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It's become a tradition every time the Blue Jays defeat the Red Sox, except this one features a special appearance by Scott Schoeneweis in a starring role.

Wittle away the time with the Dueling Fan Groups. Once more, in the Red Corner: ladies and gentlemen, cheering on the defending World Champions, the Sons of Sam Horn! And in the Blue Corner, the best-looking, most well-informed, and generally coolest baseball fans in the galaxy: the The Cabal (there is no Cabal) and their Zombie-Like-Cult.


VBF- Bronson Arroyo looks to tag a loss on Roy Halladay's record and lead his Sox to victory, or will the Doctor have a different idea? It's the Jays and the Sox NEXT!

DaveJstice - Well after an interesting game yesterday, it's time to start hopefully another winning thread. Doc Halladay gets gunned down later today by the hands of Saturn Nutz. Slayed by Big Papi.

ajw1918 - Can anything Michael J. Fox-related contain mojo? Even a smidge? I have serious doubts.


MikeForbes - You know, this Hill kid is half good.

John Dopson - Nothing says fun like an early deficit against one of the AL's top pitchers.

KingRyan - Obviously you can't expect Halladay to be dominant every time out. But just once I'd like him to be when I watch!

Robinson Checo - Excellent start. We will need everything we can get off of Halladay.

andrew_k - Halladay is looking hot and bothered. Need to get this inning over with now

KingRyan - Very nice

switchhitter33 - Ugh. A big inning would have been nice, Halladay may very well settle down.

andrew_k time for doc to cool down and come back unhittable

mpl6993 - mikey no likey when ducks get left on the pond ;-(


NDG That slider looks extremely hittable

andrew_k he didn't move at all did he? Let's see if francona can get thrown out again.

Nuf Ced - That was a very strange call. Glad to see Tito get out there ASAP so Bronson doesn't get into it with the umps.

PaulS his knee kind of bent a bit

ChristineAnn18 - He moved his foot slightly - something he often does according to Remy. Almost like he was shifting his weight. This has to be very disruptive to his concentration. Damn.

The_Game Hudson is looking better and better to buyers...

mpl6993 - Wow...after an awesome road trip we have forgotten how to hit AND pitch!

switchhitter33 - Man, I am really steamed about that balk thing. I'm just worried that if they called a balk on part of his normal pitching motion as Jerry seemed to believe, he's going to have to alter that slightly and that's gotta throw him off.

ChristineAnn18On that balk call, I recently saw a pretty good article about balks. “When a pitcher has come to the set position, he can move only his head before delivering a pitch. Move your shoulders, your hips, twitch or flinch in any shape or form as you prepare to throw a pitch --while trying to keep an eye on the runner at first base--and you'll be rung up for a balk.”

andrew_k surely, surely, if JP gets a good deal ready for one of these middle infielders, one will be dealt before the deadline

MikeForbes JP will get something done. Or will have to read us bashing him for being a wuss.


andrew_k hazel mae wearing a very fetching top

MikeForbes Do we have a backup for Zaun yet?

andrew_k not as far as I know, but backup catchers around the league seem quite weak. Maybe we should train hinske to catch?

MikeForbes Nah. Lets get a Molina.

andrew_k can they clone molinas to order?

MikeForbes Yep. Javier is the newest Molina clone.

andrew_k i wonder if they come in trays, like bedding plants. And you grow them on in flowerpots

VBF Getting a Molina is like finding a precious metal. We have to send a team down south to excavate one

MikeForbes You gotta get a Molina seed before you can have a Molina tree.

Nuf Ced - Halladay matches Arroyo with a 10-pitch inning of his own.



jtn46 - So how many more Jays runs until we're beyond what we can get off Halladay?

TheYellowDart5 - We may have already reached that point.

NDG nice how Arroyo got over to first quickly, I hope Gus was watching.

Nuf Ced - Another strikeout for Bronson. At least HE can sack up.

KingRyan Wow. Doc's got a sick curve going.

NDG Sweet, gets two 'hinske swings" out of Manny

switchhitter33 - Great. Halladay at 46 pitches through 4. I don't think we'll be seeing much of the Jays bullpen today.

MikeForbes Doc's back to being dominate.


Nuf Ced - Without hair, Shea Hillenbrand looks like Bazooka Joe.

Grunherz54 - Nice job of pitching by Bronson to strand V Wells at second.

VBF so, whens the next asg in Toronto? ;) and dont say when pigs fly because they did on friday

andrew_k hazel mae back again, still wearing a fetching outfit. one of the two games i have ever been to at the dome, i was sitting next to a guy who was obsessed by hazel mae. every time someone can up to bat, he'd ask me "do you think he is boffing hazel?"

Nuf Ced - Hazel Mae has the hots for this tennis player. Meanwhile, most NESN viewers just went to the kitchen for another beer.

The_Game russ...

switchhitter33 - Let's take advantage of that.

NDG Doc got squeezed badly in that at-bat

switchhitter33 - If Bellhorn GIDP here, I will eat a bowl of dicks.

jtn46 - Nope, not a DP.

The_Game bellhorn strikes out too much

switchhitter33 - God Bellhorn sucks.

MikeForbes Mark Bellhorn is a such a goddamn greaseball.

AtlJaysFan Would Hudson be an upgrade at second base for the sox?

MikeForbes Yes, Hudson actually washes.

jtn46 - The guy throws a 4 pitch walk. 1 pitch flyout. 4 pitch K. 1 pitch groundout? Come on guys. Adjust!

Grunherz54 - Olerud walks on four pitches. Pro then swings at the first pitch for the first out and Damon swings at the first pitch for the third out. I'd prefer those two work the count.

WayneHousieHOF - Game. We let Harry off the hook too many times today.


MatthewE Now that's Gross!

ajw1918 - I-Rod dobules to start the bottom of the 9th v. Fruitbat. Det trails 1-0. Two outs now, still on second. Let's all pray for Craig Monroe.

The_Game is Rivera the best closer in baseball? I'd say yes.

MatthewE Rivera Gagne? Tricky.

MikeForbes Rivera still.

KingRyan Gagne isn't in baseball :)

MatthewE Well, he's certainly not in badminton.

The_Game Its Rivera in my mind

MatthewE What about on the ballfield?

MikeForbes You killed the chat

MatthewE It deserved it. I killed a chat in Reno once, just to watch it die.

Grunherz54 - Edgah with the leadoff single to right!

Nuf Ced - First and third for Manny with no outs. Another terrific opportunity to score right here.

Grunherz54 - Big Papi singles Edgah to third! Some CLUTCH HITTING is now requested and required of Manny Ramirez by Red Sox Nation.

Magpie I'm just waking up, I've missed the Whole Day.

Grunherz54 - Manny walks the bases loaded! Trot - we need a CLUTCH HIT from you, Sir. Get your pitch!

The_Game bases jacked nobody out

Clemente38 - Come one Trot, find a fastball you like and stroke it.


Nuf Ced - Tremendous throw by Vernon Wells. Perfect throw dammit

switchhitter33 - SON OF A BITCH. I hate this team so much right now.

ChristineAnn18 - Damn damn damn.

VBF screw hill, im getting a zaun jersey

Smithers they're putting on a clinic blocking the plate lately

TallManinOregon - Wow that sucks.

NDG Halladay is so great. So many pitchers just cave when they get into a tough situation, Doc justs keeps on keeping on

jtn46 - Yeah, great job guys. Guy just threw a whole ton of pitches to load the bases and we squander it on 2 freaking pitches.

Vodeni See, Roy's just messin' with their heads, teasing them with the bases loaded and none out....

Grunherz54 - Absolutely brutal. Nixon and Varitek first pitch hacking right after the walk to Manny. Have some daggum self-control...

Magpie I was thinking. Geez. I wake up and they go single-single-walk, should I go back to sleep? Thanks, Doc.

NDG I'm glad that worked out, I was just about to go all Kenny Rogers on Magpie for bringing bad mojo with him.

Magpie Hey! I can do EVERYTHING I did when I was 18. It jurts hurts like hell the next day...

ajw1918 - UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Bases loaded and zero outs ...... two pitches later ....poof!

jtn46 - I hope Papa Jack is in there beating Varitek and Nixon senseless with the biggest bat he can find. Just an awful, awful approach.

pk1627 - Sometimes the other team plays great. Tremendous play by Wells and Zaun.


Nuf Ced - Just got a brand of California wine called Red Truck. I think it's time to uncork that sucker.

MatthewE I haven't known my age off the top of my head for over a decade.

NDG Me too Mags, I subtract my birth year from current year for my age as well

Smithers easier than counting the rings I suppose

Magpie "counting the rings" LOL. They seem to accumulate around the waist, I've noticed.

switchhitter33 - I think Arroyo just owes everyone atomic wedgies after the game. Two each for those who had crappy at bats.

AtlJaysFan Arroyo has thrown 105 pitches. I assume he's done

Magpie Baseball teaches us math. Didn't we all learn 3/8 equals .375 from baseball?

Smithers or in huckaby's case, 1/8 = .125

andrew_k i bet that baseball fans are much better acquainted with the curious properties of 1/7 in decimal, than the average person


andrew_k the cute ball girl misplayed that fou ball

MatthewE We are the coolest guys in this chat.

FlashGordon36 - Halladay's beard pisses me off

StellersJay stick two batting flaps on a sombrero for Bellhorn

NDG they're cheering Bellhorn for making contact.

Grunherz54 - Three pretty pathetic at-bats by Bellhorn today

Magpie Bellhorn is taking his BB or K routine to extremes this year. Last year, he was a better offensive player than Hillenbrand. This year.. not so much.

Smithers Bellhorn - 92K/251AB - .367. Is that the highest rate in mlb?

DrZarco Renteria is leading the AL (with Adams) SS's with 15 errors


NDG can't believe how many high curves Arroyo throws. I thought they were mistake pitches but he's thrown about ten already

Rough Carrigan - That's 124 pitches for Arroyo. I'm glad it came out okay in the 8th inning, but yikes. That's a season high for Bronson.

MikeForbes Halladay goes the game or gets pissed at Gibbons.

Grunherz54 - Good grief - how many times can one man ground out to the left side of the infield?!?

RhyZa why must this umps strike zone suck so much. he's been squeezing roy all day

Smithers they should respect roy's authoritah!

DrZarco Curious decision, I think Gibbons will pull him (although that's hard to do retiring your last 7 batters or whatever it is

bosox4283 - Well, @#%$, looks like a 9th inning comeback kind of day.

VBF Halladay is done, handshakes all around

RhyZa *nervous at Docs departure*

DrZarco It looks like Halladay is trying to talk Arnsberg out of being pulled

StellersJay he's had a couple of long innings, I don't have a problem with lifting him here

MikeForbes I only have a problem if we lose.

Magpie I see the point in pulling him. It's just that I feel better with Doc out there than anyone else.

Nuf Ced - I can't believe that Bret Boone's career tanked after stricter steroid testing was instituted, can you?

Rough Carrigan - I was stunned too, Nuf. I mean his sudden late career power surge seemed like it would go on forever, didn't it?


RhyZa need 1 more

Magpie I have this vision of Johnny Mc PH-ing for Adams. Wake me up, tell me it's a bad dream.

MikeForbes Its a horrible dream.

DrZarco I bet Halladay went to Gibbons and said "if you pull Hudson for Menechino, you're getting a beating"

MatthewE Hey. Halladay just held the World Champions to one run over eight innings. I don't want to burn the man out; I want him in good shape for all the other games this year.

Magpie Yeah. Remember Life Without Him last year? Did that suck or what?

MatthewE His name is Rios and he dances on the sand!

Rough Carrigan - Way to hold the runner there Alan.

VBF just dodged a baseball axiom. you dont get thrown out at third to end the inning. Source: 1003 world series video. see: robbie alomar

VBF *1993, although you'd probably had seen the 1003 world series too, mags :)

Magpie The first World Series I actually have a decent memory of is 1966... you guys!

MatthewE First Series I remember was '86. I was sentient before that but I wasn't a baseball fan.

MikeForbes 1996 for me.

StellersJay I can't figure out what the hell Rogers was thinking? How stupid is he.

MatthewE Someone should tell Rogers: You've gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em; know when to walk away, know when to run.

VBF the thing about rogers was that even after the incident happened it wasn't like "o crap, what did i do" it was "yea, I wish i had really gotten a piece of him"

Smithers maybe that was the problem - he's probably heard that line about 20000 times in his life

MatthewE Not enough.

MatthewE I remember a Bill James comment about Timlin in the mid-'90s - if he's got his stuff going and the umpire is giving him the corners, he can get three men out in a minute and a half. If not, not.

Magpie His slider used to be a lot more vicious and unpredicatble, but some umpires thought it was a ball. In which case, all he had was that hard sinker. His slider's different now.

Nuf Ced - Timlin coming in to face Reed Johnson.

bosox4283 - This guy kills me.


Nuf Ced -

Vodeni What is it with him and Boston?

WayneHousieHOF - Another terrific outing from the pen.

MatthewE Red Sox fans must be throwing their own heads out the windows. Reed Johnson again.

bosox4283 - Time to eat, study and get some rest. Call me a quitter but I think it is safe to call it is night.

NDG They should trade Reed to whoever is playing the Red Sox next ... with the provision he gets traded back to the Jays before they're next series against the BoSox

MikeForbes Reed would be following the Sox around, haunting them.

ChristineAnn18 - We need 5 here guys.

JayWay Do they keep Doc in now?

Magpie Not if he's naked in the shower..

MatthewE I'd be somewhat tempted to bring in Menechino to pitch the ninth. Just to rub their noses in it. But I wouldn't.

AtlJaysFan need to save Menechino for tighter situations

MikeForbes I like beating Boston. Its fun.

StellersJay it ain't over yet

switchhitter33 - they're getting my hopes up. I hate when they do that.

Magpie So let's three more outs and go pound some Budweiser.

Rough Carrigan - Jesus. The first pitch to Manny was inside but Barksdale called it a strike and now the first one to Olerud is low but called a strike. Yeah! Olerud smokes a liner past second into center!

MatthewE Can we please put these guys away?

switchhitter33 - Stop getting my hopes up you cruel heartless bastards!

DrZarco Hit a nice GIDP Johnny


MikeForbes Bellhorn is batting 9th. There's at least one more out.

VBF stop this madness

Magpie The tying run comes to the plate...

MatthewE Howarth: "The Blue Jays *clinging* to a three-run lead!"

Magpie It's Fenway, Jake. Forget about it.

MikeForbes I just downloaded Miggy's theme music so he should settle down.

DrZarco Miggy's doing his best to ruin Halladay's time/start

MatthewE Aw, man!

Rough Carrigan - Oh man. When johnson was looking up at the wall I had a split second thought that we'd get a bucky @#%$ dent special

Magpie Quite the AB by that loathsome piece of scum...

switchhitter33 - Oh my god can we please please please for the love of god PH someone for Bellhorn. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Vodeni Bellhorn, pull through for us!

Rough Carrigan - Thanks for taking away my worries of a GIDP, Bellhorn. How does the most patient guy on the team make a one pitch out there? Ugh.

fox13weather - Bellhorn makes me drink

The_Game SS?

MatthewE I don't think I like this.

RookRob Schoeneweis? What the hell?

Smithers hey, at least now it's a save situation

Action: VBF runs onto Fenway and forms a human barricade preventing Schoenweiss from coming out of the pen

RookRob I maintain that this is a dumb move, and if Tosca called for it, we'd all be calling for his head

MikeForbes Okay. I'll call for Gibbon's head.

Smithers okay, everybody close your eyews now.

Action: VBF will be buying a Schoenweiss jersey

RhyZa lucky. but we'll take it. phew

Nuf Ced - Ah sh*tf*ck. Let's go pound some Budweisers.

Grunherz54 - Well, we did look a bit like the Seattle Pilots on this homestand.

mpl6993 - Games like these are the one of the reasons god created beer!!

RookRob Ho hum, just another win

DannyHeep - I'm glad I didn't watch this one

A Throw from the Outfield and a Block at Home Plate Save the Jays Again | 14 comments | Create New Account
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Mike Green - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 10:38 AM EDT (#121431) #
Congratulations, Matthew, for the best line of the day: "his name is Rios and he dances in the sand." I do believe that there is some striding to the plate music there.

Batting and pitching tables are indeed excellent ways to teach kids arithmetic. From experience.

Sheldon - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 11:43 AM EDT (#121444) #
I like to read the opposing team's paper to see what spin they put on the game.

The Boston Herald's approach on the game was all about the Jay's Stealing signs...

Funny stuff
Magpie - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 11:56 AM EDT (#121445) #
the Jay's Stealing signs...

I like this because it carries on a noble team tradition - the Blue Jays have long had a reputation for stealing the other team's signs. Some of you might remember Tony LaRussa grumbling about it in George Will's book. George Bell in particular liked to pass on location to the hitter when he was on second base.

And Cito's exploits in this area, especially at picking up a pitcher tipping his pitches, are the stuff of legend. Larry Millson told me a story a few weeks back about when David Cone joined the Blue Jays for the stretch run in 1992. They said "Welcome aboard, and by the way, we got all your pitches." Cone literally couldn't believe it - "I was in the other league! When did he see me?"

Tyler - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 11:58 AM EDT (#121446) #
``After he called the balk, things got out of control there for a minute,'' Arroyo said. ``I think that effected me a little bit psychologically.

And the slow decline of society back into communication through grunts continues...

Ryan C - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 12:47 PM EDT (#121454) #
Jay's Stealing signs...

What's the saying? If you're on 2nd base and you're not stealing signs then you're not trying hard enough. Or something to that effect. Even if you're not stealing signs you should be trying to make it look like you are for the benefit of the pitcher and catcher.

Flex - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 01:53 PM EDT (#121462) #
I listened to this game on the radio while driving north to take my daughter to summer camp, and I have to admit publicly that I failed the gut check in the sixth inning.

As Roy was loading the bases with none out, I was pounding my forehead on the steering wheel, and because this was a danger to myself, my passengers and others, I turned off the radio, thereby missing the Amazing Throw And Catch.

My performance in the bottom of the ninth was no more honorable, as I doubted Miguel, and therefore missed the SS save.

I failed the team, and my Boxmates, and I'm sorry. To whom do I pay the fine?
MatO - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 02:07 PM EDT (#121464) #
Don't be so hard on yourself Flex. I think your turning off the radio at those key times directly resulted in the Jays getting out of those jams. Once might be a coincidence but twice? Stand-up and be proud!
R Billie - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 02:20 PM EDT (#121468) #
I have to own up to yesterday's loss myself. I stayed away from Batter's Box chat on Friday to witness a blowout. Saturday I tuned into the game late with the team leading 4-1 and came to the chat in time to see them blow the lead over the next two innings.

Last night I stayed away from chat again and the Jays just barely hung on. Good thing there's an off day today.
Flex - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 02:47 PM EDT (#121473) #
MatO, I never thought of it like that...

Thanks, buddy.
Flex - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 02:54 PM EDT (#121475) #
Come to think of it, I missed Gross's great throw in Tampa because I couldn't handle the pressure then either ....

Magpie - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 03:29 PM EDT (#121478) #
Congratulations, Matthew, for the best line of the day

It was either that one or "Red Sox fans must be throwing their own heads out the windows."

Named For Hank - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 03:37 PM EDT (#121480) #
I failed the team, and my Boxmates, and I'm sorry. To whom do I pay the fine?

Me! Me! Me!

I hope you saw it on the highlights -- Renteria stops dead in his tracks and falls backwards in a cloud of dust. Looked like Zaun blocked him right on the batting helmet. Beautiful.

MatO - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 04:22 PM EDT (#121486) #
Flex I hope you can handle the pressure. The whole season rests on your ability to turn off the TV/Radio at the right time! Don't let us down.
Matthew E - Monday, July 04 2005 @ 10:37 PM EDT (#121537) #
I never realized I was so quotable. In fact, I'm not sure I realize it now.
A Throw from the Outfield and a Block at Home Plate Save the Jays Again | 14 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.