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Wikipedia is, as always, right. 4-0 Toronto. So, how about that Reed Johnson? And how about that offense in innings 3 through 9?
The Jays could not salvage a split of their four-game set with Oakland this afternoon. Chad Gaudin's ERA is now higher than Ted Lilly's.

This is a simple game.
ya throw the ball,
ya hit the ball,
ya catch the ball.

And when you don't...

Two struggling pitchers faced off tonight, as the Jays tried but failed to get their record to 3-3 on this lengthy road trip.

Joe Blanton checked in at 0-5 with a truly apocalyptic ERA of 6.66. Now he's got his first win, and an ERA of 6.14.

And Ted Lilly shaved his ERA from 7.60 to 7.41, even if his pitching coach doesn't want to talk to him any more. Whoop-dee-doo. He did it His Way.

The Jays have lost 3 of 4 to a couple of the worst teams in the American League. Luckily, we have the Doctor, and he's matched up with the immortal Seth Etherton Ryan Glynn tonight.

It looked like a mismatch, and it was. Doc gets his 9th win, first AL pitcher to that mark, as the Jays win it 6-2.

Came down to the last pitch, anyways. Your thoughts?
It's an epic Battle in Seattle, as Lex Luthor himself, Gustavo Chacin, takes on the legendary Uruk King, Gil (Ga) Meche. Oh yeah, there's also a ballgame, Blue Jays at Mariners.

Chad Gaudin made his Blue Jays debut tonight, and it was a winner. The Jays have never ever had a problem getting hits and runs, lots of them, against Ryan Franklin, and tonight was no exception. Strangely enough, they'd never beaten him. Until tonight. Although it did get a little too interesting at the end there.

Player of the Game? Vernon? 2 HRs, 5 RBI?

I'm half-asleep now and so, presumably, were the Blue Jays. I hate soft-tossing lefties, especially ones that take forever to throw the damn ball. 4-3 Mariners, final score.

So, what do all you night owls think? How about that O-Dog?

Doc Halladay is masterful as the good guys win it 4-0.

Halladay got the complete game 99 pitch, two hitter getting 10 Ks and giving up no walks. The two hits were a bunt and a dribbler to third that Hillenbrand couldn't get out of his glove.

Okay, we're not exactly sure what happened here -- let's call this the Invisible Game Thread, the Thread that Fell Into the Sixth Dimension, the Thread That Wasn't There, what have you. Anyway. Twins win 4-3, Dave Bush loses again, a ninth-inning comeback falls short, and the Jays have lost a lot of the momentum they gained from the Boston sweep. Thoughts on today's misadventure?
Josh Towers (5-2, 3.76) vs Johan Santana (5-2, 3.82) - it looked pretty even at the start of the night...

OK, maybe not.

2 blowouts and a nice comeback make for a sweep of the Sox. I'll take it. Thoughts?
While we're waiting for the real Game Report, I have bowed to popular demand and clipped and pasted highlights from the dueling fans in Boston and Toronto.

And Jonny taught me how to do the colour coding (he inserted it himself last time). I like to practise the HTML, ya know...

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Boomer didn't last night; will Arroyo ... be un-Roy like? (uh..)

In a word... not like Roy.

Reed Johnson shows off his man strength with 2 HRs tonight, including a walk off HR to win the game 9-6.