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It's Roy Halladay vs. Bartolo Colon at the Skydome tonight, and if the game proceeds like most marquee pitching matchups these days, it'll be a 10-9 final. Okay, that's unlikely: both of these guys are near the top of their game right now, and the fans in attendance are in for a treat. Jerry Manuel is on a very hot seat, and if his ace loses this one to the red-hot Jays, he may be looking for a job this time tomorrow.
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_Jordan - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 06:54 PM EDT (#101587) #
Reed Johnson once again starts in place of Shannon Stewart, whose hammies are still acting up, while Dave Berg takes over at third in the first of many fill-in appearances for the DL'ed Eric Hinske. Poor Magglio Ordonez: batting cleanup, he's flanked in the order by Armando Rios at DH and Brian Daubach at first base.
_Jordan - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 06:57 PM EDT (#101588) #
And Robert, thanks greatly for the correction. ;-)
Gitz - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 07:46 PM EDT (#101589) #
Incidentally, the Boys in Bristol are taking notice of the Jays. Two articles, one on Vernon Wells, the other on Toronto's pitching, appeared on the front page of's baseball section.
Gitz - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 07:51 PM EDT (#101590) #
If I had any clue how to cut and paste hyperlinks, the links would have appeared above. The homepage link is to's baseball page; they change headlines frequently, but this should be here for a while.
_Ken - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 07:51 PM EDT (#101591) #
Docs given up another homer this year. ahhhhhhh

1-1 ball game

anyone see it as a problem?
_Jordan - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 07:52 PM EDT (#101592) #
The O-Dog's two-out single cashed in Carlos Delgado, who had doubled to lead off the second inning. But a Joe Borchard home run -- the 14th given up by Doc this season -- to right-center with two out in the top of the third has evened the contest at 1-1.
_Elijah - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 07:53 PM EDT (#101593) #
Who does Reed Johnson think he is, Chuck Knoblauch? That routine between pitches is a tad annoying.
Dave Till - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 07:56 PM EDT (#101594) #
I was startled that Carlos Lee didn't even try to break up the double play. Was he that far away from second when the O-Dog fielded the ball?
_Jordan - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 08:02 PM EDT (#101595) #
Here's the front-page view on ESPN that Gitz mentioned. Sadly, the item on Toronto's pitching was written by Phil Rogers, which means we're subjected to speculation about a Konerko+Garland for Delgado trade (overlooking that no-trade thingy Carlos owns) and mention of "2002 first-round pick Dustin McGowan" (try 2000, Phil, supplemental first-round). Still, there's no such thing as bad publicity (unless it involves a 16-11 loss on $1 ticket night).
_Jonny German - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 08:20 PM EDT (#101596) #
The mystery of the Joes

Name Tom Cheek says I thought
Joe Crede Creedee Creed
Jose Valentin Valenteen Valen-tin
Joe Borchard Borch-ard Borshard

Anybody care to clarify?

Developping themes: The running Blue Jays, the bumbling White Sox, the imminent departure of Jerry Manuel
Dave Till - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 08:21 PM EDT (#101597) #
O-Dog! Enough said.
_Elijah - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 08:24 PM EDT (#101598) #
Jonny - Cheek is right with all three. Hard to believe, I know.
_Jonny German - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 08:25 PM EDT (#101599) #
Also developing: too many Ps.

Colon is betrayed by his defence much like Buerhle before him, and I like Halladay's chances of holding this 3-1 lead after 5.
_mathesond - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 08:25 PM EDT (#101600) #
Crede and Valenteen are they way they say 'em here in Chicago. "Valenteen" is the proper Spanish pronunciation, by the way.
Dave Till - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 08:39 PM EDT (#101601) #
Anybody know what happened to Myers?
_DS - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 08:56 PM EDT (#101602) #
Is it just me, or does Halladay look Amish with that beard of his?
Gitz - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 09:01 PM EDT (#101603) #
No particular relevance to this game or thread, but ... Edgar Martinez has two more home runs tonight. One to dead center, one to left-center. The guy's amazing. 11-0 Mariners over the Royals.
_Gwyn - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 09:11 PM EDT (#101604) #
Has Cat forgotten who he plays for ? :-)
_Shane - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 09:13 PM EDT (#101605) #
Bless his heart. Ya gotta love the ol'pitcher that's still inside Cerutti.

A pitcher winds up, uncorks a wicked fastball that bounces on one hop to the plate. The batter didn't swing, but the umpire sneezed as the ball was in flight. The catcher catches the ball on a hop square in the mit, Umpire calls "strike three" and the batters out.

Cerutti:"Ahh, that's a great pitchers pitch"
_Jordan - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 09:25 PM EDT (#101606) #
I hope Alice Fazooli's paying for the ninth-inning promo Tom Cheek's giving them. Must find out what it would cost BB to get similar treatment.
_Jordan - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 09:26 PM EDT (#101607) #
Good morning, good evening, goodnight.
_Jonny German - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 09:29 PM EDT (#101608) #
Alice Fazooli's has been Cheek's #1 plug for over a year, they're either paying or Tom's brother owns the place.

Very tidy all-around effort by the Blue Jays. First 6 game win streak of the season.
_Jordan - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 09:38 PM EDT (#101609) #
Ah, there you go. We don't get Tom and Jerry very often here in the National Capital Region -- the local radio career, Oldies 1330, has adopted the novel approach to Jays broadcasts of not broadcasting any. I finally gave up and bought MLB Game Audio tonight, after trying to do play-by-play from the gamecast made me look even dumber than normal.
_R Billie - Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 10:50 PM EDT (#101610) #
I think Halladay is pretty close to completely righted but his location can still be a little better and more consistent. He had a number of three ball counts tonight.

I don't think the homerun to Borchard is a big deal...he just made the mistake of taking a 9th hitting rookie lightly and threw him four or five straight fastballs when he was behind in the count. His curve was working well so if he had gone with it, he probably would have gotten him out.
_Jurgen - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 12:08 AM EDT (#101611) #
The White Sox, who have needed a left-handed run-producer since Robin Ventura departed, should consider packaging Paul Konerko and one of their young starters (Jon Garland or Danny Wright) for Delgado. But the reality is that the return on Delgado won't be as high as it should be because of his contract.

What part of "no-trade clause" doesn't Phil Rogers understand?

And, what, does Phil consult Gord Ash on his trade suggestions?

Garland and Konerko for Delgado...


Why not just trade him for a bag of chips?
_Jurgen - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 12:14 AM EDT (#101612) #
Even the mere suggestion pains me to no end, but the best way for Toronto to get two or three quality arms in the high minors? Trade Halladay to someone who needs him now.
_jason - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 12:24 AM EDT (#101613) #
I can understand why he suggested trading Delgado, but for Konerko? Konerko blows this year. And I'm not sure Garland is the kind of young pitcher the Jays are looking for anyways; your just as well off taking a chance on Escobar as a starter. Delgado has been the best hitters in the AL so far this year, and on top of that seems like a genuinly good character guy. Nobody seems to be asking the Rangers to trade A-Rod or the Cardinals to trade Pujols to solve their respective pitching problems. (and their pitching prospects are worse than the Jays.)
_EddieZosky - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 12:53 AM EDT (#101614) #
Great game! 6 games!

(Actually I just wanted to see if I could post using my BlackBerry)
_EddieZosky - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 12:56 AM EDT (#101615) #
And it works!

Look for in-game postings direct from the Skydome on Saturday afternoon. Now if only I had something interesting and knowledgable to contribute...
_Cristian - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 01:27 AM EDT (#101616) #
Game MVP has to go to Orlando Hudson.

RBI single to open the scoring doesn't do justice to an infield hit he legged out with two outs to cash Delgado. The ball wasn't even hit too deeply in the hole and Hudson legged it out. Though, it didn't hurt that Valentin bounced the throw over to Daubach.

In the 5th, with Phelps at first, Hudson hits another single to center and Phelps surprisingly tries to go first to third. Seeing that there would be a play at third, Orlando seizes the opportunity and goes to second. Both Phelps and Hudson are safe on close plays. I'm not sure if it was smart baserunning on their part or bad decisions that happened to work. Of course, considering yesterday's 4 error defensive breakdown by the Sox making the ChiSox make defensive plays was probably a strategy the Jays talked about.

Later in the inning Phelps goes home on a Berg fielder's choice and is safe on a dubious call by the umpire. Olivo turns his back to the diamond to argue with the home plate umpire and an astute Hudson sprints to third. Great read by Hudson allowing him to score on Woodward's double play ball.

Great game by the O-Dawg to earn the game MVP in my book. He displayed the O-Dawg magic that more often appears on the defensive side of the ball.
Gerry - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 08:46 AM EDT (#101617) #
On the radio Jerry Howarth was relating a conversation he had with Carlos Tosca about the Cat's sacrifice in the first inning of Monday's game. It was the Jays first SH of the year.

Cat bunted on his own, and afterwards Tosca told him not to do it again. He said you don't use a one run strategy in the first inning. I am not sure if tonight's sacrifice was called, or if Cat was showing Tosca he could do it late, just as he did it early the night before.
_Matthew Elmslie - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 10:30 AM EDT (#101618) #
I was at the game and had a great time.

I support the choice of Hudson for game MVP. Not that Delgado and Halladay weren't also great; it was Hudson who really made me sit up and take notice. If the White Sox are smart they won't let him out of their sight for the rest of the series.

There was a banner in CF saying, "The Good Doctor Is Back". When Halladay came out for the first, the stadium guy played Robert Palmer's "Doctor, Doctor" over the PA, and the scoreboard flashed, "The Doctor Will See You Now". When the game was over, the scoreboard had, "The Operation Was A Success".

I attended this game with a friend of mine who isn't really a sports fan. I asked him, "So, have you been paying any attention to how the Jays are doing this year?" He said, "Not really, but I have a sort of general idea that they're doing pretty bad." This is what the organization has to fight against.
_R Billie - Wednesday, May 28 2003 @ 12:03 PM EDT (#101619) #
It always takes up to a full year for casual fans to notice when a team is doing well. Back in '98 or whenever it was that the Jays were last in a serious playoff race (1st place in July?) they attendance still hadn't changed markedly in July. And after that they fell out of the race so they lost the spotlight.

If the Jays actually get to the end of the season and reach within a few games of the wild card or division, it should make a difference for next year's gate, both in terms of casual attendance and hardcore attendance (season tickets, season passes, flex packs, etc).
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