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Hey, Halladay and Bonderman tonight!
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Four games against the defending AL champs? Should be good.
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As a rule, you want to have more Runs up there on the scoreboard than Errors. When you have it the other way round... well, it seldom works.
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Lyle Overbay was 1-18 against Odalis Perez when he faced him in the second inning last night.

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Hello, hockey fans in Canada and the United States.

I trust we now have your undivided attention?
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Yeah, I hate when that happens.
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The Jays were colded out yesterday.
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Hey, no one goes undefeated.
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Burnett vs Robertson, at 1:05 this afternoon. Curse these weekday afternoon games!
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And we get a whole day to enjoy it.
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Now the Mets beat the Cardinals?
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Just a few days of spring training left. The starters seem to be in place now. The battle will be for the final couple bullpen spots.
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Another bunch of meaningless games. Can we tease out some meaningful stuff?
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In the current poll thread discussion, Bauxite zeppelinkm pleads,

"Can we please get a thread up to talk about Roy Halladay (or a general Jays thread at least!). Pleeeeeeeease! He's reinvented himself again (well, at least his approach), and it's awesome to watch.  I have no one to discuss the awesomeness of Halladay with..."

So here it is. Over to you zep (or any Bauxite who wants to jump in) ... Roy Halladay has "reinvented himself again," you say? What's that mean, and why should we be talking about it?


Four wins, two losses, and a tie. Not that anyone's counting. There's more interesting stuff to consider this spring.
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