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Almost three and a half years ago, when Baseball's Hall of Names was just starting to grow, we examined teams for the most common family names in North America; sitting at #9 on that list was A Pretty Good Squad, Moore or Less. (Alas, there never has been a player named Les Moore, so there is no all-contradictary names team on the horizon.)

But what about that other sense of Mo(o)re and Les(s)? Can we build a squad of players bearing names like More, Most and Very? Staying away from nicknames, this might be more than we can handle, at the very most!

But let's see ...

As you might expect, this could quickly get out of hand, as literally More and More name possibilities raise for synonymical (is that a word?) inclusion. To that end, a few rules ...
  1. We're off to a rough start as there has NEVER been a big league player -- or even a minor leaguer -- with a name starting "Less ..."
  2. We will not be including "somewhere in the middle or end of the name" candidates like LHSP Bill Lattimore; hey, he was only 1-2 in four starts for the 1908 Cleveland Naps anyway.
  3. However, it's okay if the word starts a name -- so Dave Morehead, Keith Moreland, even Omar Moreno -- come on down!
  4. We will not use any forced-nickname puns, so the 188 career wins of RHSP Rick "Like" Wise ("likewise," get it?) are not eligible, as tempting as they might be.
  5. Apologies to those who prefer street slang, but we are not considering players with the first/given/nickname "Mo" or "Moe."
  6. Finally, though "longer" is an accepted synonym for "more," there has never been a player with that name, and we will not consider the 16 with the family name Long, or the other two with that as part of their family name -- though Evan Longoria could lead this bunch to its own HoN team some day.
So we are left with a few other synonyms to consider, including several that provide no actual roster candidates (also, as well, other, else) and one, extra, that returns only the name of Jetsy Extrano, a 19-year-old IF who made his minor league debut in the Seattle system in 2008.

That leaves us with "too." Given the no middle-of-the-name rule set above, that eliminates the various O'Tooles of major league history (okay, there have only been three, but that includes All-Star LHSP Jim) and really only provides us with one guy named Toole and another named Tooley -- standard Hall of Names dismissals to all the guys nicknamed "Toots" and "Toothpick" and the like.

Because we're not going to make a full roster here with just Too and Many, let's add Add and see if that will get us over the top, too. Er, also. Same rules apply. And hey, that nets us a manager! (Sort of.)

So, in honor of a place where I worked in college and giving the members of this team the right to play their home games on a sunny tropical island, let's meet ...

The St. Thomas Mores
** indicates Hall of Famer (none)
* indicates All-Star (none o' those, either!)

Okay, we don't get a full roster. But if we niff and juggle a little bit, we can fill out a full lineup card AND build a not-entirely-horrible 12-man pitching staff.

Player/Manager: Bob Addy (8-23, 1875 Philadelphia Whites, '77 Cincinnati Reds)

C Keith Moreland (OF/3B/C/1B, .279, 121 homers, 1978-89)
1B Jim Adduci (.236, parts of 1983-89, three teams; played more OF)
2B Ray Morehart (.269, 1924, '26 CHW, '27 NYY)
SS Bert Tooley (.216, 1911-12 BRK)
3B Harry Morelock (mostly SS, 1-for-17, 1891-92 PHI)
LF Bob Addis (.281, 1950-53 BSN, CHC, PIT)
CF Omar Moreno (.252, 487 SB, 1975-86)
RF Johnny Mostil (.301, 1918, '21-29)
DH Bob Addy (.277, parts of 1871-77, OF/IF)

OF Danny Morejon (5-for-26 with '58 CIN)
OF/2B/3B Jose Moreno (.206, 1980-82 NYM/SDP/CAL)

RHSP Dave Morehead (40-64, 1963-70 BOS, KCR)
LHSP Steve Toole (27-26, 1886-88, '90 BRK)
RHSP Lew Moren (48-57, 1903-04 PIT, '07-10 PHI)
RHSP Julio Moreno (18-22, 1950-3 WSH)
RHSP Roger Moret (split time in bullpen, rotation; 47-27, 1970-78)

LHRP Seth Morehead (5-19, 5 saves, 1957-61 PHI, CHC, MLN)
RHRP Forrest More (2-10, 1909 STL, BSN)
RHRP Ramon Morel (2-2, 1995-97 PIT, CHC)
LHRP Juan Moreno (3-3, 2001 TEX; 6 IP, '02 SDP)
RHRP Orber Moreno (3-1, 2004 NYM; also briefly with '99 KCR, '04 NYM)
LHRP Angel Moreno (4-10, 1981-82 CAL)
RHRP Dave Morey (4 nondescript IP with 1913 PHA)

A few More notes ... Forrest, the RHP, is the only player to date to appear on a major league (or minor league, for that matter) roster with the full, standalone family name "More" ... No word on whether he's related to St. Thomas ... Morehart didn't last long in the big leagues, but at least he managed to spend his final season up with the legendary '27 Yankees ... In 1965, Dave Morehead led the American League in losses; yes, he had "more" than anyone else did that year ... Seth Morehead was, in fact, nicknamed "Moe" but he makes the team on merit given his family name ... Seth was also part of the game's onlye two-Moes-for-one-low-price trade, when in 1961 he was traded by the Chicago Cubs with Moe Drabowsky to the Milwaukee Braves for Andre Rodgers and Daryl Robertson ... Two Moes for two Ro's ...

Morel exploded onto the scene with the '95 Pirates at age 20 but was out of the bigs for good by age 22 ... Actually, he's not even 35 yet, so maybe we'll see some "More" of him ... Moreland came up as a catcher but spent most of his career in the corners of the outfield and, less frequently, of the infield ... He compiled a .364 career post-season batting average (16-for-44) and won a ring with the '80 Phillies ... Yes, Angel and Jose Moreno were briefly teammates with the 1982 Angels; unconfirmed reports make this the only More-and-More teammate combination in the history of the Great Game so far ...

Forget the teammate combination -- check this out ... in April of 2002, the Texas Rangers traded relief pitcher Juan Moreno to the San Diego Padres for a minor league infielder named ... wait for it ... Jason Moore ... Omar Moreno twice led the NL in stolen bases with totals reaching the 70s, but the year he had his best total, 96 in 1980, he finished one behind Ron LeFlore in that category ... Moret, in a three-year span, posted seasons of 13-2 (1973) and 14-3 (1975) with the Red Sox, but that accounted for 27 of his 47 career wins ...

So here's the big question ... what more can we do to help this team? Can you think of other words that might play in this clubhouse and name players they would make eligible?

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mathesond - Monday, February 09 2009 @ 09:26 AM EST (#196250) #
Being born with the sobriquet "Matt Moore", I always felt a bit of an affinity for early 80's pitchers Matt Keough and Mike Moore. Looking up Mike's stats on bbref, he did win over 160 games - but lost over 170! He did finish 3rd in the 1989 Cy Young voting, however
Mike Green - Monday, February 09 2009 @ 09:58 AM EST (#196252) #
I guess Ethan Allen doesn't qualify despite "et. al.".  "Over" could work, which would give you HoN old friend "Orval Overall". 

Mick Doherty - Monday, February 09 2009 @ 10:54 AM EST (#196253) #
Oh, Overall, that's good -- he quickly strengthens the rotation (overall, heh) and bumps Julio Moreno to the bullpen ... Morey drops from the squad completely, alas.
Mike Green - Monday, February 09 2009 @ 08:18 PM EST (#196292) #
If you take "pad", you get second baseman Dick Padden, catcher Tom Padden, and starting pitcher Vincente Padilla.  If you take "tack", you get catcher Jeff Tackett..
Less means More in the Hall of Names | 4 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.