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In the recent "All-ALF" Hall of Names piece (ALF ... on, so Long Ago), Bauxite Geoff asks the leading question, "In other news: Has Chacin yet become the most accomplished player named Gustavo?"

The short answer is "yes." The longer answer is that he is the only player in major league history to actually go by "Gustavo," and only five others have even had the name -- two as a first/given name (the best of whom was Gustavo Karim Garcia, sorry Gus Polidor), while three bore it as a middle name, the best of whom is probably Rainer Gustavo "Ray" Olmedo, who is 3-for-9 this year with the Reds between Triple-A stints.

So yes, Chacin's career (updated) 20-12 record outshines them all, including Garcia's 66 homers over 10 years. Hooray. Ah, but lest anyone accuse the Hall of Names of promulgating the "Gloomy Gus" stereotype, let's take a look ...

... not only at "Gustavos" but at everyone who played big league ball who had some form of the name "Gus" as a first or middle given moniker.

Just to be precise, then, a couple of rules clarifications ...

  1. The various Gus ballplayers will ONLY be considered if it is a given, not family name -- meaning former Brewer "ace" Jerry Augustine and three-time All-Star infielder Frankie Gustine are among those who do NOT qualify;
  2. Those players who had only the nickname Gus are also not considered; so Hall of Fame hurler Early "Gus" Wynn, alas, is not eligible, while ironically, David Russell "Gus" Bell is also not eligible, but his son, David Gus "Buddy" Bell is eligible.
Let's see what the Gus Winds blow ... it's time to get ...

All Gussied Up

** indicates Hall of Famer (none)
* indicates All-Star

MGR Gus Schmelz (624-703, 1884-97 mostly in Ohio, CLE, CIN, CLB)

C Gus Mancuso* (.265 in 17 years)
1B Gus Suhr* (.279, 84 homers in 11 years)
2B Marvin Gustave Staehle (.207, 1964-71)
SS Gus Polidor (.207, 1985-93)
3B David Gus "Buddy" Bell (.279, 201 homers in 18 years)
LF Gus Zernial* (.265, 237 homers in 11 years)
CF Gus Williams (.263, 95 SB, 1911-15)
RF Gustavo Karim Garcia (.241, 66 homers in 10 years)
DH Gus Triandos* (mostly a C -- .244, 167 homers in 13 years)

C Gus Niarhos (.252, 1946-55)
2B Gus Dundon (.202, 1904-06)
SS/2B Rainer Gustavo "Ray" Olmedo (.234 through 2005)
OF Gus Felix (.274, 1923-27)
OF Gus Dugas (.206, 1930-34)
UTIL Gus Getz (.238, all but C, 1909-18)

RHSP Gus Weyhing (264-232, 1887-1901; four straight 30-win years)
LHSP Gus Krock (25-14 for 1888 CHC; 32-26 career)
RHSP Harold Gust "Hal" Carlson (114-120, 1914-30)
LHSP Gustavo Chacin (13-9 for 2005 TOR)
LHSP Gus Shallix (11-10 for 1884 CIN; 17-14 career)

LHRP Gus McGinnis (3-8 for 1893 CHC, PHI)
RHRP Gus Gandarillas (0-0 for 2001 MIL)
RHRP Gus Bono (0-2 with 1920 WSH)
LHRP Gussie Gannon (one game, 5 IP, 252 ERA+ for 1895 PIT)
RH-LONG Gus Dorner (8-26 in 1906; 36-69 career)

Notes ... Schmelz is the only Gus ever to manage in the big leagues, except for our little Buddy, the younger Bell, and you might recall he had some ... uh, issues ... with the Tigers, Rockies and Royals in ringing up a career mark of 388-531 ... Even with the dearth of managerial options, there is a player/umpire in RHRP William Gustave James "Bill" Kunkel, who was 6-6 from 1961-63 with KCA and NYY ... Kunkel should probably make the All-Gus bullpen, but we like having an umpire around ... If you're in doubt where your nephew Gus should take his place on the diamond, buy him some shinguards ... Not only are two of the handful of Gus All-Stars backstops in Triandos and Mancuso, but there were a whole host of others who made the majors and are not listed here ... Five of the 10 pitchers, including three in the rotation, bring it from the left side, so at least there's unusually excellent balance on what is frankly a pretty weak staff ... There is no closer, and really, no obvious setup men or anyone who enjoyed a long string of success from the big league 'pen ...

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Geoff - Sunday, June 04 2006 @ 04:15 PM EDT (#148258) #
Anyone know what the second G. stands for in Gustavo G. Adolfo Chacin Gonzalez?

And any luck on getting Jerry or Jamie to use that full name for an entire game?
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