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The Jay offence has been humming along in the first half of the season. It's time for a statistical look at the individual performances, and at some platooning decisions facing John Gibbons.
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Travis Snider hit his first home run, a grand slam, and had three hits to push his average over .300.  Pulaski are 9-1 and cruising.  Jesse Litsch made his AA debut yesterday and pitched very well.  Those were the highlights of a day where the affiliates could only get one win.

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Caramon was wondering how many of the runs allowed by Roy Halladay this season had come about because of home runs. This is well worth exploring, but we should put it in context. Which means that at the very least we should carry out the same exercise for the rest of the staff.
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In an article in yesterday's Hardball Times, Steve Treder names Darrell Evans, Norm Cash and Reggie Smith as underrated players. I agree with those choices. Steve's comments got me to thinking about an All-Underrated Team.
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I went to the game last night because I wanted to see A.J. Burnett pitch. I got my wish.
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It's almost July, which means it's almost time to complain and moan about who gets selected to go to the All-Star Game.
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The all-time champ, as every single one of you knew, is Henry Aaron. (Although, once again, if Lou Gehrig didn't get sick...)
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Today on, that question is asked at length by Enrique Rojas, a reporter and columnist for and

Oddly, Rojas seems to bookend the story with an additional "And who is this Vernon Wells character, besides?" theme. It's a story, essentially, about how Toronto ballplayers don't get noticed by the American baseball fan public.

Rios, to his credit, professes not to care. So the question to you is ... can (or should) anything be done in this regard?

I promised to look into the frequency of wild pitches and passed balls depending on whether Molina or Zaun was behind the plate.

Prepare to be astonished.
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Here's my $.02 on the current state of the Blue Jays world (which is now worth $.018 US, thanks to the ever-rising Canadian dollar).

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Pitchers are a different breed. They all strive for that perfect balance between power, command, and composure under pressure, all without injuring their arm. In the striving, a good number of them teeter on the edge of sanity. Many others, while sane, are just a little out there. A. J. Burnett is an upstanding member of the pitching fraternity in the latter group, with iconoclast credentials ranging from bats engraved with "Marilyn Manson" to nipple rings. Today we give him the Hall Watch treatment. He's far from a Hall of Famer, but with pitchers one never knows.
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Jays lose, to the Marlins. Bummer.
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Jobu speaks! You listen!

Here's the latest news!

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In case you missed the news, everyone's favourite former Blue Jay, Esteban Loaiza (also known as Lord Voldemort, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, et al), was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and for reckless driving. According to the reports, Loaiza was driving his brand-new Ferrari 130 MPH at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday. He failed the road-side sobriety test, though his blood alcohol content was not released. (In California the legal limit is .08.)

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Hey, they walk amongst us right now. I wonder who they are.

Note - (Slightly revised and expanded)
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