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Iowa and North Carolina, at least. The only noteworthy event in Burlington, Ontario yesterday was the announcement of Gordon Currie's intention to join Gennum.

Anyway, instead of going over every game as per usual, I'll just update you all on the noteworthy events and prospect happenings of the five games played last night.

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Hello, I must be going: a busy month in New Hampshire saw about a dozen players move on and off the roster, including top pitching prospects like Dustin McGowan, David Purcey, Zach Jackson and Shaun Marcum. The Fisher Cats didnít really benefit from all this player movement, losing ten straight games at one point and falling to third place, 6 Ĺ games out of the division lead. A little more personnel consistency and some revived hitting (the F-Cats are dead-last in EL batting with a .245/.303/.372 mark) might help spark a turnaround for the defending champions.
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Tough night on the farm as only Auburn could scrape up a win while Ricky Romero was roughed up in his home debut in Dunedin.
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Ho-Hum, Ho-hum, an average month for the Chiefs. To recap, April and May were disappointing and frustrating for the Chiefs, June was a big improvement and the team moved over .500, but July was just under average, two games under .500 as the Chiefs record was 54-55 at the end of July. The hitters took the brunt of the blame for the slow start to the year but it's the pitchers that pulled the Chiefs under .500 in July. Unless they can pull off a 13-2 run in August, Syracuse have to give up hopes of making the playoffs, they are seven games behind Buffalo, the division leader, but they are also seven games out of the wild card.

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Except maybe Casey Janssen, who is at his 3rd minor league stop this season and has yet to break a sweat. 3 wins in 5 games for the Blue Jay farm. Meanwhile, General Patton conquers July.
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Two wins and four losses. Syracuse scored ten runs on nine hits, no other team had more than five hits. Dunedin won thanks to Davis Romero who threw a one hitter over eight innings, Ricky Romero will have to pitch a no-hitter to top that. Orlando Trias also had a good start while Chad Mottola picked up the third three star nomination.
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It was an All-Brian afternoon for Auburn, as the farm affiliates split their 6 games, with the higher level clubs on the losing end and the junior teams winning.

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Gotta run, my government's collapsing. This morning's minor-league update is another rapdily assembled all-poetry edition, but in the interests of diversity, we've expanded beyond the basic haiku into a bunch of other cliched formats, including one limerick, three spoken-words, and a little Ogden Nashery.

Dave Purcey's Double-A premiere was underwhelming, and Adam Lind exploded on a 3-3 night for the farm system.

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It wasn't a carnival or a bridge game in Syracuse, as the Chiefs restored order against the Indians. The farm affiliates went 4-3.

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Two split doubleheaders, two rainouts and two single game losses featuring some poor pitching. Ricky Romero starts but Eric Fowler was better.
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Davis Romero has seen it happen before. Two prospects on the same team with the same last name. One of them shines just a little bit brighter than the other one. All of the sudden the latter is pegged with a new nickname on some website. People are calling him Felix "The Other" Romero. Things spiral so far out of control that he's forced out of the organization and is suspended for a drug violation. Davis is determined not to go the way of Felix now that there's a new Romero in town. (Though I'm happy to report that Felix is pitching very well in Advanced Class A Wilmington.)
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Let's hope better days are ahead for the farm system, as wins have been hard to come by. 1-5 was yesterday's mark.

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Two wins and four losses. Pulaski's Jesse Litsch was outstanding, retiring 22 in a row while conceding only two hits over eight innings, Lansing held on for the win despite being outhit 15-7. Guillermo Quiroz is back in AAA and had a couple of hits, including a home run.
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Tired of always ending up on the losing end, the farm affiliates won late in the game and late in the evening twice yesterday to finish at 3-3.

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One Gabriel was very good last night, while another -- not so much, as the organization lurched to a 2-4 record on the evening. There were three ninth-inning rallies to report as well, only one of which ended well for the Blue Jays side of the ledger.
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