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Yes, yes, birthdays are celebrated on the date of the arrival -- so your Blue Jays will turn 35 this coming April. But did you know that it was exactly 36 years ago today, 2/6/76, that the AL granted expansion franchises to Seattle (to replace the departed Pilots, ever since brewing in Milwaukee) and to the first-time NLB city, Toronto, future home of your Blue Jays?

It's a little bit like celebrating a child's birthday on the anniversary of his or her conception, so let's make this day an official holiday to Blue Jays Nation, the Feast of the Torontonian Conception, with our patron saints of the holy shortstops, the only two men to reach the big leagues named Concepcion, All-Star Red Davey and later Royal reserve Onix. Netiher ever played for the Blue Jays, but thanks to today's goings-on in 1976, they could have!

Anyone remember hearing the news? Tell your story!

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mathesond - Tuesday, February 07 2012 @ 11:35 AM EST (#251637) #
I'm not sure I remember the actual announcement, however I do remember being being an absolutely thrilled 6 year old when my mother cam to pick me up from daycare (Mini Skool, I believe it was called) on March 11, 1977, with the news that the Blue Jays had won their first game, 3-1 over the New York Mets. It was right about that time I became hooked on the sport. And 4 weeks later, I had turned 7, and they beat the White Sox on Opening Day
AWeb - Tuesday, February 07 2012 @ 12:22 PM EST (#251639) #

Quick spell-check - Toronoto and Toronotonian, NLB city.

The Jays, measured either way, are a little bit older than me, so I don't recall the announcements, obviously. The World Series are now the mid-way point of the franchise - all that time leading up to them has now been duplicated in the time since. For those of us that remember the glory days and often preach patience, people graduating university now don't remember the Jays having been in the playoffs .Or the Yankees being an afterthought. Oh, memories...

Favourite random Jays memory not involving the playoffs - a series in Boston, 1989, when Junior Felix was with the team, when there were a ton of runs scored and Toronto made their greatest single game comeback (I think) - down 10-0 after 6, scored 2, 4, 5, Henke gave up a run to tie it, but Duane Ward pitches three no hit innings, Felix tops off his weekend (8/16, 2 Hrs) with a homer in the 12th. These were the early days of the first Cito era, the opening of Skydome, turning around a 12-24 start on the way to defeating Baltimore for the division title. Oh, and part of me still thinks Junior Felix is destined for stardom, almost entirely on the strength of this one series.

Happy conception day, Blue Jays!

Mike Green - Tuesday, February 07 2012 @ 01:55 PM EST (#251640) #
Junior Felix, Felix Jose, Jose Cruz Junior...launder and repeat.

Baseball from April, 1969 to April, 1977 was all about Jonesville, Coco Laboy, Ron Fairly, Rusty Staub, Dave Van Horne...Bring 'em back...

Dewey - Tuesday, February 07 2012 @ 02:22 PM EST (#251642) #
Well, being a designated old guy around here, of course I have memories of it -- very mixed ones.  I had read the rumours that we were going to get the Giants from S.F.; and I was thrilled, largely because I would then get to see my long-beloved Cubbies play again, and some of the other N.L.teams I had kept a close eye on.  It was, in the press anyway, almost a given that the Giants were coming.  But before very long, the mayor of SF got into action, and the Giants’ arrival fell through.  In fact, for a brief moment, it seemed like we might not get a team at all.  Then again before very long, (thanks to the assiduous machinations of Paul Godfrey and a few others -- one of Godfrey’s few actions for which I remain grateful,)  another announcement came along that we were to have a team in the A.L.   Relief.  And I was amazed at how quickly I could transform from a die-hard NLer to an enthusiastic ALer.   Ron Fairley, a Blue Jay!  Bob Bailor scooting about.  Yaz and Carew playing for real, in Toronto.  It was good.
Gerry - Wednesday, February 08 2012 @ 01:48 PM EST (#251648) #
When the original franchise announcement was made there was no concept of a MLB fan Cave but it's here.  There are two Toronto fans among the 50 finalists for the 2012 cave occupants.  You can see all 50 finalists here and vote.  I checked out the two Toronto fans and Dave Barclay's audition video did have a fun script, of sorts.
TamRa - Wednesday, February 08 2012 @ 04:47 PM EST (#251656) #
I'd take April over either of those...
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