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Eight games played on the farm, the good guys won half of them, and an dd thing happened in Lansing.

Las Vegas 6, Omaha 7

Jesse Chavez got the start, and recaptured some of his early season PCL magic, throwing 6 innings and allowing 2 earned runs. The game went to extras as newcomer David Carpenter allowed 4 runs, 3 of them earned, in the top of the ninth which allowed Omaha to tie the game they would eventually win in the 11th.

Offensively, a line-up of journeymen and non-prospects put up 17 hits, including 4 from Chris Woodward and Luke Hughes falling a home run short of the cycle.
New Hampshire 5, Binghamton 2

Another non-prospect, Fernando Hernandez, did good work on the mound here as the F-Cats got 6 innings and only one unearned run from Fernando Hernandez. The relief pitching was more effective here, however, as Sam Dyson and two others kept the Mets to only one more run. Dyson picked up his seventh save and has kept the opposition from posting an earned run in 21 of his 26 AA appearances.

Offensively, Marisnick and Goins had 2 hits each but John Tolisano's 3 run homer made the difference in the game.
Dunedin 4, Brevard County 2

Recent acquisition Scott Copeland continues to do respectable work for Dunedin, on Thursday he pitched 5 innings and allowed 2 runs, walking 3 and striking out 7. He's having much better results than he did in the Carolina League.

Kevin Pillar had 2 hits, Peirce Rankin hit a two run homer for the margin of victory.
Lansing 0, Ft. Wayne 2

Paging Lugnuts Fan: why exactly did Champlin pitch the first three innings and Syndergaard the last three? Big wigs coming to watch and were running late or something? In any case, both men threw nearly identical games, posting three shutout innings apeice with one walk and 3 K's each. Syndergaard, however, allowed no hits either. In between them, Brandon Berl gave up the only two runs of the game in his lone inning of work.

Offensively it was quiet, although it's worth taking a moment to note the long awaited (seeming) emergence of Gus Pierre's bat. He was 1 for 3 with a double in this game (the teams only XBH) and he's now sporting an .880 OPS in August after a respectable .769 in July. If he can maintain this progress he can definately put himself back on the prospect map as he's still only 20 years old.
Vancouver 5, Everett 0

Determined not to be overshadowed, Javiar Avendano keeps rolling along.  Over his last 8 starts his ERA or 0.95 and he's given up 25 hits and 10 walks in 38 innings while striking out 40.On this night he breezed through 6 shutout innings.

Kelin Sweeney keeps slowly dragging himself off the mat - he was 2 for 3 on this night - and now has a .798 OPS in August. Matt Newman was also 2 for 4
Bluefield 6, Elizabethton 4

Other than Syndergaard (and one might argue Avendano) it was a night for non-prospect starters (I know Noah didn't start but you get the idea). In this game Tucker Jensen surrendered 3 runs, but only 1 of them earned in 4.2 innings of work.
No Bluefield hitter had more than a single single in this game, but both Emilio Gurrero and Eric Arce had 2 RBI.

Bluefield 3, Elizabethton 7

The Twins managed the split by beating up on starter Devy Estrada to the tune of 6 runs, 5 earned, in 4.1 innings.
Ironicly, the hitters had more to brag about in this games, in terms of individual accomplishments, as DJ Thon went 2 for 2 with a double and Arce and Santiago Nessy homered. But it's runs that win the game and they came up short in that tally.

GCL Blue Jays 11, Pirates 12

Shane Dawson, who'd been tandeming most often with Yefry Del Rosario was split off for his own start in this game and he was just "meh" - he allowed 3 earned runs in 4 IP but lest with a 7-3 lead. That feel apart in an ugly 8th which included a HBP and an error which all combined to see five opposition runs scored (4 of them unearned) and the lead slip away.

It was a rare good night for the Baby Jays offense, but the biggest contributor was re-habbing Gabe Jacobo who went 3-5 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI.

Third Star - Gabe Jacobo
Second Star - Fernando Hernandez
First Star - Javiar Avendano

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vonwafer234 - Friday, August 17 2012 @ 06:23 AM EDT (#262358) #
What's the news on some of the seniors we took this year from rounds 4-10? Brad Delatte's only pitched 0.1 of an inning and Eric Phillips's played only 8 games this year. Any impressions/notes on these guys? Tucker Donahue, Eric Phillips, Ian Parmley, Tucker Frawley, Jordan Leyland, Alex Azor? LOL what would happen if one of these guys turn out to be a star someday or even a decent everyday player?
Lugnut Fan - Friday, August 17 2012 @ 07:10 AM EDT (#262359) #
Well, I don't think you're far off with your assumption TamRa.  We got word that Champlin was going to start over Syndergaard literally minutes before game time and there weren't really any answers.  What seems to have happened was that there was rain in the area that they expected to hit early in the game and rather than have Noah get heated up, throw an inning or two and then have him shut down due to a lengthy delay, they decided to hold him back.  He came in in the fifth, threw three innings and then the rains came, so I understand why it appears to have been done, but I don't think it quite had the desired result.
stevieboy22 - Friday, August 17 2012 @ 10:23 AM EDT (#262361) #
I love questions like these....

My guess is somewhere in the ballpark of 3 years and 17.. With an option worth 6-8....

Original Ryan - Friday, August 17 2012 @ 11:34 AM EDT (#262364) #
Rochester is reportedly going to extend their PDC with the Twins today. That leaves Buffalo as the only International League club without a PDC for 2013.
stevieboy22 - Friday, August 17 2012 @ 03:48 PM EDT (#262376) #
My previous post was suppose to go on the Carlos Villaneuva discussion...
Gerry - Friday, August 17 2012 @ 03:55 PM EDT (#262377) #
DJ Davis has been promoted to Bluefield.
Gerry - Friday, August 17 2012 @ 04:06 PM EDT (#262378) #
And Sean Nolin has tweeted that he is on the way to New Hampshire.
DOWN D LINE - Friday, August 17 2012 @ 09:56 PM EDT (#262385) #
Parmley , Donahue & Frawley all have played a big part in Vancouver's short season .The team is in first place  and on the verge of making the playoffs.
Donahue has improved a bit through out the season . He continues to have big league velocity sitting at 93-95 and has hit 97 mph a few times . I would say he has a top 10 round fast ball with a 25th round slider . His live arm will continue to keep him at "prospect status " at least through next season .
TamRa - Saturday, August 18 2012 @ 02:01 AM EDT (#262389) #
And Sean Nolin has tweeted that he is on the way to New Hampshire.

TamRa - Saturday, August 18 2012 @ 05:55 AM EDT (#262391) #
regarding the 2012 crop of draftees, just on the basic old-school stats:

Davis -
Stroman - no update needed
Smoral - DL no stats
Nay - DL no stats
Gonzales - Very rough start, much better after long layoff (injury?) tiny sample of course
DeJong - 1.13 ERA, 8 beautiful innings
Alford - tiny sample irrelevant
Donahue - 5.40 ERA, 1.71 WHIP in 21.2 IP, at Vancouver
Delatte - 1/3 IP
Phillips - 8 games played, .182 Ba
Parmely - .547 OPS, good eye (.372 OBP) no contact
Frawley - .488 OPS
Leyland - .683 OPS
Azor - .577 OPS in 14 games, on Military leave now.

vonwafer234 - Saturday, August 18 2012 @ 07:26 AM EDT (#262394) #
Thanks man! You've been a great help! Does anyone know what happened with Delatte and Eric Phillips?
DOWN D LINE - Saturday, August 18 2012 @ 02:14 PM EDT (#262398) #
Retired .
TamRa - Saturday, August 18 2012 @ 03:23 PM EDT (#262400) #
continuing, for a fuller picture of the draft class:

John Silvano - (GC) .170 BA, .588 OPS. Good walk rate and nothing else.
Zak Waislewski (sp) - (GC) 8.27 ERA, almost a walk per IP.
Ryan Borucki - (GC) 3.60 ERA, only 5 IP
Will Dupont - (GC) .780 OPS in 31 AB
Shane Dawson - (GC) 2.33 ERA, excellent rates, might be worth watching going forward
Alonzo Gonzolez - (B) 5.15 ERA in GCL, promoted anyway they must like him, he got as many GCL innings as Del Rosario and almost led the team before promotion.
Jorge Flores - (V) .788 OPS, third best on team, fan favorite.
Dennis Jones - (GC) .620, briefly promoted, floundered, now he's back
Colton Turner - (V) Good ERA (1.93) decent K rate, too many walks (16 in 28 IP)
Josh Almonte - .225 in 44 AB - that's an OPS, not a BA
Trey Pascazi - (GC) .387 in 25 AB
Jason Leblebijan - (V) .734, very versitle, seems to have timely hits, 6 of 7 on steals
Nathan DeSouza - (GC) .728 in 29 games
Dan Klien - (V) .738 OPS
Derrick Chung - (V) .683
Jorge Saez - (GC) .699 OPS, 23 walks 12 K
Daniel Devonshire - .482 in 21 AB
Shane Valorite - .654

Also, I seem to have left DJ Davis out of the original post - he was just promoted to Bluefield, in the GCL he hit .233 with a .713 OPS He had 18 steals (25 attempts) in 43 games and is said to be remarkably fast but is apparently VERY raw.

Early returns - too early to really matter):

A+ - Stroman

no grade - Smoral and Nay

positive indications - DeJong, Dawson

Mixed - Gonzales, Gonzalez (based on their apparent faith in him), Davis

Too small sample - Borucki, Dupont, Alford

Feel good guys - Flores, Leblebijan, Saez

Everyone else pretty disappointing.

budgell - Saturday, August 18 2012 @ 06:27 PM EDT (#262404) #
On Pierre, someone (Lugnut?) was raving earlier in the year about his D at 3rd after a disastrous season at SS last year. Is he still impressing at the hot corner? While even his increased offense may not play longer term at 3rd, is his frame/swing conducive to increased power? What with being only 20 and power often the last to come.
Lugnut Fan - Sunday, August 19 2012 @ 01:53 AM EDT (#262411) #
Pierre's D has been much improved. He looks a lot more comfortable and you can tell that the organization as well as himself did a lot of work to improve him defensively. As far as power, we will have to see. I honestly don't think he will ever be a 30/30 guy, but could maybe hit 10 or so.
ayjackson - Sunday, August 19 2012 @ 09:39 AM EDT (#262413) #
Pierre's isoP is .169 in about 175 PA's since the allstar break. That's pretty decent power for a 20 year-old at Lansing, no?
vonwafer234 - Sunday, August 19 2012 @ 01:03 PM EDT (#262422) #
Really DOWN D LINE? Why what happened?
scottt - Sunday, August 19 2012 @ 04:03 PM EDT (#262426) #
It seems Phillips went on the DL on July 4 and hasn't returned.
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