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The Blue Jays have announced the acquisition of Jason Frasor for minor league pitchers Myles Jaye and Daniel Webb. Frasor returns to the Jays after being with the White Sox for less than half of a season. The Jays 40 man roster has one spot available for Frasor.
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Ken Rosenthal reports that long-time Friend of Batter's Box Keith Law is in the process of interviewing with the Houston Astros.
Well, I guess that'd be a step toward returning to MLB .... :-)

So, now, maybe the free agent period really is transitioning into the trading portion of the off-season. Oakland closer Andrew Bailey, rumored to be dealt to  about 10 or 12 dfferent places since the '11 season's end, is now a member of Red Sox Nation.

The Sawx acquired Bailey,who compliled 24 ssaves in 2011, and outfielder Ryan Sweeney in exchange for OF Josh Reddick and minor leaguers 1B Miles Head and P Raul Alcantera.

Bailey's in Boston? Let the "Irish Cream" pun contest begin!

To all of you drafting 2012 Blue Jay projected lineups with Carlos Beltran hitting cleanup,  wrong color bird. So today's lesson is simple:

World Series rings are a great recruiting tool.

According to various national reports (and at least one Nationals report), the Great Gio Gonzalez Sweepstakes has come to a close, with the A's lefty now residing in Washington, D.C.

The Athletics will receive a packakage headlined by RHP Brad Peacock and also including C Derek Norris, LHP Tommy Milone and RHP A.J. Cole. The deal is pending physicals.

So was this too much to give up for Gio, who in 2011 for the A's went 16-12 with a 3.12 ERA, with 197 strikeouts and 91 walks? And since we all seem to like playing this game, what would a comparable package from Toronto have looked like?

P.S. sorry no image with this story. I really would prefer a Nationals Gio Graphic!  :-) 

Well, unless you've been living under a rock, or couldn't access the site because tears of sadness crashed it, you now know that the Blue Jays didn't win the posting auction for Yu Darvish, as the Rangers bid $51.7 million, to beat the Jays by somewhere between $1 and $51.7 million dollars. Which, let's face it, kind of sucks. We can blame the team, although really it's not their fault. They bid a number they were comfortable with, and though it will probably never be known, it's likely that it was the second place bid. Others in the media blew things way out of proportion, based on who knows what, and as a result there have been some 600 posts about this in the last four days on Battersbox. Not much we can do about it now, although if there is one positive to take away I think its that Jays fans are waiting, after all these years, to be excited. Why don't we take this time to commiserate about our favourite moments of the Yuletide extravaganza. For me it was that I wrote an 800 word article about how awesome it was that the Jays signed Darvish to publish when the news became official. Now, not so much. Hey, we can always trade 3 good prospects away for Gio Gonzalez... Go 2014 Blue Jays!
Japan's newest bachelor, Yu Darvish, is about to get busy.  The bachelor has a number of suitors and Darvish will get to see which one likes him the best, monetarily speaking.  The bidding deadline for Darvish is 5pm today, Wednesday.
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The Jays have announced that they acquired outfielder Ben Francisco from the Phillies for minor league LOOGY Frank Gailey.  This trade has quite a few questions surrounding it.

Ben Francisco on JaysVision prior to the Canada Day game between the Phillies and Blue Jays at the Dome.
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A ton of stuff to report.

Albert Pujols is signing with the Angels for 10 years at $25 million + per year.
Evidently the Vernon Wells contract isn't hampering them too much, as they are also reported to be signing CJ  Wilson for 5 years, $75 million.

Miami/Florida continued its busy offseason by signing Mark Buehrle to a 4 year, $58 million deal.

In Toronto news, the Blue Jays DFA'd Brian Jeroloman again in order to make room for Kelly Johnson, who accepted arbitration.
The team also rumored to be involved in negotiations around Gio Gonzalez. (h/t @mlbtr)

The Jays also didn't take or lose anyone in the Rule 5 Draft, though they did select three players in the minor league portion of the draft - Gabriel Jacobo, Hector Alvarez and Javier Avendano

More as it develops.
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Sportsnet's Shi Davidi says second baseman Kelly Johnson has accepted arbitration from the Blue Jays.

Kelly Johnson on JaysVision during lineup introductions against the Yankees September 18.  The 29 year-old, acquired from Arizona for second baseman Aaron Hill and shortstop John McDonald in late August, made $5.85-million in 2011.
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