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Strangely enough, my mind turns to Winston Churchill...
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So there I was watching David Ortiz ground out to the second baseman in shallow right field. Against the shift. And I suddenly remembered something...
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I got nothin'.

Look, I have an enormous piece of research, enough Data Tables to choke a horse, appearing later this very day. You expect TDIB as well?
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It's really come to this?

After the failures of Marcum and Janssen and Zambrano over the last two days, the Blue Jays are looking to Josh Towers to save their sorry butts?

My, my, my.

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Late inning losses suck.
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Mark Buehrle restores his confidence and Felix Hernandez tweaks his elbow...
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And nothing is more wonderful than man. But Sophocles has been gone a long time. For example, Wilfredo Ledezma is tied for the major league lead in wins.
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Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
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Our text for today:
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I got a bad case of loving you.
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Hey, Halladay and Bonderman tonight!
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Four games against the defending AL champs? Should be good.
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As a rule, you want to have more Runs up there on the scoreboard than Errors. When you have it the other way round... well, it seldom works.
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Lyle Overbay was 1-18 against Odalis Perez when he faced him in the second inning last night.

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Hello, hockey fans in Canada and the United States.

I trust we now have your undivided attention?
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