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Josh Towers has been recalled to start Tuesday's game against Atlanta, after 4 Towers' classic starts in Syracuse. Vinny Chulk was sent down to Syracuse again to make room for Towers. It is easy to understand why Towers has been recalled, but Chulk has pitched very well since returning and his demotion is a mystery. Thanks to Andrewkw for the tip.
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The Alfonzo Watch is over. Russ Adams is back from Syracuse and John McDonald is back from the disabled list. Luis Figueroa has also been sent back to Syracuse, lowering the number of Gibby's Boys on the active roster by two.
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Edgardo Alfonzo's contract was purchased this afternoon. He'll cover second base until Russ Adams pushes him out. To make room on the active roster, John McDonald was placed on the 15-day DL after pulling his groin in Saturday's loss. Aaron Hill will likely move to shortstop.
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I had a quick look at the calendar to make sure it wasn't April first -- Jeff Blair at the Globe and Mail has revealed that Troy Glaus will indeed play shortstop tonight against the Chicago White Sox. It's not permanent --

"I'm just looking at tonight's game," Gibbons said. "This guy is one of the better pitchers in the league and we need offence. These guys (the White Sox) are going to score a lot of runs and we're going to have to keep pace."
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Josh Towers and Russ Adams have been sent to AAA. The Jays must have a special deal on the AAA shuttle or they want the frequent flyer miles but the shuttle has been busy this year. Jason Frasor, Vinnie Chulk, Shaun Marcum, Dustin McGowan and now Towers and Adams have all been sent down to AAA.

UPDATE: Sportsnet is reporting Adams will play second base in Syracuse.

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According to Jamie Campbell's Sportsnet Blog, Jason Frasor has been sent down and Dustin McGowan has been called up in his place.

Thanks to Bauxite binnister for the heads-up.

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Roy Halladay will miss his next scheduled start according to Sportsnet with a forearm strain. It is not considered to be serious.
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On Wednesday, New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada broke his nose when an errant baseball hit him in the face. Declared Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, "This is another case of the World Baseball Classic's negative impact on my baseball team."
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This morning's buzz turned out to be true: in a 1:00 press conference today, the Toronto Blue Jays announced that Roy Halladay has signed a 3 year, $40 million dollar contract extension, locking him up as a Jay until 2010.

Now, A.J. Burnett's wife gets free limo rides, and Troy Glaus's wife gets an operating budget for her ranch as part of their spouses' contracts --

What perks will Mrs. Halladay be receiving? Speculate away!

Oh yeah, and let's talk about what this means to the future of the team and stuff like that, too. I suppose that's also important.