd, he's 5-3 with 3 N.D. (Team 2-1).

Losses verses A.L. East were also poor defense, lack of hitting and poor Relief aided, so the verdict still out on how bad he is.
Magpie - Saturday, August 10 2013 @ 06:34 AM EDT (#277837) #
Ten days ago, Juan Perez threw more than 50 pitches in a game for the first time since (at least) 2007 - minor league game logs only go back through 2008. Last night was the second time. Looks like they broke him.
scottt - Saturday, August 10 2013 @ 08:00 AM EDT (#277838) #
It would be a great time to give McGuire a shot. There's only 1 game between 17th and 24th place overall.
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