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Last week it looked like the Jays could give as good as they got against the big boys of the AL East.  The same cannot be said so far this week after another one-sided defeat to the Rays, this time 10-1.
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We're all just living in it.
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The Jays lose as Tampa Bay again rallied in the late Innings to win 7-3.
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The Jays start the third month of the season with the 5th best record in baseball, bested only by the Rays, Yanks, Twins and Padres.
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Base runners? Base runners?

We don't need no stinking base runners....

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The Orioles invade Toronto this weekend looking to narrow the 11.5-game gap between them and fourth place.
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Seeing as we're quickly approaching the 50 game mark, we're also getting to that point where performance can't necessarily be masked as a quick or slow start anymore.  So with that being said, I thought I'd throw it to you folks to give your best guess as to where some things may shake out come October.  Call it an End of May Prediction Thread.
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I was away for the weekend, what can I say...
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Interleague play starts today.
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The good guys win a close one in Seattle, although for me it was one of those games that seem a lot easier than the box score suggests.  I never felt the jays were going to lose this one.  Cecil got the win going 6 1/3 solid Innings and Gregg got his twelfth save, albeit a rather nervous one as he let a couple of hitters reach base after getting the first two outs.
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So here we are at the quarter pole with the Jays sitting a surprising seven games clear of sea level.
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Jose Bautista has hit three home runs in the past two days, and now has 11 on the season, tied for third in all of baseball. In a season filled with "who saw this coming?", well.... who saw this coming???!
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I take it as an article of faith that if I really pay attention, every time I see a major league game I'll see something I've never seen before.
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Ricky Romero rickrolled the Rangers with his first complete game shutout and Jose Bautista went deep twice in the Jays 6-0 win over Texas Saturday afternoon at the Dome.
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Bob Uecker would have had fun calling this one last night.  Lyle Overbay, Travis Snider, Aaron Hill, Adam Lind and Vernon Wells each hit the long ball as the Jays erased a 9-3 deficit to beat the Texas Rangers 16-10 at the Rogers Centre Friday night.  It was the kind of game the ladies would enjoy!
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