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The feisty Josh Towers faces off against Daniel Cabrera tonight at the Rogers Centre. Game time is 7:07. Hey, does anyone know why they went with :07 this year instead of :05?

The Raptors' season is over, so there will be no more radio conflicts -- that means the broadcast this evening will be back on the Fan 590. TV coverage is by TSN. After last night's stellar showing by the Rogers Sportsnet crew, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to compare it to what we're getting from TSN.
The Blue Jays got a wake-up call from the Yanks last night, so they'll give themselves over to the arm of Morpheus tonight. Gustavo baffled the New Yorkers last September, and you can bet the Yankees have been reviewing their DVDs of that game. We'll see if it helps them tonight. The Jays would just like a starter other than Doc to make it past the third inning. The Decline Phase of Mike Mussina's Career starts for the visitors. Should be a good one.
It's 3-0 at the Rogers Centre for the Yankees. What's this about a ball vanishing into the scoreboard?
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The first of two mini-series against those guys from the 2003 and 2004 ALCS concludes today with Roy Halladay against Bronson Arroyo.
A cofee and a bagel might be more appropriate today than a beer and a hotdog. It's an 11 am start for the Boston Marathon/Patriots Day game.
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Or as Spencer Fordin puts it:

Towers tries to rise above Texas
Toronto (8-4) at Texas (5-7), 2:05 p.m. ET

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Yeah, I know, everyone seems to be calling him Morpheus (in Oakland, they called him "The Fly") - but Liam is an even bigger Tragically Hip fan than myself and Gus the Polar Bear was his idea, and I'm sticking with it. It's blood, you know.
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This is fun. Ted Lilly takes the hill to face the Rangers' Ryan Drese at 8:05 p.m.

Here is some Texas trivia. In the Rangers' first three seasons in the Metroplex, 1972-4, they opened the seasons respectively with Ted Williams, Whitey Herzog and Billy Martin as managers.
Off to Texas after a series win over the A's, the Jays and Roy Halladay face the Rangers and Pedro Astacio. This game is on TSN at 8:05pm, which is good, because I don't get TSN and I really need to study.
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Two fine young pitchers in this one, Dave Bush (0-1) for Toronto takes on Joe Blanton (0-0) of the A's.
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Springtime in Oakland
Josh Towers, Danny Haren
A 10:05 start
In their first roadtrip to the West Coast of the season the Jays debut against the Oakland A's, looking to extend their division lead.
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Today's 1:05PM matchup features Blue Jay lefty Ted Lilly vs. coulda/woulda/shouldabeen Blue Jay but now a Red Sock Matt Clement.
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I'm coming to you this afternoon from the press box, gang. It's my season opener! YAY!

Which means I'll be a little busy during the course of today's action, but I'll check in between ininngs and try to pass along any juicy inside info.

Especially anything that could cause Dr Prison Fence to call his lawyer...

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I tried to think up a clever title that tied into Rogers Centre somehow, but I couldn't come up with one. It's just not a name that lends itself to flights of wordplay ... which is a shame, because there's plenty of competition out there among sports stadia.

The Air Canada Centre is the ACC or The Hangar. The Molson Centre in Montreal is The Keg. Minute Maid Park in Houston is the Juice Box, while Pac Bell Park in San Francisco was all too briefly The Phone Booth. Bobby Higginson gave Detroit's spacious stadium the moniker Comerica National Park. Even debt-ridden Olympic Stadium was known for ages as The Big Owe. The list goes on.
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