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Did John Hirschbeck’s umpiring lose the last two games for the Blue Jays? No, it didn’t. However, blown calls that Hirschbeck made cost us a run in two consecutive games that the Jays subsequently lost by one run and there is no argument around that.
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There's a lot of pressure when you play Tampa Bay. You're supposed to beat Tampa. Losing to Tampa is profoundly discouraging. So, yeah! Good game!
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Okay, we're going to talk about two things today, and the first is last night's game. Last night's terrible, terrible game.

The thought of having to re-live that game, think about it a whole bunch, analyze it and then write about it, well, that just about killed me. However, I unwound by watching insurance company videos of a Jaguar X-Type crashing into a concrete barrier at 40 miles per hour. Try it -- it's very helpful.
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A distinct feeling of Deja Vu.
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I have a confession to make: I didn't watch this game. Not on TV, not on, not thru the magic of Gamecast or Gamezapper or Gamewhateveritsacraptasticsubstitutionfortv. Did I watch highlights? I did not. Did I read the Instant Replay on Da Box? I did not. Did I know there was a game? Well, that would be appear to be obvious. Nonetheless, all I have is the box score. So what did I learn?
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This stuff happens. When you play 162 games, you're going to lose a whole bunch of them. Sometimes you're going to lose in an utterly grotesque fashion. File and forget. It's not a turning point, the season doesn't depend on how they respond to this game.

The season depends on Roy Halladay's health.

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Batter's Box welcomes another Pinch-Hit Game Report -- this time, from Box regular King Rat. If you'd like to volunteer to be a Pinch-Hit Game Reporter, e-mail us with your available dates and any writing samples you'd like to point us towards. Let 'er rip, Your Majesty!


Last night's game was sort of a very pleasant demonstration of Sod's Law. A more expansive version of Murphy's Law, it holds that as soon as you commit yourself to a statement, events will immediately demonstrate just how wrong you are.

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Another Pinch-Hit Game Report from Batter's Box regular Elijah, who fills us in on last night's 10-7 Blue Jays' loss to Oakland. Look for another Pinch-Hit Game Report tomorrow, too. If you'd like to volunteer to be a Pinch-Hit Game Reporter, e-mail us with your available dates and any writing samples you'd like to point us towards. Take it away, Elijah!


Gord Miller said it best on the TSN broadcast (and as bumpy as Miller was at times, it sure was nice to not have to suffer through 11 innings of Rod Black) -- "This game had a little bit of everything."

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It's become a tradition every time the Blue Jays defeat the Red Sox, except this one features a special appearance by Scott Schoeneweis in a starring role.

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Time for the audit
The gathering trial
A collectors dilemma
Repositioned and filed
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I'm not the kind of person who likes to gloat when... what the hell am I saying? I am exactly the kind of person who likes to gloat when Our Boys beat the reigning world champions senseless, and leave them dazed and bleeding in a ditch by the side of the highway...
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Stomping the Devil Rays 12-3 is a little like enjoying a super-nice sunny afternoon in early July. It feels great, it's just what you want -- but it's also not an iota less than what you had fully expected. This is why no team really feels great after beating Tampa -- this franchise is so bad that its opponents' expectations of victory are exceedingly high. We'll return to the topic of high expectations later on in this report.
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I remember Burley mentioning that he actually made notes during the game when he was writing the Game Report. What a novel idea! Why don't I try that?
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Magpie, 4:05 PM yesterday: "It's Bad Mojo to mock the Devil Rays just when the Jays are about to play a three game set with them. That sort of talk always comes back and bites you in the ass."

Myself, 6:45 PM yesterday: "...join in on the Nomo-bashing, or let the Jays do it for you."

Nomo, last night: Two runs over seven innings.

Okay. I get it.

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Now that's a bit more like it.
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