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Vancouver were your only winners on Sunday and it appears they are playoff bound. The first half of the season ends Thursday and they have a 3.5 game lead with a tie-breaker. (Update, the C's have confirmed they are playoff bound). Dasan Brown had the big hit, a three run home run. Buffalo, Dunedin and New Hampshire, twice, all lost.

Syracuse 7 Buffalo 4

Akron 4 New Hampshire 2 - game one

Akron 5 New Hampshire 2 - game two

Hillsboro 1 Vancouver 5

Lakeland 8 Dunedin 4

Three Stars

Third Star - Josh Kasevich

Second Star - Michael Turconi

First Star - Dasan Brown



The Bisons game was tied in the seventh until Jimmy Burnette and Hayden Juenger each gave up a couple of runs. Hagen Danner pitched well for two innings.

Otto Lopez had two hits. He hit .289 in May and is hitting .311 in June.

In the first NH game Adam Kloffenstein had one bad inning and took the loss. He was charged with four runs, three earned in 5.2 innings. In his bad inning there were three ground ball singles. A sinker, slider pitcher often gives up contact and sometimes they find the gaps. Leo Jimenez had two hits (and another in game two).

In game two Sem Robberse was taken deep twice and was charged with four runs in five innings. Orelvis hit his 17th home run, an opposite field shot.

Vancouver jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the second inning. The big blow was a 3 run home run by Dasan Brown. Michael Turconi had two doubles. Josh Kasevich had one double and a single, Alex De Jesus two singles.

Kevin Miranda started and went four innings. Four relievers brought it home.

Irv Carter started for Dunedin. it could have been an OK start but he made an error and then let the inning get away from him. Four runs later he was done after two innings.

Tucker Toman and Manuel Beltre each had two hits, they are both hitting .240 and they both have OPS's around .700. Beltre started the season hot, hitting .500 in April but since then he has cooled off, hitting .230 in May and .176 in June so far. Toman has been more steady hitting .266 in June. Beltre is younger than Toman but he has more professional experience.

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hypobole - Sunday, June 18 2023 @ 08:16 PM EDT (#430420) #
Mentioned not long ago Kasevich, Otto Lopez and Dasan had 3 of the lowest ISO's above A ball. Two of them still do, but Dasan no longer, with 3 HR his past 7 games.

He has 4 HR now, but only 3 doubles. That is especially weird for a speedster who I would expect to be turning at least a few of his singles into doubles.
Kelekin - Sunday, June 18 2023 @ 09:13 PM EDT (#430421) #
Orelvis continues his solid June - 314/400/988, fewer homers, more doubles, 12% BB Rate 17.2% K Rate. The only negative you can really find is that his overall line against righties is still rough (187/295/728). This is almost identical to his splits vs RHP from last year. He can mash lefties without question (1.181 OPS), but it's a fairly dramatic split at the moment.

On the topic of splits, I thought these reverse were pretty interesting:

Doughty (RH) .874 OPS vs R, .453 OPS vs L
Schneider (RH) 1.015 OPS vs R, .726 OPS vs L
John Northey - Sunday, June 18 2023 @ 10:52 PM EDT (#430423) #
Vancouver seems to get in a lot. 2023, 2022, best record in division in 2018 but didn't win either half, 2017, 2014, 2013 (won championship), 2012 (won championship), 2011 (won championship - first year as a Jays affiliate).

So in the playoffs 7 times, missed 5 times. Pretty good record (no season in 2020 of course, played on road all of 2021, I still counted it in the missed category). Now if only that produced a few more good ML players. 2011 was 5 pitchers (Sanchez, Syndergaard), 2 hitters; 2012 4 pitchers (Stroman, Osuna, Norris), 5 hitters; etc. Others were Mayza, Biggio, Pearson, Manoah, among many minor guys.
bpoz - Monday, June 19 2023 @ 08:20 AM EDT (#430427) #
Congratulations to Vancouver!! Very interesting John N about the prospects however in 2021 Vancouver became full season A+. Still successful.
bpoz - Monday, June 19 2023 @ 01:05 PM EDT (#430435) #
I have mentioned smaller players recently. Vlad and Orelvis get the most hype because of power and size. Dustin Pedroia was small and he brought some good skills to Boston. His best Hr seasons were 17 and 21.
bpoz - Tuesday, June 20 2023 @ 10:58 AM EDT (#430489) #
I have been a fan since the beginning. Old now so my memory is fading.

My question: Which GMs made the most effort or spent the most money developing IFAs? Gillick got T Fernandez and a few others. Ash had to reduce budget I believe so he probably cut spending. Richardi did not succeed and I don't know exactly why. AA hit the jackpot with Vlad but what else? Probably a few I imagine. Again cost cutting was a factor. Shapiro/Atkins is still a bit early. 2016 got Kirk & Moreno with a low budget because of Vlad. I am fine with that. 2017 IFAs are starting to get into AAA/AA. Also when ownership gave more money to Shapiro/Atkins they had to "start" the IFA pipeline. The IFA pipeline should now be established so I am hopeful that a flood of successes will be produced.
mendocino - Tuesday, June 20 2023 @ 05:53 PM EDT (#430528) #
Orelvis vs Rodon & Dominguez 7:05 ET
John Northey - Tuesday, June 20 2023 @ 10:23 PM EDT (#430552) #
To see who was signed and when go to The Baseball Cube.
  • Gillick: Kelvim Escobar, Carlos Delgado, Graeme Lloyd, Junior Felix, Nelson Liriano, Tony Fernandez, Luis Leal, and many others who got cups of coffee or were backups most of their careers (Fred Manrique, Sil Campusano, etc.) plus a few relievers (Tony Castillo, Jose Mesa, etc.).
  • Ash: Cesar Izturis is about the only one of any note.
  • JPR: Moises Sierra, Henderson Alvarez, Scott Richmond, Tim Collins (last 2 were undrafted Can/US players), Adeiny Hechavarria, Casey Lawrence - OK, this is stretching it a lot.
  • AA: Roberto Osuna, Miguel Castro, Vladimir Guerrero
  • Atkins: Lourdes Gurriel, Otto Lopez, Alejandro Kirk, Gabriel Moreno (his first year) with only Shun Yamaguchi reaching since.
AA got a lot of value thanks to Vlad and the scouts left behind who helped Atkins his first year. JPR and Ash were disasters. Gillick did 'wow' overall and was smart enough to just let Epy Guerrero do whatever he wanted.

It is interesting to look at. A big miss by BR to not have this information on their site imo as I'd love to have an easy list of these players with their WAR.
Kelekin - Tuesday, June 20 2023 @ 10:33 PM EDT (#430553) #
Orelvis Martinez is now hitting 1.000 in his career against Carlos Rodon. I'll take it.
bpoz - Wednesday, June 21 2023 @ 07:36 AM EDT (#430556) #
Thanks John N but remember Gillick was GM for about 15 years which is double for Ash, Richardi and AA. I did check Miggy originally a Marlin signing in 1999/2000. At that time Ash was cutting costs. So there is a history good and bad.

Shapiro/Atkins have a "lot" more resources to throw at the IFAs. I expect a lot of success from that pipeline soon I hope.
John Northey - Wednesday, June 21 2023 @ 04:16 PM EDT (#430583) #
Yeah, but Ash & JPR & AA = Vlad and a batch of meh. Gillick = 2 near HOF'ers plus a few all-stars and other decent players. Of course, for years Gillick REALLY sucked at drafting but near the end was solid. Ash had great 1st rounds and the odd good pick later (Orlando Hudson), JPR was a disaster in every respect, AA had a few good picks but mostly due to volume (he gamed the system early on to get extra picks, until MLB banned his tricks).
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