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So, that was the first half. Plus a little bit more.
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Jays vs. Indians tonight. Doc takes the hill.

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Maldoff gives us the latest from JP on the FAN
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A few odds, a few ends. Consider the mighty Red Sox.
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Wow, was I wrong.
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So close.  I thought he was going to get it going into the ninth.
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Three hours and fifty-five minutes later...
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Many were the disturbing sights seen at the ballpark last night...
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Imagine Shaun Marcum with a faster fastball and a lower homer rate.

Now, imagine that guy facing Marcum as the starting pitcher for the Dodgers tonight...
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Well, when you're behind Tampa Bay... no manager can survive. Ask Carlos Tosca.
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It's the strangest thing. Some of us have suspected, over the years, that Josh Towers would be much better off if he left the AL East behind and took his act to the National League.
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A few scattered observations from my perch in the Cheap Seats (it's not like we pay to get in, right?)
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McGowan's been pretty consistent lately.
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You've probably noticed that the Jays longest winning streak this season is... ahem... three games. Is this any way to win a championship? Or even a little respect?
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OK, I had a nice piece all prepared on winning streaks, and the difficulty the Jays have in ever getting hot... and then I looked at last night's starting lineup.
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