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Damiano Palmegiani hit a grand slam enough to give Vancouver a six game series sweep of Hillsboro. Speaking of sweeps Dunedin swept a doubleheader from St Lucie. Rainer Nunez and Gabriel Martinez had four hits each in game one. Dasan Brown was key in game two. Nine bases for Nunez. Buffalo and New Hampshire lost through their bullpens.

Buffalo 4 Iowa 6

New Hampshire 3 Reading 4

Hillsboro 2 Vancouver 8

Dunedin 9 St Lucie 3 - game one

Dunedin 5 St Lucie 3 - game two

This is what I noted from yesterday's games.

The bullpen blew this one for Buffalo. The Bisons took a 4-1 lead to the bottom of the ninth. shaun Anderson pitched the eighth and gave up two runs. Mike Ellenbest gave up three including a two run walk off home run in the ninth. Casey Lawrence had started and went five shutout innings.

Nine hits for the Bisons, Logan Warmoth was the only hitter with two. Spencer Horwitz and Gabriel Moreno each had one hit to keep their batting averages above .300.

Luis Quinones started for NH and it looked like he would get through five innings allowing just one run. But Luis De Los Santos made a two out error in the fifth that led to two more runs so Quinones gave up three, one earned. He struck out six. Gabriel Ponce faced two hitters before being removed with an injury.

De Los Santos had got the Fisher Cats on the board with a solo home run in the second inning. The other two runs scored on a bases loaded walk and a fielders choice. The Fisher Cats had eleven hits, John Aiello led the way with three but didn't figure in the scoring. Addison Barger was 2-4 and although he is hitting well, he doesn't have an extra base hit yet.

Vancouver completed the rare six game sweep of Hillsboro in easy fashion. A Riley Tirotta sac fly and a two run double from Steward Berroa put the C's up 3-0. Then in the fifth Damiano Palmegiani hit his grand slam to make it a 7-1 game. Vancouver cruised from there. The slam was Palmegiani's only hit, Berroa had three, single, double, triple. Tyler Keenan added two doubles.

The C's used six pitchers. Alejandro Melean pitched a good first two, Adriel Mendoza gave up a run in three innings.

The first Dunedin game was the continuation of yesterdays suspended game. It turned out to be the GMart and Rainer game. They each had four hits accounting for eight of the Jays eleven hits. Rainer Nunez had two doubles and a home run and drove in four. Gabriel Martinez scored four and had a double among his four hits. He drove in two.

Nunez and Martinez were held to one hit each in game two. But the big hit was a two run triple from Dasan Brown which gave the D Jays the lead for good. Brown added a single. Emmanuel Sanchez singled, walked and scored two runs.

Geison Urbaez gave up three runs in four innings. Eric Pardinho pitched well in his two innings. He threw mainly off-speed pitches, he got three whiffs on his slider.

Three Stars

Third Star - Gabriel Martinez

Second Star - Rainer Nunez

First Star - Damiano Palmegiani


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Mike Green - Monday, July 18 2022 @ 06:52 AM EDT (#417540) #
Leo Jimenez was hit by pitches twice yesterday. He has now taken 39 in less than 500 PAs over the last 2 years. Should I revise his "target" major leaguer from Chuck Knoblauch to Ron Hunt?
bpoz - Monday, July 18 2022 @ 11:22 AM EDT (#417549) #
9 games until the end of the month. Regular minor league season ends mid Sept except Buffalo.

Tiedemann to AA as mentioned. Some more promotions can happen soon. Maybe end of the month G Martinez can join G Santiago in A+.
John Northey - Monday, July 18 2022 @ 01:35 PM EDT (#417558) #
Fantastic to hear Tiedemann is going to AA.  Reaching AA at 19 is crazy.  Funny thing is his last 3 starts weren't that good - 4 1/3, 5, 4 2/3 IP - 2/3/4 runs allowed.  Results in a 5.79 ERA  over those 14 innings - 7 BB vs 19 SO.  That poor control worries me a bit, but the K's are sweet.

A general rule I like is to push guys so they experience failure and can see where they need to work on to improve.  Ideally before they reach the majors - you hit the odd case like Manoah where they can't be pushed in the minors as they are just too good.  If Tiedemann was left in A ball he'd have had too easy a year, but A+ appears to have been a bit of a challenge towards the end (his first 5 A+ starts were silly  good - 0.38 ERA 383 OPS against 5 BB vs 35 SO in 23 2/3 IP).  I'm guessing the Jays feel if he stayed in A+ he'd go back to that 0.38 ERA form, and they want to see if he can be ready for 2024 or even mid-2023.  If he does well in AA he'll be fighting for a rotation slot in 2023 probably getting the unofficial 6th slot (ready to step in when/if Kikuchi flops).

Stuff I see from the first "half"
  • Hayden Juenger has started more than anyone else in the Jays minors with 17 starts (2 relief games) but just 55 IP 3.4 BB/9 vs 10.8 K/9 are solid but the 2 HR/9 is scary high, but for a 21 year old in AA it is good overall.
  • 4 guys cracked 70 IP - Casey Lawrence (AAAA guy), Thomas Hatch (quickly becoming a AAAA'er), Sem Robberse (20 in A+, but low K numbers at 7.3 per 9 is a concern going forward), and Adam Kloffenstein (21 in A+/AA with a 5.12 ERA - nothing in his numbers jumps out at me as 'wow' or 'oh crap' beyond that poor ERA and 4.5 BB/9). 
  • Ricky Tiedemann is the only guy with 100+ K's  (in 67 2/3 IP)
  • The Jays clearly don't mind their pitchers hitting batters - 2 are at 10+ HBP already in Andrew Bash & Nick Fraze, with 19 having 5-9 HBP's with Stephen Vargas being especially scary to bat against (6 HBP in 8 1/3 IP  but just 4 walks vs 7 K's).
  • Yosver Zulueta is climbing fast but baserunners love him - 5 balks to lead the Jays, 5 wild pitches, 17 SB vs 3 CS.  2 pickoffs.  So 27 extra bases vs at most 5 outs on the bases vs him.  He is talented but boy does he need to learn how to handle baserunners.
  • 2 guys in Dunedin have 10+ wild pitches - Dahian Santos & Connor Cooke
  • For guys with 10+ IP the best K/9 is Cooper Benson (16.4 via 28 K in 15 1/3 IP in rookie and A ball vs just 4 walks, but he is 21 which is old for those leagues)
  • Next best is Jimmy Burnette with 15.8 K/9 over 34 2/3 IP.  50+ IP is Dahian Santos (14.7 K/9 for a 19 year old in A)
  • Eric Pardinho is up to 11 IP in rookie/A without a walk (13 K) but at 21 he is a bit old for those levels.  Moises Brito gets honorable mention with 1 walk in 20 IP  at 19 in rookie ball (Dominican Summer League)
Fun stuff to look at.  Most freak show stats will go towards normal stuff as the year wears on. But I find them fun.
bpoz - Thursday, July 21 2022 @ 11:11 AM EDT (#417698) #
The Jays seem to like strong offense potential compared to strong defense. Teoscar is a good example of that as they waited patiently for him to develop his offense and improve his defense. D Fisher and A Alford ran out of time as the Jays started to contend in 2020. Also neither is doing well this year.

Very good defensive CFs are taking a position on some teams 26 man roster. Milwaukee has Jonathan Davis and we have B Zimmer. Both cost very little to acquire. A Castro has not helped Cleveland.

Next in line for defensive OF is Chavez Young IMO. I don't know if he can match J Davis in defense but he has a stronger arm I believe. As a lower ranked prospect last year at NH he had to share CF with A Martin and so had only 279 ABs. He has moved up the minor league system reasonably well and should make the ML as a defensive OF which is fine. Expectations for Martin are higher, specially offense. Faster progress was expected for Martin. He may end up a defensive bench player. I will wait a few years and then compare Young, Martin and Espinal. All star Espinal has overachieved.
Gerry - Friday, July 22 2022 @ 02:29 PM EDT (#417790) #
Zach Britton and Tyler Keenan, who came in the Borucki trade, have been promoted to New Hampshire.

Dasan Brown has been promoted to Vancouver.

Victor Mesia and Nicolas Deschamps have been promoted to Dunedin.
Mike Green - Friday, July 22 2022 @ 03:14 PM EDT (#417792) #
Brown's promotion to Vancouver is very interesting to me. We will likely have some Bauxites able to give some first-hand reports.
Gerry - Friday, July 22 2022 @ 07:17 PM EDT (#417802) #
Another Quebecer JC Masson was promoted to Dunedin.

Derek Holland and Marcus Reyes were released.
Gerry - Friday, July 22 2022 @ 07:20 PM EDT (#417804) #
Addison Barger just hit his first AA home run.

Spencer Horwitz just hit his second AAA homer off a rehabbing Josh Rogers, a lefty.
Mike Green - Friday, July 22 2022 @ 10:06 PM EDT (#417840) #
Brown DHing and Jimenez at short for Vancouver.  I imagine that Brown will play CF tomorrow after he adapts to the Pacific time zone.  Fun times.
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