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The Jays hit a bunch of HRs to beat the Twins 6-4.

Jack Wilson?  Apparently not.  Of course, I think that just might be trying to drive the price down - there's not a lot of SS options coming up this offseason.  The John McDonald line is nice and all, but everytime McDonald starts to get regular playing time he eventually hits a big 0-fer slump.  And he still doesn't have a hit since the All Star break.

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Jason Phillips has been released and Curtis Thigpen has been called up to take his place. 
"We want to give Thigpen a little look here and see what we got. That's basically it," Jays manager John Gibbons said after a 4-2 loss to the Seattle Mariners. "He's going to play, he'll at least get a couple of games a week."
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After last night's game the Jays recalled Brandon League.

Jordan De Jong was sent to Syracuse.
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The Jays are 1 game under .500 at the break.  What do you expect to see in the 2nd half?
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So, that was the first half. Plus a little bit more.
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Jays vs. Indians tonight. Doc takes the hill.

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Maldoff gives us the latest from JP on the FAN
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A few odds, a few ends. Consider the mighty Red Sox.
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Wow, was I wrong.
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So close.  I thought he was going to get it going into the ninth.
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Three hours and fifty-five minutes later...
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Many were the disturbing sights seen at the ballpark last night...
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Imagine Shaun Marcum with a faster fastball and a lower homer rate.

Now, imagine that guy facing Marcum as the starting pitcher for the Dodgers tonight...
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Well, when you're behind Tampa Bay... no manager can survive. Ask Carlos Tosca.
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It's the strangest thing. Some of us have suspected, over the years, that Josh Towers would be much better off if he left the AL East behind and took his act to the National League.
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