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The Jays lose, but overshadowing the loss is the injury to Gregg Zaun. This game report will take a brief look at his replacement, Andy Dominique, and then will touch up a couple of other players in the news yesterday.
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'Cause when love is gone, there's always justice.
And when justice is gone, there's always force.
And when force is gone, there's always Mom.

Hi Mom!

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Tonight we saw something we had yet to see this season. Besides the chat. The Blue Jays gave Dave Bush a lead to work with.
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The Blue Jays are now 16-10 in games for which Iím not writing the Game Report. My 0-3 record as post-game scribe might get me dropped from the rotation.
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Orlando Hudson and Photo of the Day mojo recipient Russ Adams had two hits each, and Miguel Batista earned a fine save, but tonight belonged to Josh Towers.
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And it's a good thing J.P. picked them up. Jason Frasor deserves his own river in British Columbia after that masterpiece. Seven batters up, eight outs recorded.

Oh, and Gregg Zaun? Well, I don't care how good or bad any of the catchers in the American League are between now and Tuesday, June 12. Going Going Zaun deserves to go, small sample size and early season fluke be damned. Picture of the Week mojo is powerful.

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The Blue Jays turned chippy offense and a good bullpen performance into a solid and satisfying 8-6 win in the Bronx.
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How many times have you woken up and prayed for the rain?
How many times have you seen the papers apportion the blame?
Who gets to say, who gets the work and gets to play?
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If you're just tuning in now, too bad. You needed to see this one.

A magnificent ball game, and I don't know what I could achieve by discussing it. What can I possibly add to that, without diminishing it somehow?

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That's more like it. Yesterday's game brought a win, and interesting developments in the bullpen. But, first off, let us praise Josh Towers, who hung in yesterday for the win after a tough first inning.

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Sorry for the delay; NFH's game report just arrived at Batter's Box HQ via FedEx, in a torn manilla envelope:
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The Blue Jays rode a six-run sixth inning and a key error by The Prettier Alex Gonzalez to a 7-5 win over the Devil Rays. Ted Lilly got the win thanks to six innings of solid work, despite an ugly start to the seventh that saw him depart after giving up a three-run homer to rookie Jonny Gomes. The bullpen put in solid work to see him home.
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This hurts.
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The X-rays were penetrating
Through the latex breeze
Synthetic fibre see-thru leaves
Fell from the rayon trees
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Imploding bullpens make us all a little crazy. You've been warned.

It has long been my secret theory that the Blue Jays have suffered karmic punishment these last twelve years. They have offended the gods of baseball, and must be made to suffer.

The crime? Running Tom Henke out of town.

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