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I can see Earl Weaver smiling, and saying, "that is why I like the 3-run homer so much". The Jays did a masterful job of controlling the strike zone, and outplayed the Sox in most phases of the game, but some days that just isn't enough. Two Sox longballs and missed Jay opportunities were the story of this game.

It's bullpen time again. John Gibbons' bullpen management was perfect yesterday. Dustin McGowan had thrown 96 pitches through 5 innings. After a tough first inning and 4 runs allowed, he held the Sox at bay. He is however only 15 months post-TJ surgery, and Gibbons's decision to remove him was wise. He rightly chose Jason Frasor, who hadn't thrown since July 30, to take the middle innings, and Frasor responded with 2 shutout innings. With the Jays having tied the game 4-4 in the top of the eighth, Gibbons rightly went to Speier. Speier had thrown an inning and a third 2 days ago and has been lights out since a horrid April, so was the right man for the situation. A homer by Tadahito Iguchi spoiled the day, but take nothing away from Gibbons. He made all the right calls, but was not rewarded with the W.

Before we move to the bullpen chart for the last 2 weeks, here's a refresher. GPA or Gross Production Average is simply (Slugging Percentage + 1.8 times On-Base Percentage) divided by 4. It is a simple measure of effectiveness, with a good performance (by a pitcher) being .200 or less, a poor one being .350 or more. Here is the chart:

(entrance inning/batters faced/opp. GPA/score/runners on)

date Batista  Speier  Frasor   Downs     Schoen      Chulk    Gaudin   League
Jl 22                 6.1/4     3.1/11
		      .175      .151
		      -2/2      -2/2
Jl 23         8.0/4                                  7.0/5
              .113                                   .280
              +5/0                                   +6/0                                   
Jl 24                 5.2/5               7.0/3                4.0/9
                      .090                .000                 .479
                      -2/2                -2/0                 0/0
Jl 25 -------------------day-off-----------------------------------------------
Jl 26 8.0/5
Jl 27 8.0/9           7.0/4               6.2/2
      .244            .175                .350
      0/0             0/1                 0/2                                 
Jl 28 14.0/4  8.2/4   13.0/4              8.1/1      10.0/9     15.0/13
      .175    .000    .113                .000       .000       .222
      0/0     -1/2    0/0                 0/3        0/0        0/0
Jl 29         7.1/5                       6.2/5                          5.0/7
              .000                        .470                           .164
	      -3/2                        -2/1                           -1/0
Jl 30 8.0/4           5.0/7                          6.0/7
      .175            .543                           .129
      -1/0            +1/0                           -1/0
Jl 31         7.0/6                       6.1/3
              .000                        .233
              +4/0                        +3/0
Au 01--------------------day-off---------------------------------------------
Au 02         7.2/6
Au 03 7.2/4                                          6.2/5      5.0/7
      .000                                           .280       .129
      +1/2                                           +1/2       +1/0
Au 04         7.0/5    5.0/7
              .430     .200
              0/0      -1/0

The bullpen pitched exceptionally well over this period, with everyone contributing. It would be nice to see Brandon League get a little more work in a blowout or two, but otherwise the bullpen management was inspired over this period.

On the offensive side of the ledger, Russ Adams continued his hot hitting yesterday with 2 doubles and a triple. He is now hitting .274/.342/.452 for the season, after posting similar numbers in September last year. His walk to strikeout ratio over his career to date is almost 1:1. He turns 25 later this month. Two of yesterday's extra-base hits were against lefties; Adams seems to be serving notice that he is an everyday player.

So, John Gibbons' current dilemma involves player usage at 1B/DH. Shea Hillenbrand is struggling right now, but has been a better hitter over the season than Eric Hinske, who is hot. Since Koskie returned, Gibbons has chosen to mostly play both at the expense of time for Aaron Hill. Should he ride the hot hand, split the work among the veterans or squeeze the rook? I am not sure exactly what I would choose, but I know that it wouldn't be door number 3.

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Flex - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 09:18 AM EDT (#124747) #
Given the way Koskie and Hillenbrand performed in Chicago, I think Hill should be in there for all three games against the Yankees. Koskie's bat looks slow and feeble right now, and Hillenbrand is working himself into a furious knot. Unfortunately, only more playing time will help Koskie, so he has to stay in there. But I'd DH him, put Hill at third, and give Hillenbrand a rest. (Except for the Big Unit start -- sit Koskie for that one and DH Hillenbrand.)

There you go, Gibby. That'll be five bucks.
MatO - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 09:27 AM EDT (#124749) #
Adams keeps forcing me to revise my expectations of him upward. I'm particularly impressed with his approach against lefties (I don't know if the stats bear that out). He seems to really bear down against them and shows that he's not intiomidated.
the mick - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 09:46 AM EDT (#124752) #
To me, what's so impressive about Adams is his approach. He seems to really work deep into counts and rarely seems rattled. Again, the word poise comes to mind, which is also used to describe Chacin, Bush, and Hill. McGowan seems to have it, too. The rush of rooks coming up from the minors seem ready for the major leagues in a way that rooks in previous years didn't.
Pistol - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 10:02 AM EDT (#124754) #
Russ Adams' splits:

vs Left-handed Pitcher .219 /.375 /.531
vs Right-handed Pitcher .281 /.335 /.442

Those are some odd splits. Of course, it's only 32 ABs against LHPs.

Maldoff - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 10:03 AM EDT (#124755) #
I think that has to do with the Jays: a) drafting more college players (Adams, Hill, Bush) and b) giving their prospects more time to develop. The Jays seem to have a feel for pushing their prospects to more difficult situations, but not rushing them to the majors. Patience is very important in the development of prospects, and the Jays management seem to have that working for now.
Joe - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 10:12 AM EDT (#124756) #
Richard Griffin is uncharacteristically positive about the Jays in his latest column:
The problem for the Jays is the energy they are expending every day to keep themselves in contention. They have pitchers that have never had to pitch in meaningful September games and Gregg Zaun behind the plate may be operating on fumes by Labour Day. But, win or lose, hit the wall or not, Ricciardi has every right to be proud of his team. They have battled.

Our Fightin' Jays have won over everybody, it seems. (Well, maybe not Bob McCown.)

Named For Hank - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 11:08 AM EDT (#124761) #
Next thing you know Griffin will be sportin' a Fu Manchu.

Speaking of which, I'm bringing mine to the RC tonight. Section 518, look for the guy with the mustache and the baby.

And I'm bringing my other new secret weapon that I was using for games one and two vs. the White Sox, but not for the first half of game three (which could explain the loss).
Joe - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 11:32 AM EDT (#124768) #
I'm coming too, but all I have to show for my week of hard work is .. a week's beard growth. Several members of my extended family will be with me, but it's unknown whether I'll be able to sit with them or not. If not, I'm in 521.
Rob - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 11:34 AM EDT (#124769) #
Speaking of the Star, their headline for the game recap is "Jays strand a dirty dozen." The Toronto Sun? "Jays hitters strand dirty dozen in loss." Gotta love those headline writers.

And now, time for the Globe and Mail Sports Section Update:
Today, the banner headline goes to some hockey team. The CFL gets the side story and the Jays' loss is at the bottom.
Conclusion: balanced.
David Paul - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 11:45 AM EDT (#124770) #
Richard Griffin is uncharacteristically positive about the Jays in his latest column:

Wow. Ghost writer? The Stepford Scribes?

Joe - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 11:59 AM EDT (#124771) #
Bad news for those coming to "We are Toronto" day. Spencer Fordin reports:
Roy Halladay wasn't able to throw on Thursday and won't be able to pitch on Sunday. The right-hander's return from a broken tibia is placed on temporary hold, allowing the starter to heal at a slightly slower pace.
John Northey - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 12:41 PM EDT (#124778) #
Should be a fun game tonight. It is SABR night as the convention is in full swing and a few hundred SABR people will be there, including me. I still have to work (blech) but will be at the game. If anyone here is curious about SABR the convention is at the Holiday Inn on King, just a few blocks north of the Rogers Centre.
Maldoff - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 01:33 PM EDT (#124793) #
You mean Halladay is, GASP!, human after all?
R Billie - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 01:37 PM EDT (#124795) #
I think yesterday's game should be proof that Scott Podsednik's steals are not the reason the White Sox are winning a lot of 1 run games. 4 of the 5 runs came in the first inning, none with the benefit of a stolen base. 4 of the 5 runs were also a direct result of a homerun, the other and RBI single.

In fact the White Sox probably won because they hit 2 homeruns and the Blue Jays hit none. Not to mention the 2 through 4 spots in the lineup looked severely overmatched by the righthanded pitching the White Sox threw at them. The Jays need a nice lefty power bat to sit in the middle of the order. And when Cat isn't healthy they definately feel it.
rtcaino - Friday, August 05 2005 @ 03:47 PM EDT (#124809) #
I think I'm goin to the game aswell! And Tuesday vs the Tigers.

I'll try to swing by 518.

But I may not be able to go... My Girlfriend and I were supposed to hang out. But my buddy has seats right behind the Yanks dougout.

Tough situation.
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