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Wouldn't you like to keep moving
Your life would be slightly improving
When you better come on by
And take a letter down
And send it out as sympathy

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She cried "Bingo", you finally clued in
I guess I never thought to look there
What you took you can give back
But I never kept track
I guess I never thought I'd have to

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I made a list of all the ways to get even
If I'm gonna get back at them
I made the list up and you made it, I'm teasing
But it's hard to keep track
When you're watching your back
But I gotta get back at them

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If at first you don't succeed...
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It's on, babies.
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The American League East Division champion Toronto Blue Jays are in St. Petersburg to face the Rays for the final time in 2015.

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The Blue Jays know they are going to the playoffs but are still leering at their first American League East title since 1993. They check into Baltimore for four of their final seven regular season games on the road.

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The final homestand of the 2015 regular season concludes with a weekend series cage match against Tampa Bay.

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It's the biggest series of the season.

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The Blue Jays end their 10-game road trip with a three-game set in Georgia.

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The biggest series of the season - a first-place throwdown and showdown as the Blue Jays look to escape from the Big Apple in first place in the American League East.

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The Blue Jays should be wired up to face the Orioles for the final time at The Dome this weekend.

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The Blue Jays continue their homestand against the president-less Clevelanders.

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The Toronto Blue Jays home schedule features David Price's former team on the docket.

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The Blue Jays are in the Lone Star State to square off against the Rangers in the final leg of their eight-game road trip.

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