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Injuries were the common theme over the weekend, but the minor league system looks good and will be further enhanced by the end of the day.
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Today is draft day. The Jays pick at number twelve in the first round. In some years the Jays would have a clear picture as to who would be available at this stage of the draft. But this year it seems there are at least six and maybe more names associated with the Jays. Talk amongst yourselves about who the Jays could pick.
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Cause it ain't.
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The #BlueJays go to Motown to begin the month of June.

Curtis Granderson returns to Detroit where he began his major league career in 2004.
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Buffalo, New Hampshire and Lansing all went to extra innings. It worked for Buffalo and Lansing but not for New Hampshire. With the new "runner on second" rule, none of these extra inning games went long and indeed there have been few long games this season.
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Ryan Noda hit his first home run of the year in the eighth inning to turn a 2-1 deficit into a 3-2 lead and set Lansing up for the win. Maximo Castillo had his best start of the season. Buffalo won 7-3 with several good performances. New Hampshire came from behind to win thanks to a couple of late home runs from two of the lesser known players. Vlad did not reach base for the second time this season, cancel the promotion! Dunedin were rained out.
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A ninth-inning collapse spoiled a perfect Tuesday night on the farm for the #BlueJays affiliates. The three winning clubs combined to score 29 runs.
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The #BlueJays affiliates won two out of three on Memorial Day. Dunedin had the day off.
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The Jays play two days games in a three game series in Boston. Today is a 1pm game for Memorial Day and Wednesday is a 1pm getaway day game. The Jays are not in a hurry as Thursday is an off day and Friday they are in Detroit but Boston play in Houston on Thursday.
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The #BlueJays visit the Phillies in a match-up of Roy Halladay's teams.

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Sean Reid Foley learned today that AAA hitters can take care of business if you can't hit your spots. He gave up eight runs in 2.1 innings. Buffalo lost but does scoring seven runs in the last four innings give them some hope? New Hampshire got home runs from Bo Bichette and Vlad Jr. but still lost. Randy Pondler came out of the woodwork to get the win for Dunedin. Lansing scored three in the ninth to come from behind and win.
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Baseball insiders say it is good for a player to have some adversity before they reach the major leagues. Players in the majors will struggle at some point and if you had gone through it before you reach the majors it leaves you more prepared to handle it. Bo Bichette is gaining experience at the moment. Bo was 0-4 on Wednesday and is now hitting around .200 for May. Pitchers have adjusted to Bo and now he needs to adjust too. His strikeout rate is 20% and he is walking, just running into some challenges getting hits. Cavan Biggio and Vlad picked up the slack and New Hampshire continued on their winning ways. Ryan Borucki pitched well but had some umpire trouble, the Bisons lost. Dunedin lost in extras while the Lansing hitters not named Kevin Smith were quiet. That left Zach Logue the loser after his best start as a pro.
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The top half of the #BlueJays farm system found the win column but bottom half did not as the affiliates went 2-3 Monday night.
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The #BlueJays look to salvage some dignity in this homestand against the Los Angeles Angels.
The Blue Jays will not have to face Shohei Otani on the mound but they will have to deal with his bat.
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A perfect night on the farm for the #BlueJays affiliates as they went 2-0 on Monday. New Hampshire had the night off while Dunedin's game was rained out.
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