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New Hampshire and Vancouver were triumphant on Tuesday along with the Complex squads. Buffalo and Dunedin were not.
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Vancouver were your only winners on Sunday and it appears they are playoff bound. The first half of the season ends Thursday and they have a 3.5 game lead with a tie-breaker. (Update, the C's have confirmed they are playoff bound). Dasan Brown had the big hit, a three run home run. Buffalo, Dunedin and New Hampshire, twice, all lost.
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Buffalo's bats were in fine working order on Saturday, enough hits for ten runs. Vancouver were the opposite, few hits but enough for a 2-0 win thanks to excellent pitching. Dunedin lost a close one while New Hampshire were rained out.
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Dunedin scored 13 runs today, the FCL Jays 17. There were lots of hitters with lots of hits. There were not a lot of hits elsewhere in the system. There were plenty of wins, every team other than Buffalo won.
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Buffalo and New Hampshire won, all other games were a loss. There were not a lot of notable performances on Thursday. Leo Jimenez was the best. As the Jays look to add to their roster before the trade deadline, Jimenez would be one of the Jays more tradeable assets.
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Vancouver, Dunedin and the Florida Complex League squad won on Tuesday to give the affiliates a six-game split.
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Dunedin catcher Juan Gonzalez drove in the winning run in the top of the tenth. Then threw out the lead runner trying to steal in the bottom of the inning. Dunedin won, as did all the affiliates. Davis Schneider and Ryan McCarty each hit two home runs.
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Vancouver won both ends of a doubleheader with the second game being a no hitter. Devereaux Harrison went six no hit innings for the win. It wasn't Jose Bautista, but Jonathan Bautista who hit his first home run for the DSL Jays. New Hampshire split a doubleheader, Orelvis went deep again. Buffalo and Dunedin were down early and rallied only to lose.
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Al Pesto picked up the win for the FCL Jays. Ernie Clement was big, and clutch, for the Bisons. New Hampshire lost in eleven. Dunedin also lost. Vancouver were rained out.
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Paxton Schultz, Chad Dallas, Rafael Sanchez and Pat Gallagher all pitched well and set their teams up for success. Buffalo, New Hampshire and Dunedin all won. Vancouvers bullpen cost them the game.
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New Hampshire edges Harrisburg. Buffalo outscores Toledo while Vancouver and Dunedin lose in Tuesday’s action.

Buffalo 10 Toledo 7

New Hampshire 6 Harrisburg 5

Vancouver 0 Everett 2

Bradenton 10 Dunedin 3

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The bottom two teams won. Vancouver had good pitching from Devereaux Harrison and good hitting from Michael Turconi, and others. Dunedin had good pitching from Ryan Jennings and good hitting from Roque Salinas. Casey Lawrence had a bad day for Buffalo. Adam Kloffenstein pitched well but the bullpen couldn't hold the lead.

And the FCL starts today.

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Trevor Schwecke, Orelvis Martinez and Cade Doughty each drove in all their teams runs. Schwecke and Doughty did it with hits and their teams lost. Orelvis did it with ground balls and his team won. New Hampshire were the only winners on Saturday.
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Buffalo and New Hampshire each had 4-1 wins. Each had one solo home run and good starting pitching. Vancouver and Dunedin couldn't get hits and lost.
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There were some pitching woes on the farm Thursday. Mitch White, Jimmy Burnette, Chad Dallas, TJ Brock all had their problems. Vancouver had good pitching and picked up the only win. On the hitting side, Orelvis was the bright spot, he had three hits including a home run. Peyton Williams hit his first home run in high A.
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