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Russ Adams talked with Batters Box last week when Syracuse were in Buffalo.

The Past
BB: You were not drafted out of high school, were you a late developer? Did you have a scholarship to the University of North Carolina?

RA: I did go to UNC on a scholarship. It was a tough situation. I was injured my senior year in high school, I dislocated my ankle in a football game. I did not know if I was going to be drafted, I had heard some rumours. I was not worried, I had my mind set on going to college unless something crazy happened.

BB: Were you surprised to be picked by the Jays in 2002?

RA: I had no idea who would pick me, I was thrilled to get the opportunity, just hoping for the best, trying not to think about it as much as possible, that is hard to do, I was excited to be picked by the Jays

BB: It seemed like you played a lot at spring training this year, is that right?

RA: I think I played more in my first year, they had injuries in the big league camp, I think I had 25 at-bats which was really good experience.

BB: Was spring training this year a lot different?

RA: Not really, you get more used to the way you have to go about your business, day-in, day-out.

BB: The Jays had Chris Woodward and Chris Gomez at big league camp, did you get to hang with those guys?

RA: Yes I spent quite a bit time with Woody early. I got there in early January, got a chance to work out with him, he is a great guy, he was a big help. Mike Bordick as well, and Gomez this year.

BB: In spring training you get to work with Brian Butterfield, how was that?

RA: Butter is a great guy and it is great just to learn what he is teaching those guys, Marty Peavy here too is a big help, he is our infield coach.

BB: Last year Mike Bordick was very impressed by you, what did you learn from him?

RA: Bordick had a tremendous career, I was just watching his mannerisms, how he goes about playing shortstop, watching his motions, actions there, just being around him, seeing what it takes to play in the big leagues for a long time.

BB: Were you surprised to get sent to AAA at the start of the year?

RA: Well not really, at the start of spring training I was expecting to go to AA, but sometimes things work out a little different than you expect and I was fortunate to get the opportunity to start here and I am excited about it.

The Season
BB: You got off to a slow start in AprilÖ

RA: Just one of those things the way the game goes, I started in a little funk, I could not buy a hit for the first couple of weeks of the season. I have things turned around a little bit, still have 60 plus games left, I am just trying to take it all in stride, still plugging away, there is a lot of baseball to be played yet

BB: Are you working on any particular things?

RA: All round. I feel I have a ways to go defensively and offensively as well. I have not maxed out my potential at 23, just keep working at it, some guys donít hit their primes until they are 30

BB: At AAA have you noticed a change in the pitchers patterns or location?

RA: A bit of both, the higher you get the more command the guys have on the mound. You have to adjust. They do throw a little differently. You donít see a lot of 1-0 fastballs or 3-1 fastballs, they donít always come in there like they sometimes do in high A or AA. Just takes a little adjustment, being selective.

BB: You have been pushed hard, have you been told anything about September?

RA: No, that is not a really a big concern of mine right now, just trying to be a better baseball player every day, just do the little things, work hard and let those things take care of themselves

BB: Your teammate David Bush starts for the Jays tonight, you saw a lot of him from SSÖ

RA: He has earned everything he has gotten. He has pitched great for us all year. He has been our workhorse. Every time he went out there we had a chance to win. He was somebody we looked to to keep us in games. When we were in a rut and we need to hold them to one or two Bush would hold them to one or two and we had a shot. More than likely he held them there, sometimes we won sometimes we did not. I think his wins and losses could have been a lot better. He pitched his rear end off.

BB: He is always around the plate, that is good for you as a shortstop.

RA: That is right, he just peppers the strike zone with all his pitches. He gets outs and he goes after guys. You have to earn it off him, he is not going to put you on base.

BB: Next year you could be playing with the Blue Jays and Aaron Hill. Have you played against him?

RA: I played against him in Cape Cod league, after my sophomore year, his freshman year, what a player, a pure baseball player, great swing. He went off this spring, it was fun to watch. He is a tremendous baseball player. To get to finally meet him this year, he and I hung out at spring training, he and I have become close friends

BB: Who do you live with on the team?

RA: I room with Shawn Fagan, same as last year. It is tough as guys come in and out. I lived with David Bush in my first year at Auburn and in Dunedin.

BB: Did you watch baseball as a kid or model yourself after anyone?

RA: Not really, I was a fan of the game in general not one player who stood out.

BB: Were you more of a football fan, a good player?

RA: I was all right but there is not much demand for a six foot tall QB with an arm that was not as good as Gabe Grossís.

BB: Thank you Russ.
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_Mike Forbes - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 02:52 PM EDT (#52888) #
I'm Really Looking Forward To Seeing Russ In The Near Future.. Good Interview Gerry, Always Enjoy Reading Your Pieces.
_jim854 - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 04:46 PM EDT (#52889) #
Very good interview, Gerry, as usual.
I enjoy getting to know the up and coming Jays.
_Smack - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 04:48 PM EDT (#52890) #
As Do I. I Hope He Gets A Chance Out OF Spring Training Next Year And Shows Us What He Is Capable Of.
_Fawaz K - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 04:56 PM EDT (#52891) #
From The Interviews That You Have Done It Is Evident That J.P. Is Committed To Bringing Strong Characters Into The Organization. They're All Highly Complimentary Of Everyone You Ask Them About And Modest About Their Own Accomplishments.
Mike Green - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 05:05 PM EDT (#52892) #
Be nice, guys. Forbes is one of the Mike horde.

. Or else you'll get a good strunking.
Mike Green - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 05:07 PM EDT (#52893) #
Oops. What I typed was:

Be nice, guys. Forbes is one of the Mike horde.

"Capitals except at start of sentence or for proper names" off. Or else you'll get a good strunking.
_Mike Forbes - Friday, July 09 2004 @ 11:22 PM EDT (#52895) #
I'm Being Mocked In A Discussion! I Feel Like I've Finally Made It Here At Da Box! :'(!
_My Names not Ry - Saturday, July 10 2004 @ 12:08 AM EDT (#52896) #
Any word on if he is healthy at all?
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