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Syracuse collects the only win of 3 games played by the Toronto farm.

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I never realized how much these reports rely on boxscores until I noticed who apparently started for Syracuse yesterday. Then I saw who finished the game for New Hampshire. Needless to say, they were names I didn't expect to see.

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Your Sunday brunch minor league update features A.J. Burnett's 2nd rehab start.
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Remember when Josh Phelps was going to be a monster hitter in the middle of the Jays lineup?  These days he's doing his damage as a Mud Hen.

The affiliates were 1-2 with a couple dismal performances from the bats in NH and Syracuse.

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The farm affiliates went 2-2 on Thursday night.
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The first ballot results are in for our pitching prospect poll; Flora MacDonald and Joe Clark are having early discussions about their respective campaigns.  Oops, wrong first ballot.  Bauxites spoke with many voices, and here was the tally using a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 count:

1.   Ricky Romero      (171)
2.   Dustin McGowan (164)
3.   Brandon League (146)
4.   Davis Romero     (131)
5.   Shaun Marcum   (129)
6.   David Purcey       (119)
7.   Jesse Litsch        (72)
8.   Josh  Banks         (62)
9.   Jamie Vermilyea  (39)
10. Kyle Yates             (24)

Chi-Hung Cheng, Billy Carnline and Ismael Ramirez received significant support.

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Could Sergio Santos keep his 20-game hitting streak alive? Could Dunedin win in front of 500 fans again? Could New Hampshire get started admist rain in Trenton? Only this Minor League Update has the answers!

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A number of fine pitching performances in the minors last night as the affiliates went 3-2.

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Bauxites have spoken. We tabulated the votes on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis. The results were:

1. Adam Lind (153)
2. Curtis Thigpen (142)
3. Ryan Patterson (134)
4. Sergio Santos (75)
5. Chip Cannon (72)
6. Ryan Klosterman (58)
7. Ryan Roberts (43)
8. Rob Cosby (29)
9. Dustin Majewski (27)
10.Robinson Diaz (25)

Anthony Hatch, Brian Pettway, Sean Shoffit, Cory Patton and Wayne Lydon had some support from Bauxites.

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A Jay exploits the AAA landscape.

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Yesterday, we had the prospect poll for the hitters. Today, it's the pitchers. Drawing the eligibility lines is a little unclear- what does one do with Janssen, Rosario, Taubenheim, McGowan, League and Marcum? Let's draw the line at the 25 man roster, which means Janssen, Rosario and Taubenheim are ineligible and McGowan, League and Marcum are eligible.
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Three wins in four games.  Dustin McGowan pitched well for the Chiefs and was supported by lots of runs.  Chip Cannon and David Smith drove in four runs each as the Fisher Cats won, Cannon had two dingers.  Both Dunedin and Lansing have fallen out of first place in their divisions as the first half of the season is coming close to its end.  AJ Burnett starts tonight for the Chiefs.

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The draft picks have been made, and assignments to the short-season clubs are being planned. It is a good time for a prospect poll, or, in our case, two polls, one for position players and one for pitchers. We will start with the position players. 2006 draftees, including Travis Snider, are ineligible. If you'd like to check statistics, career statistics are available here, and splits can be reviewed here.

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Wrong kind of funk.  That's what happens when you stay at home on a Saturday night.  The farm affiliates went 1-3 for the second straight night, with only Lansing ending up on the winning end.
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The farm affiliates went 1-3 on the evening.
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