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Wouldn't it be nice to be in a weak division, and have a young and talented team with a strong farm system? It can be yours for today. You are the General Manager of the Diamondbacks. The World Series of 2006 has just been completed (the Tigers blew away the Mets in 5 games in case you are interested), and you must plan for 2007 and beyond. Here's how Win Shares sees your club, and here are the financial details. You have just added Livan Hernandez and his $7 million salary for 2007. So, what would be your plan? Your team's 2006 payroll was $60 million, and with the success of the club, you can assume that the payroll budget for 2007 will be bumped to $70 million. If you feel the inclination to dip into the free agent pool, here is a list of possible free agents.
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If you weren't here this morning, please read Part 1 and Part 2. So, let's set the scene again. Hudson on first, 1 out, Snakes up 7-6 in the top of the eighth. Flores on the mound and the pitching spot up for the Snakes. You wait for the Snakes to announce a pinch-hitter, Damion Easley, and then bring in Braden Looper. You've got Toguchi and backup catcher Bennett on the bench and decide to eschew the double switch even though your pitching spot is up second in the bottom of the eighth. Looper gets out of the top of the eighth without any damage being done.
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If you're new to this round of "You Be the Manager", please read Part 1. You brought in Brian Falkenborg to face Counsell. He's hitting in the 6 slot, and John Rodriguez comes in for Encarnacion with Bigbie moving to right and hits in the 9 slot. Counsell hits a sac fly, but Falkenborg escapes without any further damage. Rodriguez rewards your sagacity by plastering a 2 out tater, Eckstein follows with a walk and then Luna grounds out to short on a close play. Alas, he pulls a hammy in the process and has to leave the game and is replaced by Aaron Miles. The score is tied 5-5 after 4 innings.
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Ever fantasized about being Tony LaRussa?  You haven't?  I cannot imagine why not. And today is your lucky day, because not only do you get to be that masculine god, but you get to manage National League style.  We're going to do this one in 3 parts, with questions every few hours. We'll start with a relatively easy one.
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Juggling a pitching rotation and constructing lineups are, some might say, the key managerial decisions. Newcomer Bruce Wrigley puts the pencil in your hand with this pinch-hit. Thanks, Bruce, and take it away.
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Close your notebooks, everyone. There'll be no lesson, just a snap quiz. You're still at the helm of the Jays for this one.
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Batter's Box is pleased to introduce a new feature- You be the Manager. From time to time this season, we will post a difficult managerial hypothetical situation, and you, our loyal readers, will give us your answers. You may not always be the Manager of the Blue Jays in our hypotheticals, but you will always be in charge!

That means doing any research you think is necessary, and explaining your decision. On to our first situation: the Nervous Ninth.
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