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Dunedin was rained out, Lansing was (almost) blown out and Pulaski is done for the year. The non-Auburn teams went 1-3; the D-Days swept a doubleheader.
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The red hot Adam Lind can now be considered white hot after a 4-4 night including his 24th HR of the year.

Runs were aplenty last night as the affiliates went 2-3.

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The Toronto farm splits six.
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Only eight days left in the minor league season, other than in Auburn (10 days) and Pulaski (3 days). PUlaski were eliminated from playoff contention over the weekend leaving Auburn, who are in a three way tie for first place, as the only second half hope for the affiliates.  Dunedin and Lansing earned playoff spots in the first half.  Four wins against one loss for the affiliates on Sunday.  Good pitching led Syracuse to victory while New Hampshire, Auburn and Pulaski wielded the lumber.

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Penn blew away the Sky Chiefs tonight in Ottawa.  He will be in Baltimore shortly.  

The farm affiliates went 1-5 on Saturday night.

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The farm affiliates swept all seven of their games. The bats boomed, the pitchers threw strikes, the fielders caught the ball, and all was right with the world.
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...but there was no confusion about it, as the farm affiliates went 5-1 behind some superb pitching and a couple of late rallies.  Turnabout is fair play.
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The farm affiliates were swept, courtesy of some lackluster offensive performances and a couple of bullpen collapses. The silver lining for minor league watchers is the upcoming playoffs.
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Kyle Ginley had another dominant performance out of the pen last night. The Jays 17th round pick this year out of St Petersburg JC has had a strong year in Pulaski.

New Hampshire was the only affiliate to win on a 1-4 night in the minors.

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3 wins in 5 tries for the Toronto farm.
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Two weeks left in the minor league season, other than in Auburn.  Dunedin and Lansing are in the playoffs based on their first halves; Auburn and Pulaski are trying to join them but both need to finish strongly to make it.  Yesterday Syracuse split a doubleheader as the new kids, Adam Lind and Curtis Thigpen, led them to victory in game 1.  Elsewhere New Hampshire and Lansing were winners. 
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A shutout in Lansing, lost Appy opportunities, familiar disappointments for Syracuse and New Hampshire and rain led to a 1-3 Saturday night.
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Syracuse and Pulaski won right at the end, Lansing tried their best, Auburn piled on, New Hampshire didn't look back and Dunedin went to extras. All this and more, come rain, rain or shine.
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Chi dominates, as the farm affiliates go 4-1 with the pitchers showing the way.
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The farm affiliates received some solid pitching performances, but on this night it was not enough.  A lack of offensive support and untimely errors followed by poor "clutch" pitching led to a 1-3 record.
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