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Tired of always ending up on the losing end, the farm affiliates won late in the game and late in the evening twice yesterday to finish at 3-3.

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One Gabriel was very good last night, while another -- not so much, as the organization lurched to a 2-4 record on the evening. There were three ninth-inning rallies to report as well, only one of which ended well for the Blue Jays side of the ledger.
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The come-back kids ensured a minor league sweep as the affiliates went 5-0. Dunedin won in the bottom of the ninth, Lansing scored two to win in the bottom of the tenth, and Pulaski scored two runs in the bottom of the seventh, another in the bottom of the eighth, a run in the bottom of the ninth to tie, and a run in the bottom of the tenth to win. Syracuse pitching did not blow the lead and Auburn won from the front.
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Chip Cannon hit a homer. New Hampshire had little on the way of offense at home. A last-place team from the St. Petersburg area beat up on the Blue Jays. No wins for you!
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Some days, all you have are replacement reporters. And that's me. Yesterday, the farm affiliates went 2-3.

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...and his manager sees fit to bench him for the second game of the day. Some people are hard to please! Four wins for the Blue Jay farm in six scheduled matches and the continuation of a suspended game. Encouraging efforts from two players on rehab.
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The Jays front office might have had a sinking feeling yesterday, the big club lost in a controversial way, while it was a 1-6 day on the farm, with the only win coming in the last game of the day. There were few survivors from the disasters that befell the minor league affiliates yesterday. Syracuse led 5-4 after six innings and lost; Dunedin led 6-0, and 6-4 heading into the ninth and lost. New Hampshire led 2-1 going into the seventh when New Britain scored two and then the heavens opened to end the game. Lansing lost two games and managed to have a walk and three singles in an inning without scoring. Pulaski lost the first game on a late home run but salvaged the nightcap. Auburn were saved from a possible loss by fog and David Bush does not look ready to face major league hitters.
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Headline in today's Sunday Star: "Palmeiro balls belong together". I'm all in favour of the separation of church and state, but that's as far as I go. The farm affiliates went 3-2 on Saturday, with one postponement and one suspended game due to rain.

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A mixed bag for the Blue Jays' farm teams last night, with the highlight game in the Florida State League featuring terrific performances from a talented young lefty and a solid hitting machine in the outfield.
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Long before his career as an accused in a murder trial and a rental car company ad actor, O.J. Simpson was an electrifying halfback for U.S.C. and then for the Buffalo Bills. For the Bills, he was "The Juice", and his offensive line was "The Electric Company" because they "turned on the Juice". Upstate New York needs to relocate O.J.'s offensive line to bring some consistent power to the area. The farm affiliates went 3-3 on the evening.

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The All-Star Games in AAA and AA took place last night, with JFG starting for the IL. Another Jays farmhand took the mound in the AA game and his performance was indicative of his fall from grace so far. Oh, and nobody else won a game, and that includes some awful 9th-inning D from the PBJ's.
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4 teams had the night off. Dunedin got the win while Pulaski lost. Most importantly though, Guillermo Quiroz made his return as the D'Jays DH and was hit by two pitches. Did you wince when you read that? I sure did.
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The D-Jays finished the first half in second place behind the Lakeland Tigers, and started the second half well.

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Always look on the bright side, right? Well, the title is the bright side. The whole bright side. Otherwise, it was an altogether rotten night for the Blue Jay farm as they dropped 4 of 5 matches.
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Some good pitching last night on the farm (2-3 record, though), with one starter striking out 11, another pitching seven shutout innings and one more sort of went the distance. Actually, he didn't pitch a complete game at all. Read on for more.
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