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Some things just don't change.

"Home run hitters drive Cadillacs. Singles hitters drive Fords."
--Ralph Kiner
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Yes, I was away - I was Moving. I could bitch and moan about the whole dreary process of Moving all day long if you like, but you probably wouldn't like, and why should you? So let's get cracking, shall we?

There are 25 men who have more than 3000 hits, and a 26th, Roberto Clemente, with exactly 3000. Naturally, some of the players we are watching today will carve out their own spots on this list. Everyone with 3000 hits is in the Hall of Fame, unless they're actually ineligible. That standard seems unlikely to change - 3000 hits will continue to mean automatic induction.
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Here are a few random thoughts about various Jays- and baseball-related things.
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We've had a lot of debate here over who the Blue Jays should install as their shortstop the rest of the way... it's time to vote.
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That wasn't the best way to begin The Most Important Homestand of the Season.
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Now that the Jays have stopped losing to Kansas City and we have all emerged, trembling, from under our bedcovers, here's my $.02 on the Jays' first half. As usual, all opinions are exclusively my own, but I'm happy to share if you like.

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Every now and then, I get it right.
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The Jay offence has been humming along in the first half of the season. It's time for a statistical look at the individual performances, and at some platooning decisions facing John Gibbons.
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Travis Snider hit his first home run, a grand slam, and had three hits to push his average over .300.  Pulaski are 9-1 and cruising.  Jesse Litsch made his AA debut yesterday and pitched very well.  Those were the highlights of a day where the affiliates could only get one win.

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Caramon was wondering how many of the runs allowed by Roy Halladay this season had come about because of home runs. This is well worth exploring, but we should put it in context. Which means that at the very least we should carry out the same exercise for the rest of the staff.
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In an article in yesterday's Hardball Times, Steve Treder names Darrell Evans, Norm Cash and Reggie Smith as underrated players. I agree with those choices. Steve's comments got me to thinking about an All-Underrated Team.
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I went to the game last night because I wanted to see A.J. Burnett pitch. I got my wish.
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It's almost July, which means it's almost time to complain and moan about who gets selected to go to the All-Star Game.
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The all-time champ, as every single one of you knew, is Henry Aaron. (Although, once again, if Lou Gehrig didn't get sick...)
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Today on, that question is asked at length by Enrique Rojas, a reporter and columnist for and

Oddly, Rojas seems to bookend the story with an additional "And who is this Vernon Wells character, besides?" theme. It's a story, essentially, about how Toronto ballplayers don't get noticed by the American baseball fan public.

Rios, to his credit, professes not to care. So the question to you is ... can (or should) anything be done in this regard?