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Keith Law and Kevin Goldstein rank their top 100 prospects.  Both have Travis Snider at #7.  Law had Brett Cecil at 63.  And that's it for the Jays on these lists.

Law went a little against the grain with Evan Longoria as the top prospect.

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The Jays and the NH Fishercats have reached an agreement to extend their affiliation through 2012.
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A recent article in the Syracuse Post-Standard says a U.S. Senator has spoken to the Mets about setting up shop in Syracuse in 2009 and according to him, the Metropolitans are interested. 

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It's the season for minor league top ten lists.  Batters Box published our own list shortly after the season ended, but the more general minor league books are now becoming available.  Batters Box recently featured Deric McKamey's list from the Minor League Baseball Analyst.  The Baseball America list is out in the magazine and will be released on their web site on Friday.  John Sickels has just finished his book and his list is now available on his web site, and to complete the party Baseball Prospectus published their top ten list today.
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Baseball Prospectus has their Jay top 11 prospects today.

Yeah, it's so slow these days that each prospect list gets its own thread
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John Sickels weighs in on the Jays top 20 prospects. Having just 3 players in the Bs is really low.
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After weeks of hot stove action it is time to begin Batters Box 2008 coverage of the minor leagues.  On Friday of this week Baseball America will release, on their web site, their Blue Jay top ten list but we are starting the week with another Blue Jay top ten, this one from Deric McKamey who is about to publish the third edition of his Minor League Baseball Analyst.
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After a visit to the Hardball Times I saw that today was the deadline to finalize the 40 man roster for this year's class. The Jays 40 man roster is currently full.
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Baseball America has published several Jays related articles recently.
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Evaluating prospects is an uncertain pastime. Players are hindered by injuries, some obvious, some hidden to the fans and some hidden from the organization. Position players can often show little until they mature, sometimes around age 21. Pitchers can be helped by a new pitch or better mechanics that improve their control. In 2007 Brian Wolfe pitched well in the bullpen for the Jays even though he was not rated as a top 30 prospect by Batters Box or Baseball America.

In that spirit here are some players to watch who just missed our top 30 list. There is very little reason to differentiate between the bottom half of Blue Jay prospects this year. An argument could be made for any of these players to be in the top 30.

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On Tuesday we delivered #30-#21, and yesterday #20-#11. Now, we are proud to present our selections as the top 10 Blue Jay prospects for 2007. Youth will be served.
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Yesterday, we took a closer look at our #30-#21 prospects. Today, it is #20-#11. In past years, the more highly rated prospects were higher up in the system. Not so this year, as recent drafts take up more than their share of the prized slots. As you shall see.
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We continue a Batter's Box tradition with our annual top 30 Blue Jay top prospect list. It is a combined effort of Thomas Ayers, Mike Green, Pistol, Gerry McDonald and Niall O'Donohoe. Today, we look at numbers 30-21.
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In preparation for the top 30 prospect series which will begin tomorrow, it is helpful to have a sense of the league standards and park factors for each of the affiliates- Syracuse in the International League, New Hampshire in the Eastern League, Dunedin in the Florida State League, Lansing in the Midwest League, Auburn in the New York Penn League and the GCL Jays in the Gulf Coast League.
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The Jays announced their R. Howard Webster Award winners, for the top players at each levels of the minors yesterday.
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