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Our text for today:
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I got a bad case of loving you.
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Hey, Halladay and Bonderman tonight!
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Four games against the defending AL champs? Should be good.
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As a rule, you want to have more Runs up there on the scoreboard than Errors. When you have it the other way round... well, it seldom works.
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Lyle Overbay was 1-18 against Odalis Perez when he faced him in the second inning last night.

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Hello, hockey fans in Canada and the United States.

I trust we now have your undivided attention?
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Yeah, I hate when that happens.
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The Jays were colded out yesterday.
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Hey, no one goes undefeated.
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Burnett vs Robertson, at 1:05 this afternoon. Curse these weekday afternoon games!
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And we get a whole day to enjoy it.
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Now the Mets beat the Cardinals?
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Just a few days of spring training left. The starters seem to be in place now. The battle will be for the final couple bullpen spots.
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Another bunch of meaningless games. Can we tease out some meaningful stuff?
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