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Ironically enough, it’s New Hampshire that officially had an Off Day yesterday. Syracuse, Dunedin, and Charleston all played some ball, and combined for 2 runs while giving up 28.
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Good morning, this is the Batter's Box Minor-League Update for Monday, June 14. Gerry McDonald is on assignment today and is not available to post his report. This is Kenny Brocklestein delivering Gerry's report for him.

The three Jays farm teams that played yesterday combined for exactly four runs. New Hampshire eked out a win thanks to a strong start from Cam Reimers and some excellent relief pitching.
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Two game-winning homers, a fine start for Josh Banks and a Fisher Cat rout were the highlights of a 3-1 Saturday for the Jay farm affiliates.
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It's a rare and enjoyable occasion when I get to attend a game in person that features Blue Jays prospects, but that was the case last night as the Skychiefs visited Ottawa. So now, whenever someone sarcastically demands whether I've ever actually seen any of these prospects that I write about, I can say, "Why, of course; I saw three of them in June." Today's report focuses heavily on the AAA game here in the NCR last night; Dunedin had the night off while New Hampshire won and Charleston lost.
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A split for the minor league teams last night.
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Dunedin and Charleston won, Syracuse lost, New Hamphsire was rained out, and here's the fastest minor-league update in the west. Click here for links to the box scores.
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Rough night in the minors as only New Hampshire was able to pull out a win. Dunedin was rained out. At least Aaron Hill and Gabe Gross had decent nights.
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On the eve of the big club drafting 18 more Major League hopefuls, the boys already on the farm got it done with three wins in four tries.
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Syracuse had a big finish and David Bush had his second straight strong start.
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The farm affiliates won 3 of 4 on Saturday, with only New Hampshire ending up on the short end of the stick.
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Toronto's minor-league teams combined for just nine runs and one win yesterday, but the win was dramatic.
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Justin Speier and Chris Woodward stood out in the wrong way in A ball yesterday. Speier gave up a home run to the first batter he faced. In the fifth inning, seven of the first eight Dunedin hitters reached base, the exception...Chris Woodward. Welcome to A ball guys.
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Let's look at it this way -- at this point, Josh Banks has nowhere to go but up for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.
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Chalk up 3 more wins as the three highest levels teams followed the parent club in winning and low A Charleston had the night off.
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The Memorial Day fireworks went off in Syracuse and Charleston yesterday as the SkyChiefs and Alley Cats enjoyed offensive explosions. New Hampshire and Dunedin battled hard, with the Blue Jays emerging victorious and the Fisher Cats… well, they’ll get ‘em next time!
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