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According to Jamie Campbell's Sportsnet Blog, Jason Frasor has been sent down and Dustin McGowan has been called up in his place.

Thanks to Bauxite binnister for the heads-up.

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Roy Halladay will miss his next scheduled start according to Sportsnet with a forearm strain. It is not considered to be serious.
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On Wednesday, New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada broke his nose when an errant baseball hit him in the face. Declared Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, "This is another case of the World Baseball Classic's negative impact on my baseball team."
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This morning's buzz turned out to be true: in a 1:00 press conference today, the Toronto Blue Jays announced that Roy Halladay has signed a 3 year, $40 million dollar contract extension, locking him up as a Jay until 2010.

Now, A.J. Burnett's wife gets free limo rides, and Troy Glaus's wife gets an operating budget for her ranch as part of their spouses' contracts --

What perks will Mrs. Halladay be receiving? Speculate away!

Oh yeah, and let's talk about what this means to the future of the team and stuff like that, too. I suppose that's also important.

Canada's triumph over the U.S. yesterday left them on a high. Will their confidence lead to a victory over Mexico? Or will tonight find a complacent Canadian team hurt by a Mexican romp?

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UPDATE Feb 23, 1:06 pm: We're back, baby! reports that Shea Hillenbrand has agreed to a 1 year, $5.8 million deal with the Jays to avoid arbirtation.

Update: Pete Walker has also signed a one year contract avoiding arbitration by signing a deal for $650,000 this season.

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TSN reports that the deal is official - 1 year, $4.5 million, with a mutual $7.5 million option or a team $500,000 buyout. The AP reported that the $4.5 million Molina is getting this year is broken out into a $1.5 million bonus and a $3 million salary.

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According to (and many other sources), recently deposed GM Theo Epstein has rejoined the Red Sox "baseball operations department in a full-time -- but otherwise unspecified -- position."

So the question to you Bauxites is ...

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