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Part 4 - a position the Jays don't need to upgrade at, but just might anyways and shift Bichette to 3B or 2B depending on an assortment of factors we can't know.
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Jays are doing OK so far in the awards season.
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Part 3: Now for the position with a premium free agent, maybe the #1 free agent, available for the right price. Jays have kids. Lets see if the Jays should consider blowing a fortune on an upgrade.
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Part 2 - the big position for question marks, with not a lot of options out there.  Third base.
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It's Dodgers and Rays.
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We have a Final Four.
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Yet another Hall of Famer has passed on.  This has been a bad year for pretty well everyone, and it's been especially terrible for some of the most legendary baseball players of all time and Whitey Ford was as unusual a legend as one could ask for.
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So for 2021 what are the Jays CF options? First of a series (hopefully - depends on time). 2020 saw it being Randal Grichuk 48 games, Teoscar Hernandez 7, Davis 5, Biggio 3, Alford 2 (funny, just 5 times 2 guys in a single game played there). What to do for 2021?
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Bob Gibson has died, after a long battle with cancer.
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When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
   --- Hunter S. Thompson

Well yeah. Everything is very weird indeed, and it's going to stay weird for the foreseeable future.
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As Butch once said to Sundance "Who are those guys?"
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It's on. Here's the lineup:
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It’s time to start thinking about the Blue Jays playoff roster.
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The Jays finished off the "road" portion of their 2020 schedule by breaking off their six-game losing streak. In fact, the whole season has been made of road games, but they went 15-19 when playing  in some other team's home field. They will finish the regular season playing four with the Yankees and three with the Orioles in their temporary pandemic home south of the border.
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There's gonna be a showdown, in the Bronx, starting tonight.
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