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It is time for you to laugh instead of crying
Yes it's time for you to laugh so keep on trying
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This is getting tiresome.
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That was a sweet win. Doc was good, but not at his overpowering best. And the Jays were not particularly lucky. How many times exactly did they line a ball hard and directly at a defender with runners on base?

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Last week, I went to at least some of two games: Monday, Halladay's great game vs Suppan, and Wednesday, Aaargh, I mean Lilly, vs Suppan. Of course, the Jays won both of those games. My co-worker Rob went to Tuesday's game with friends, and the Jays promptly lost.

This week is turning out to be the Bizzaro version of last week; the games I'm showing up to (Tuesday's) were lost, and the games Rob has gone to (last night's) are won. I think I'm going to today's Halladay-Ponson match-up, and I think I'll invite Rob; if all goes as expected, it'll be 0-0 in the 14th before God realizes what's going on and obliterates the Earth with a comet.

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The Burley mojo works again....not. The Jays could not overcome a rough first inning. Homers by Alex Rios and Russ Adams made the game interesting for a while, but that was really it. From the larger perspective, the show of oomph from Adams, Rios and Hill bodes well for the future. And that's our topic for today.

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Today I will continue my look at the Blue Jays through the numbers by examining fifteen numbers connected to the Blue Jays in the range of 35-70. All stats were taken prior to this eveningís game.
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As I am writing two game reports in a row, I decided it was time to examine the Blue Jays through the numbers. The Jays have played 69 games so far this season, so Iíll find something to connect to the team having to do with the numbers from 1 through 69.
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Hi Dad!!!
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I don't have a coherent theme or anything for you this time. I don't have page after page of numbers (but I do have a few.) I just have a few odds and ends to pass along...
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Oh baby, donít it feel like heaven right now
Donít it feel like somethiní from a dream
Yeah, Iíve never known nothing quite like this
Donít it feel like tonight might never be again

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part.

My 2005 Game Report record: 1 golden win, 5 losses. Thank you, Theodore Lilly.

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Not even Tuesday Burley mojo could cope with this. Hell hath no fury, etc., etc. Chris Carpenter returned to Toronto and kicked some Blue Jay butt. He faced one batter over the minimum, and his Game Score of 94 was the best in the major leagues this year.

But... you have to consider who he was facing.

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I know, you're all thinking, "Aw, it's a Rob Game Report again. I'm getting sick of these Game Score Charts. What else is on the Internet?"

Not so fast. It's another Pinch-Hit Game Report.

That's right, we're slackers. Though perhaps nobody is a bigger slacker than the man behind today's Game Report...

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"This was the worst [expletive] road trip I have ever been on.". - Josh Towers
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Today, we're launching a new feature here at Batter's Box: the Pinch-Hit Game Report. We recognized that we have some of the smartest baseball fans on the Net frequenting our site, so we decided to invite some of those readers to show off their analytical and writing abilities by occasionally producing a post-Game Report.

Today's account comes to you courtesy of Box regular Elijah, who explores John Gibbons' ninth-inning managerial decisions in the context of a poker game. If you'd like to try your hand at a Pinch-Hit Game Report, write us and we'll add your name to the list of potential contributors. If you haven't posted to Da Box regularly, we may ask you for a writing sample.

Thanks, and take it away, Elijah!

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The path of least resistance
is the dead end of the road
I hate to say I told you so
But hey, I told you so

This was a game that the Blue Jays needed to win.

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