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The Jays pummelled the Pawtucket pitching staff yesterday, and took advantage of some... unorthodox outfield play courtesy of Kevin Youkilis and Wily Mo Pena. They now stand just half a game out of second place...
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For those who don't remember 2004 (and why should you?) it was the year that saw the introduction of the First Annual Robert Goulet Memorial Trophy. Naturally, it was awarded to Baltimore that year before Toronto took it back with their third-place finish in 2005.

And a Kevin Youkilis-Wily Mo Pena-Eric Hinske outfield would have been quite amusing, but Trot Nixon took RF while Hinske played first base in the bottom of the first for the first time ever in Toronto.
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Jays win, but Yankees clinch.
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The Yankees come into the RC for three games. They may be in a snarly mood. A sweep of yesterday's double-header would have eliminated the Red Sox. Instead Boston swept them. Just to make matters worse, Derek Jeter's hit streak ended at 25 games, with the Yankee captain standing in the on-deck circle, his team trailing by a run, and the tying run on base. It was the longest hitting streak by any Yankee since Joe Gordon hit in 29 games in a row back in 1942. I think the team record was set the year before that...

And there's more...
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Hey, for once, the Devil Rays didn't blow a lead!
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Toronto’s Charlie Wholestaff can’t quite match Seattle’s Gil Meche and a cast of thousands.
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Lilly grabs his career high thirteenth win
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At this point, it's mostly about the Fight for Second Place. Not just in the AL East, either.
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Jays 2, Angels 1 as "Catalanotto solves puzzle of Escobar".
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Six in a row for LA of A.
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The Jays win another close one with Cleveland
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The Jays blow a Halladay game for the 6th time this season.
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Jays edge Indians
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