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Question of the Day ...
What baseball-related "New Year's resolutions" should various members -- players, management, front office -- of Team Blue Jay carry into 2011? Be as creative and inventive as you like (but let's stay away from the snarky and rude, hey?)

Sidebar question of the day ...
What baseball-related resolutions do YOU have in 2011? (Note, as long as you're writing about yourself, snarky and rude are just fine!)

Every year, we commit a thread dedicated to inviting all Bauxites to share with us the best of your (not Josh) booty -- especially the baseball-related items from your stockings or under your tree. So, what diamond-related packages glittered under  your own morning star this Christmas?

And a quick shout-out to the greatest off-season prospect of all time, delivering for the 2,010th consectuvie year ..

Nickname: Sandy Claws
UTIL, veteran all-star
Aging vet is a bit portly, but can still fly .... Astonishingly productive and versatile, though top deliveries limited to once a year ... Can handle all kinds of weather but is noted for toying around a bit with intended targets ...  Very thorough, always checking twice before proceeding ... Stunningly, still  a free agent, making fans all over hope he's coming to their town ...
Relatives: "Father Christmas" of  Steve Christmas, Al Clauss, Johan Santana

And for your holiday enjoyment, here's reason number 2,378,512 that baseball is the greatest game of them all....
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I recently discovered a truly wonderful baseball website called I haven't spent a lot of time there yet, but suspect that I will -- there's even a whole area of the site dedicated to calculating the baseball stats of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Joe Shlabotnik and the whole Peanuts gang.

what led me there was a link from one of the fabulous blog posts Sean Forman leaves on the greatness of -- the story linked to was a 2009 feature by Larry Granillo called "The History of the Highest-Paid Player in Baseball." Seriously, go read it. Like, now!

Okay, you back now? Settlle in ...w hat follows are a few thoughts about those men who have been, at least for a short time, the highest-paid players in the history of the game -- at least since Nolan Ryan became the sport's first milllion-bucks-a-season man back in 1980 ...

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I know,  I know, we here at Batter's Box have a hard time letting go of Roy "Doc" Halladay; more than a year after arguably The Greatest Jay Ever left for the City of Brotherly Love, his piture still graces the banner logo of this site.

Speaking of banners, the draped headline on the latest print edition of The Sporting News jumped out at me as I recovered from the mailbox this afternoon  ...  2010 PRO ATHLETE OF THE YEAR: ROY HALLADAY.Well ... okay, I guess.  Perfect game? (Check.)  20+ wins? (Check.) Playoff no-hitter? (Check.) Cy Young Award? (Check.) Yeah ... I guess he deserves it!

Brad Emaus was taken in the Rule 5 draft by the New York Mets a few minutes ago. The 24 year old (turns 25 in March) hit .298/.395/.495 in AAA this past year in 364 plate appearances, and .257/.351/.388 in 751 AA plate appearances. Emaus was Batter's Box's number 20 prospect in 2010, number 24 in 2009, and number 18 in 2008, but the team evidently never thought as highly of him, as despite playing second and third base (a current position of need for the club) he was not put on the 40 Man Roster despite the team having space. Hopefully Brad will catch on with the Mets, but if not he could still be returned to the Jays. Full list of draftees here.

Update: Anthopoulos explains his reasoning here.

Update: Miguel Olivo signs with the Mariners. Hello compensatory pick!

Read on for more news, including Carl H. Crawford signing with the Sawx.

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Frequently-maligned Jay OF Vernon Wells is 32 today. According to the greatness that is, VW's "Most Similar" player through the age of 31 has been one Andre Nolan "Hawk" Dawson.

Not to paint TOO rosy of a picture, but the Hawk's age-32 season was 1987 -- that was his 49-homer NL MVP year. Just sayin' ...

Ah, to post, perchance to dream ...

The first person who was primarily known for his work in Toronto has been elected. Congrats to Pat Gillick.
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A recent episode of CBC's Quirks and Quarks featured a segment on curveballs. Despite a right-off-the-bat gaffe (Bob McDonald equates "breaking ball" with "curve ball"), it's an interesting segment that is unlike anything I've read in the online research community. Wanna hear about it?
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Quick, who had the best outfield in baseball last year? Well, it wasn't the Blue Jays, but they were pretty darn close.
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Alternate titles: The Buck Stops Here! Molina, Mo Passed Balls. Encarnacioner of a Lonely 22 Home Runs. Okay, I'll stop.
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Bullpen as weak link, Gregg as Matsuzaka, Downs as icon, Roenicke as Purcey, and absolutely no idea what next year's pen looks like.
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The difference between the Jays 2009 and 2010 starting rotations was like night and day. Or maybe just afternoon and afternoon.
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This will be quick and painful, I promise.

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Jonny German lays it all out for us. I love looking at stuff like this.
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