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My original intent was to get March out of the way early. Somehow it didn't quite work out that way.

And now April's almost gone. I wonder when I'll get the next one of these done? Sorry 'bout that.

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Catch the taste!
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I remembered this book being a lot worse than it really is.

(And I did get this done in January! Eat your words, Doherty! Take this ketchup and eat them!)

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This was supposed to be written and posted in December. I can explain why it wasn't in one word: Oops.

Technically there's a decent chance that somebody reading this has read this book before. But I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't.

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You'll be able to read an article I wrote about the second base depth in the Toronto Blue Jays system at the Toronto Sun online today (Friday, Jan. 9)... The article was originally supposed to be the first in an ongoing, weekly series that would focus on the Jays minor league system and prospects, but the sports department at the paper was recently hit by downsizing so the column has been put on hold for now. Hopefully, I will get the go-ahead by the time the season starts. I should give a big thank you to Sun columnist Bob Elliott, as well as Sun sports editor Dave Fuller, for helping me get it published.
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November's not over yet! Quite!

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Although they were never actually worst that year.
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Oh, look: Alison Gordon again.
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David Wells doesn't seem to know that the only reason his nickname was 'Boomer' was because:

a) the Jays already had had a player named Greg 'Boomer' Wells, and
b) baseball people will never give you an imaginative nickname if they can give you an unimaginative one.

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Does this count as hot jazz or cool jazz?
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Did you think I was going to miss this month? No, no.

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I was originally intending to save this book for later.
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We might as well start in on this author now, because we've got a lot of her books to get through!
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For a while now I've been threatening the other Box writers that I was going to do this, and now I'm going to do this. Every month I'll pick out a different book from the library of Toronto-Blue-Jays-related literature, and write about it. The '...In a Box' concept is totally stolen from Bill James.

To kick things off, here's a book I had never read before.

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Batter's Box reader Marc Hulet has an interesting Jays-centric project in development, and he'd like your help in shaping it.

To that end, he has sent us a short, six question survey that he'd like as many Bauxites as possible to fill out:
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