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The official city motto of the great metropolis of Orlando, Florida, is "The City Beautiful." Anyone who's ever seen Orlando Hudson play second base might quickly convert that to "The Glove Beautiful," while older fans might counter with Orlando Cepeda as "The Big Bat Beautiful." Yankee fans of the past 10 or 12 years might insist on "El Duque Bonito." Hey, this might be a pretty good team! Although ...

... fewer than 30 men with the name Orlando have played major league ball, and that includes more than a dozen who had it as a middle name. Still, given that source, we might come up with a decent roster ... okay, not really, we only have three pitchers even eligible, and though two of them -- the aforementioned Duque Hernandez and Orlando Pena, were long-time warriors, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't get ... tired ... pitching every day. So what else can we do to expand the roster, Bauxites? And take a look at this really fine roster -- save the problem of pitching (and who hasn't heard that line before?), this team would contend in virtully every 2010 division. That said, let's meet baseball's ...

** Hall of Famer
* All-Star

Nobody named "Orlando" has yet managed in the major leagues.

C Orlando McFarlane (.240, parts of 1962-68)
1B Orlando Cepeda** (.297/379/1365; '58 NL ROY, '67 NL MVP)
2B Orlando Hudson* (.282, 87 homers, 4 Gold Gloves wince 2002)
SS Orlando Cabrera (.274, 117 homers, 208 steals since 1997)
3B Tomas Orlando Perez (.240, 1995-2008; mostly 2B/SS played 170+ games at 3B)
LF Orlando Palmeiro (.274, 1995-2007; mostly LF/RF, played 100+ games in CF)
CF Ryan Orlando Thompson (.243, 52 homers, 1992-2002)
RF Orlando Merced (.277, 103 homers, seven teams, 1990-2003)
DH Ralph Orlando "Socks" Seybold (.294, 51 homers, 1899 CIN, 1901-08 PHA)

IF/OF/UTIL Eric Orlando Young Sr.* (.283, 79 homers, 465 SB, 1992-2006)
C Orlando Mercado (.199, seven teams, parts of 1982-90)
IF Abraham Orlando Nunez (.242, 1997-2008)
IF/UTIL Orlando "Marty" Martinez (.243, 1962, '67-72, six teams)
OF Orlando Isales (2-for-5, triple, three RBI in three games with '80 champ PHI)
OF Patrick Orlando Lennon (.265, four teams, parts of 1991-99)

RHSP Orlando Hernandez (90-65, 1998-2007; '99 AL ALCS MVP)
RHRP Orlando Pena (56-77, 40 sv., 1958-75, eight teams)
RHRP Frederick Orlando Trautman (one game, 3 IP, 2 ER, 1915 Newark Pepper of Fed league)

C Orlando Sanchez (.218, 1981-84)
IF Orlando Miller (.259, 1994-97)
OF Orlando Alvarez (8-for-51, 1973-75 LAD, '76 CAL)
IF Luis Orlando Rodriguez (.243, 2005-09)
SS Rafael Orlando Robles (.188, parts of 1969-72 with SDP)
SS Orlando Ramirez (.189, parts of 1974-79 with CAL)
1B Kelvin Orlando Moore (.223/8/25, parts of 1981-83 with OAK)
2B/OF Eric Orlando Young Jr. (.245 so far, parts of 2009-10)
3B/1B Pedro Orlando Castellano  (.161, parts of 1993-96)
1B/OF Orlando Gonzalez (.238, three teams, parts of 1976-80)

Ready Or(lando) Not ... Seybold, who was an outfielder, led the 1902 AL in homers with an astounding (at the time) 16 -- almost a third of his career total of 51. Only four others even cracked double digits that year, and no one hit more than 11 ... Seybold didn't debut until the age of 28 and wasn't playing regularly until the age of 30 -- but still cobbled together a .294 career average and 1085 base hits before retiring at 37 ... Marty Martinez played all nine positions in his career, including one pitching appearance, but more importantly for the versatility of this roster, also caught in 30 games ...

Alvarez was surprisingly productive in his moderately disappointing stints with the Dodgers and Angels in the mid-1970s; his eight career base hits included two doubles, two home runs and knocked in eight batters, to boot .. Still, he never left LA ... Castellano was an original draft pick of the Rockies .... The briefness of Isales' career left him with a lifetime OPS+ of 251! ... Lennon was a high first-round pick of the sad-sack Mariners in 1986 and ended his career less than ceremoniously with the 1998-99 Jays ... Miller was part of the package Houston sent to Detroit in the 1996-97 off-season to acquire, among others, Brad Ausmus and Jose Lima ...

Nunez spent 12 years in the majors, all with teams from the old (pre-three-division) NL East -- everyone but the Cubs and Expos .. Nunez was actually originally a Blue Jay, but sent to Pittsburgh as part of the 1996 deal that acquired Carlos Garcia, Orlando Merced and Dan Plesac ... Thompson, originally drafted by the Jays in 1987, was part of the Jeff Kent package that acquired David Cone in 1992; he was acquired two other times by the Jays, in 1997 and after 2001, but never played an inning for the team ...

So, Bauxites ... How can we Orlan-do this team any better?

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Ducey - Monday, August 16 2010 @ 12:57 AM EDT (#220858) #
"Or"Lando Calrissian could manage.  No baseball experience but he managed a city and has experience fighting the Yankees (the evil Empire)...
Jeremy - Monday, August 16 2010 @ 08:56 AM EDT (#220865) #
What about players born in Orlando?  You could get Davey Johnson as a player-manger, Billy Beane as the GM, and you can add Zack Greinke, Jack Billingham and Paul Wilson to the pitching staff.
Mick Doherty - Monday, August 16 2010 @ 11:36 AM EDT (#220886) #

Ducey, I was thinking about going with Cepeda because I think he managed in winter ball, but any way tie in Lucasfilms, I'm on board.

Jeremy, GREAT idea. I was originally thinking of trying to find other players (momstly pitchers) who had names of other major Florida cities, but can't find anyone named Miami (and Dade, the county, is just an outfielder, Paul), Tampa or Tallahassee. Might could make some noise with St. Petersburg and Jacksonville, though!

Mick Doherty - Monday, August 16 2010 @ 09:12 PM EDT (#220924) #

And thanks to Jeremy, we have a pitching staff (sort of) ... add the three hurlers we found named Orlando to the six who have been born there, and voila! We have a short, true, but entirely viable pitching staff:


# indicates born in Orlando, Florida

SP Orlando Hernandez (90-65, 1998-2007; '99 AL ALCS MVP)
SP Jack Billingham (145-113)#
SP Zack Greinke (57-64 so far)#
SP Mike Maroth (50-67)#
SP Paul Wilson (40-58)#

CL Orlando Pena (56-77, 40 sv., 1958-75, eight teams)
RP Frederick Orlando Trautman (one game, 3 IP, 2 ER, 1915 Newark Pepper of Fed league)
RP Chris Brock (18-17)#
RP Tom Dixon (9-14)#

Vacationing in Orlando ... | 4 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.