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The Toronto Blue Jays (13-15) start a three-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates (10-8) at PNC Park this weekend. The Jays are three games back in the loss column of the Yankees and Orioles in the AL East while the Bucs are tied with the Cubs for the NL Central basement and are 9.5 games back of the surprising Milwaukee Brewers.

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The Jays head to KC without Ryan Goins. Goins likely would not have improved his numbers in KC, the Jays face two left handed pitchers plus Yordano Ventura. Meanwhile Chris Getz gets to face two lefties right away, it could get him off to a hot start.

The Jays throw Dustin McGowan, Drew Hutchison and Mark Buehrle against the Royals. I believe I heard, or read, that McGowan might use an insulin pump in this start. McGowan is a diabetic and the loss of blood sugar could explain his difficulty once he gets 90 minutes into the game. I also believe that Brandon Morrow uses an insulin pump when he pitches. All eyes will be on McGowan tonight.

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"That's chowdah! Chowdah! Say it right!"
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This week is AL east week for the Jays, Baltimore for three followed by the Red Sox. The Jays and Orioles take up from where they left off nine days ago when the Jays won the series 2-1. In that series Dustin McGowan and Mark Buehrle got the wins while Todd Redmond took the loss in a game started by Drew Hutchison. Two of the three starters in that series for both teams will start again this week.
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"All this energy calling me, back where it comes from..."
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The Jays are visiting Minnesota for 3 games. Sadly, since it is weekdays I cannot get down there (5-6 hour drive). Sigh.
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The Jays have played ten games under the roof to start the season, that ends tonight with a trip into Baltimore. The Jays face Chris Tillman, Bud Norris and Ubaldo Jimenez. That is one tough match-up and two more favourable ones. Tillman was the O's opening day starter and pitched well last time out. Noriis and Jimenez have not pitched as well and Ubaldo has not lived up to his contract, yet.

The Jays counter with Dustin McGowan, Drew Hutchison and Mark Buehrle. Both McGowan and Hutchison are coming off poor starts and looking to right the ship before Happy Happ shows up.

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Itís major league baseball time in Toronto, once again.

Dustin McGowan gets the honour of starting the home opener against the New York Yankees. He faces off against Masahiro Tananka, who will be making his major league debut. Blue Jay legend Roy Halladay will throw the opening pitch.

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This is your thread for the Tampa series.  We get a nice surprise to start with, the lineup is not full of lefties.
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We're now down to eight teams battling it out for the coveted prize: a golden trophy with lots of flags and stuff...
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Oh, seriously. You're going to make mistakes. You're young.
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Round two of the first meaningful SkyDome finale since 1996. Maybe it would be a bit more exciting if the Jays were playing for something more than pride themselves, but high-stakes baseball sure beats exhibition games. And I doubt many Toronto fans have compunctions about spoiling the Rays' season just for the hell of it.
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The long day wanes...
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Mark Buehrle finishes his 2013 season as does Miguel Gonzalez in another means nothing game.

Newly signed Ryan Langerhans is in the Blue Jay lineup, Adam Lind is not.  Moises Sierra is back in there, Rajai Davis is missing, his wife was due to give birth today.  The Toronto Star had a feature today on all the new babies for the Blue Jay players.  Davis, Neil Wagner, Aaron Loup and Adam Lind ( a while ago).  I think that was it.

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The Orioles were eliminated from playoff contention last night so today and tomorrow's games "don't matter".  The Jays are still in the running for a top ten draft pick and they are one win short of their win total in 2012. 

Esmil Rogers will pitch against Bud Norris tonight.

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