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As I write this sentence, the Jays (81-76) are sitting squarely on a season total of 81 wins, which is exactly half of the schedule's 162 games, which means they cannot, in any scenario finish below .500 and label 2010 as a "losing" season. Um ... hooray?

So, the question today is this ... does it matter to you at all ... should it matter to you at all ... does/should it matter to players, to retiring manager Cito,, to the fanbase, that the team win at least one of its final five to finish at least 82-80, a "winning" record?

Obviously, nobody wants to close the year on a six-game skid, so there's that. But a fourth-place finish in what is clearly the toughest division in baseball, where two teams are making the playoffs and a third might end up with a better record than three other playoff teams? So, overall, our Question of the Day ... does that 82nd win matter? Should it?

The Blue Jays have never had a 50 home run hitter before. Now they do. Thanks for the great season, Josť! Here's a tribute to your amazing achievement.
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When I was much younger, my then-favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds mad a trade to acquire a starting pitcher you may have heard of, guy named Seaver. And for several years, every time he took the hill, I was confident (even convinced) the Reds were bound to win that day. He was the Jays' Roy Halladay, c. 2009 and before. He was, put another way, the anti-Mike LaCoss.

Now to be fair, LaCoss was not a bad pitcher; he won 98 games (and lost 103) over 14 years, cracked double-digit wins in a season four times, even made the 1979 All-Star team, ahead of his teammate Seaver. But LaCoss was a guy, in my young teen brain, who every time he took to the mound, disaster awaited. Not sure why I thought that, exactly, but it seemed inevitable.

So today's Question of the Day: What Blue Jays fit this profile in your personal history? Don't stick to pitchers, though they're probably the easiest to identify ... let's see if we can build an entire lineup, or even a full roster ... who are The Scary Jays?

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In another thread, veteran Bauxite Mike Green intones, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Can we not talk about something else, like ...

  • Perhaps the best pop song which adverts to September? The efforts of Kurt Weill, Rod Stewart, Earth Wind and Fire and Green Day come to mind. 
  • Or perhaps, the best Septembers by a ballclub? 
  • Or whether Lyle Overbay or some other defensively qualified first baseman should be signed during the off-season?

First person to answer all three questions by tying them together into a single, annoyingly hip Mad Men-ish advertising slogan wins the coveted Batter's Box No-Prize! But don't worry, if you're not first, the BEST such entry will win FIVE No-Prizes. Quintuple your winnings!

I didn't get the chance to watch the game last night, so you guys will have to help me on the scouting report, but here are my quick impressions after watching the highlights.
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The Cy Young award this year seems to be split in the AL between these two - one with many wins, one with killer stats. But what if they each started for the other team?
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Over the course of the year, it's become clear that the Jays have a lot of good young pitchers. There's the fabulous major league quartet of Ricky Romero, Shaun Marcum, Brandon Morrow and Brett Cecil. There are the fringe guys - Jesse Litsch, Brad Mills, Marc Rzepczynski - who would not be fringe guys in many other organizations. There are a couple of big-name prospects who came over in trades - Kyle Drabek and Zach Stewart. There's the haul from the 2010 draft - Aaron Sanchez, Deck McGuire, Asher Woj, Noah Syndergaard. Not to mention guys like Henderson Alvarez, Chad Jenkins, and hey, throw Dustin McGowan in there.

You know who had a better season than any of those guys?
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A Pinch Hit from James Strapp, who has done a couple of these for us before:


I took my boys to the Jays game last Friday. In that game the Jaysí first hit was a Bautista home run in the fourth inning. After eight innings, they had a total of four hits, with two of them being home runs. No starter has a batting average over .286. All they seem to be able to hit is home runs.

Well, that got me thinking. What team has had the highest percentage of their hits be home runs? And where do the 2010 Blue Jays stand?

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Minor league catching stalwart, Maxim St. Pierre (Quebec City, PQ) has been called up by the Tigers and will very likely make his major league debut after 978 minor league games, all but 10 in the Tigers' organization.
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Well, Magpie got it going and now I have to figure it out. How has the age of players changed over the years, especially regarding teenagers?
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Morrow to be shut down after one more start as per Cito. 150 is the limit and he is only 6 2/3 innings shy.
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For the eighth year in a row, I am once again asking for hardcore baseball fans to participate in the annual Scouting Report project, in which you evaluate the fielding characteristics of players on your team. If you have a few minutes, please drop by and evaluate your team.
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The first game I've made it to this year - went with my 11 year old daughter.

This is a review of the non-game aspects. Quick thumbnail: the Dome staff has drastically improved, demand for Yankee tickets is high even when the Jays block off sections, the volume of music is far too high, and they need to create more non-drinking sections and put a strong emphasis on it to parents buying tickets.
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The Jays take their third series of the year from the Yankees
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With the Yankees in town and just under six weeks remaining in the schedule it felt like a good time to catch up with the major league club. Sure, the Blue Jays are out of it, but with 38 games to go here are a few interesting tid bits about the Jays season.

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