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Yesterday, Justin Speier kicked his leg up really high; today, Scott Schoeneweis growls at a batter:
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That's right, kids, photo of the day this week is going to be all-bullpen. Today features Justin Speier's giant leg kick. Any requests for tomorrow? If they pitched against Tampa Bay last weekend, I have 'em.
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A pair of photographs for you today. First up, the guys in 518 making a big impression:
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More new material from this past weekend against the D-Rays for photo of the day. Today's photograph features Russ Adams, watching the game unfold from the dugout:
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OK, I know I promised a picture of a guy who'll rock you like a hurricane today, but after Eric Hinske's magnificent two-homer performance last night I had to put up a picture of The Dude.

There was a request a few weeks ago for a comparison between Hinske's early season stance that seemed to have made a difference and what he's doing now. Well, here you go:
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Yesterday, it was John Gibbons doing the shouting; today's photograph features a very angry Gregg Zaun:
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I shot new material for Photo of the Day this weekend, which means I have a lot of photographs of people being angry at John Hirschbeck. Here's John Gibbons, expressing how I think all of us felt about Sunday's game:
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Well, I sure would, anyways:
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Today features the mighty Vernon Wells:
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Aaron is doubtless teaching young Theo the fine art of recognizing a slider ("you look for that red dot the seams make while it's spinning"), so today's Picture comes from Liam McIlroy, who wishes to express his apprehension regarding the next few weeks.
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