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As a special early season treat, every day at lunchtime I'll be posting a new photograph.

Day two of Photo of the Day brings us Eric Hinske's new and obviously improved batting stance:

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A special treat for you Bauxites this week: a new picture every day at lunchtime.

First up, from Saturday's game at the Rogers Centre, we have the lone Canuck on the 2005 Blue Jays:

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The photo of the week shows us just how close the new season is -- sure, they're already playing ball all over the place, but here in Toronto we have a couple more days until we can see the game up close and personal.
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Last summer, Mrs. Hank and I went on a neat little road trip, first out to New Brunswick for a friend's wedding, and then down to Boston to visit some relatives. Mrs. Hank's uncle is a Boston tennis pro, and so when he put out the word that his niece and her hubby were coming out to visit, some pretty fantastic Red Sox tickets were offered to him.

Here's the view from 'em:

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Bauxite Keith Talent has passed along a few images from Dunedin to tide us over these last couple of weeks before the new season. Here's the first, up close and personal with a familiar face:
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Still killing time before the season starts, combing the archives for old, unused stuff. Found something a little different this week -- here's a photograph of my father's baseball glove, which he got for his tenth birthday:
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Another blast from the past while we await the return of baseball to our frosty shores. Here we have Frank Menechino hitting a home run off of our old buddy Mark Hendrickson:
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Here's another oldie to tide you over until the season begins. This time, it's the view from inside the Jays' dugout, as seen on April 6th, 2004, approximately three hours before game time.
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Welcome to the inaugural Photo of the Week. Until the season gets going I'll be recycling material from last year, some of which has not yet been seen by anyone but me.

Next year I'm hoping that we'll have enough money in the budget to send me down to Florida for Spring Training to really do this feature right, but in the meantime you're just going to have to deal with leftovers.

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Thanks to our own Coach and Will "The Thrill" Hill of the Jays, I had a photographic press pass to last Friday's game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
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