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If you've got the time, we've got the boxscores. The Jay farm affiliates had the distinct pleasure of facing the Miller prospects, Buffalo's Adam and Lakeland's Andrew, and were unable to score against either but still managed a split of those two games and went 1-3 overall.
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The affiliates were 2-2 last night with both wins coming in A ball.

And yes, that is a lame title.
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It was a good night for the big club and a good night on the farm as Syracuse, Dunedin, and Lansing were all winners last night.  The only thing missing was a New Hampshire victory - they had the night off.

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Home runs played a big part in a minor league sweep Sunday.  Sergio Santos hit his sixth to help New Hampshire win a game in Portland.  For Dunedin Kyle Phillips hit two home runs to tie the game and Jacob Butler hit a go-ahead home run to help the D-Jays to victory.   Matt Liuzza, Brian Pettway and Josh Bell homered for the Lugnuts.  Ty Taubenheim's best start of the year kept the Chiefs in the game until Russ Adams helped win it in the tenth.  Jesse Litsch also pitched well while Travis Snider had four hits to pump his average to .392.
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The Chiefs bullpen was fully aligned with its parent yesterday as they blew two saves.  The Lansing fielders didn't give the bullpen a chance to blow the game, eight errors blew the game before the bullpen could.  Dqavid Purcey had his worst start of the season.  Dunedin won behind John Thompson.  Travis Snider had three more hits.
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The highlight of the night was a rain out in Syracuse.
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It's the hitters this week, but first we get to quickly savour a 3-0 night for the farm affiliates, featuring a 9th inning comeback and 13th inning walk-off homer by Chip Cannon for the Fisher Cats and shutouts in both halves of a Fort Myers-Dunedin doubleheader.
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No one is rooting for him, but Manny Mayorson led the Fisher Cats to victory with the big hit.  The farm affiliates were a perfect 2-0 on the night.
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...I've been here for years.

Sergio Santos continues his hot hitting - he's 13 for his last 23, with 11 of those hits going for extra bases.

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Two of the Jays top pitching prospects authored one hitters last night. One of them was really good, the other was just not long enough. Find out more as the Jays almost get the clean sweep on the farm by winning 3 out of 4.

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Lansing's ten game win streak ended.  Ricky Romero pitched well as Sergio Santos provided the offense.  The affiliates went 1-2 as Syracuse lost again.

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Travis Snider and the home plate umpire disagreed over balls and strikes yesterday and you know what that means, Snider got to hit the pine.  Snider did have another triple to his name before having his rest.  Dunedin took the singles lumber to Andrew Miller while Nathan Starner and Kurt Isenberg were outstanding.
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A couple of nice pitching performances highlight a relatively routine night in the minors, as Travis Snider continues to hit and Dustin Majewski continues to draw walks. However, the star of the night was a bright prospect in the Red Sox system who may be manning the outfield in Fenway by 2008.

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The minor league crew decided to intensify our focus on the organization's top prospects. As part of that effort, we will have less game reporting on Fridays and statistical summaries for the top prospects. We begin this week with the pitchers.
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David Purcey seems to be a new pitcher in 2007, and one can only guess at how wide the smiles might be in the Jay front office. He was smooth last night in a Fisher Cat win. The farm affiliates went 2-3.
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