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We had yer fine pitching performances, yer awesome displays of power, and yer collisions at the plate.  More fun than a monster truck rally, as the farm affiliates went 4-3.
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Why does it always seems like at least one of the six teams is rained out every night? Can you guess who it was on Friday? Hint: it wasn't either of the two teams playing Burlington.
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It was another typical day in the minors with two rainouts, two pitchers struggling noticeably with their control, a shutout, a team effort on offence, a 15-hit performance, a case of batter’s interference and players faring differently with their adjustment to Double-A.


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Rehab in Syracuse, a guy named Ambiorix in Binghamton, Ontario boy does well in Dunedin, rain for Lansing, the empty set of things to discuss with Auburn, and a first-rounder's fifth homer.
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Pulaski looked like my softball team in the field last night - 7 errors.  The affiliates went 2-4 on the night.
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The affiliates went 0-5 on Monday.
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Lots of late game swings yesterday.  Syracuse, Dunedin and Auburn each took leads to the bottom of the ninth and lost.  New Hampshire were losing going to the bottom of the ninth and won in eleven.  New Hampshire and Lansing supplied the only two wins yesterday.

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In celebration of an almost-sweep for the farm affiliates, who won 6 of 7, it's time for our Sunday minor league link-o-rama. 
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The farm affiliates went 2-5; the pitchers had to throw shutouts to get a win.
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Auburn were the only winners this night but they did win big with good pitching and hitting.  The starting pitchers for the top three teams had bad nights, Jamie Vermilyea, Michael MacDonald and Billy Carnline as each of those teams lost handily.  Lansing had good pitching but no offense while Pulaski made a late run only to have the tying run be thrown out at the plate to end the game. 
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Lansing had the day off, three teams wish they weren't shut out, and I wish my Internet connection was faster. I should have driven to Syracuse to get the scores; it would have saved time.
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The lone minor league win last night was a dramatic one as David Smith hit a walk off home run as the affiliates went 1-4-1 on the night.
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A 4-2 night for the Toronto farm.
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Syracuse gave up 21 hits yesterday, the most they have allowed all season, and won in a cakewalk.  Richmond and Syracuse combined for 26 hits in the game.  There were a lot of ugly innings but most were allowed by the affiliates and the Chiefs were the only winners.  Dunedin, Lansing, Auburn and the Chiefs all allowed the opponents to score in double digits.

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Last weekend my wife and I spent a few days in New Hampshire, a trip that included four Fisher Cat games. stadium, otherwise known as the home of the Fisher Cats, is new and beautiful and a great setting for baseball.  During my visit the Fisher Cats were playing Portland, the RedSox AA affiliate, and the park was full with 7000 fans of both teams.  On our last night we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, just over the left field wall.  We had to have a room with a ballpark view and it is a treat to look out your hotel room window and see a gorgeous ballpark.  This trip summary is the first of a series of New Hampshire stories this week.  Tomorrow we will have an interview with Jesse Litsch, Wednesday an interview with Fisher Cat pitching coach Dave LaRoche, and Thursday an interview with Michael MacDonald.
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