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Well, when you're behind Tampa Bay... no manager can survive. Ask Carlos Tosca.
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It's the strangest thing. Some of us have suspected, over the years, that Josh Towers would be much better off if he left the AL East behind and took his act to the National League.
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A few scattered observations from my perch in the Cheap Seats (it's not like we pay to get in, right?)
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McGowan's been pretty consistent lately.
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You've probably noticed that the Jays longest winning streak this season is... ahem... three games. Is this any way to win a championship? Or even a little respect?
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OK, I had a nice piece all prepared on winning streaks, and the difficulty the Jays have in ever getting hot... and then I looked at last night's starting lineup.
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Here's one. The Phillies are four games out.
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Is it just me or do the Jays lose every Thursday?

Anyway, let's look at the quotes coming from yesterday's draft:

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It was a little more than three weeks ago when the Jays hit rock bottom, losing their ninth game in a row as Roy Halladay was shelled for the second time in a week. The very next day Doc was having his appendix removed. Things looked... grim?
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Greetings from the Rogers Centre, where Vernon Wells and Troy Glaus are sitting this one out and Howie Clark is the leadoff hitter.
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They can really mess up your season, as everyone who lived through the Blue Jays 2005 campaign will tell you. Over and Over again.
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As it stands, the American League doesn't even look very interesting in 2007.
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It's not the pitching. Which you knew already, no doubt.
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Accardo and Janssen both have ERAs under 1 now.
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That would be me.
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