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Today all of the Jays affiliates had the day off for Easter Sunday!

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TangledUpInBlue - Monday, April 21 2014 @ 07:28 AM EDT (#285096) #
Well, then, how about a link? Here's something from FanGraphs on Mitch Nay. Not your typical FanGraphs piece but a nice bit of bio.
John Northey - Monday, April 21 2014 @ 09:50 AM EDT (#285100) #
Leaders in basic categories in the minors...
HR: Ryan Schimpf with 4 in AA (he is 26 so don't get excited)
RBI: K.C. Hobson with 18 in A+ (23 and at 1B)
SB: Dalton Pompey with 8 in A+ (21 at CF, 0 CS 391 OBP)
BA: Matt Newman with a 356 in A+ (25 in RF), A.J. Jimenez hitting 625 but in just 9 PA
OBP: Ryan Schimpf at 479
Slg: Schimpf again with a 789
3B: Mike Crouse with 4 in AA (23 in RF/LF), no one else has more than 1
H: Dwight Smith with 21 in A+ (21 in LF)
R: Smith again with 11
SO: Matthew Dean with 19 vs 1 walk in A (21 at 1B, somehow still has a 305 avg)
Sac Bunts: Mike Nickeas with 3 (same as his number of hits...ouch)

IP: Matt Boyd with 23 in A+ (23)
ERA: (10+ IP) Bobby Korecky 0.00 in AAA (12 1/3 IP 34 years old), Boyd 0.39, Kendall Graveman 0.44, Daniel Norris 0.60, and Chad Jenkins 0.64 are all sub 1.
SO: Boyd 25
BB: Jairo Labourt in A (20) with 13 vs 9K's in 9 1/3 IP (Sanchez and Romero are the next 2 sadly enough)
SO/9 (10+ IP): Marcus Stroman 12.3 in AAA (23),
BB/9 (10+IP): Jesse Hernandez (A+ 25 yrs old), and Liam Hendriks (25 AAA)
jerjapan - Monday, April 21 2014 @ 02:56 PM EDT (#285110) #
Great read on Nay, thanks for the link.  I love hearing the role his grandfather has in his career ... as someone who can thank my grandpa for my love of the game, I enjoy hearing that type of story.

I wonder what keeps a guy like bobby korecky going - 34 years old, a middle reliever in AAA with some 2 dozen big league appearances in his career... here's hoping that he keeps it up and gets a Sept. call for the bigs.

uglyone - Monday, April 21 2014 @ 04:19 PM EDT (#285111) #
Early season hot, warm, cold, and icy sheet:


RHP M.Stroman (23, AAA): 15.1ip, 2.00fip
LHP S.Nolin (24, AAA): 16.2ip, 2.89fip
OF D.Smith (21, A+): 66pa, 154wrc+
LHP D.Norris (21, A+): 15.0ip, 1.60fip


CF A.Gose (23, AAA): 49pa, 117wrc+
RHP L.Hendriks (25, AAA): 16.0ip, 2.31fip
RHP C.Jenkins (26, AAA): 14.0ip, 3.30fip
C A.Jimenez (24, AA): 9pa, 340wrc+
RF M.Crouse (23, AA): 39pa, 122wrc+
RHP D.McGuire (25, AA): 21.0ip, 3.35fip
SS J.Flores (22, A+): 40pa, 164wrc+
SS E.Guerrero (21, A+): 45pa, 142wrc+
RHP M.Boyd (23, A+): 23.0ip, 2.31fip
RHP C.Girodo (23, A+): 8.0ip, 2.89fip
3B M.Nay (20, A): 61pa, 117wrc+
1B M.Dean (21, A): 60pa, 115wrc+
C S.Nessy (21, A): 32pa, 112wrc+
CF D.Davis (20, A): 58pa, 105wrc+


RHP A.Sanchez (21, A+): 19.2ip, 4.41fip
SS D.Thon (22, A): 58pa, 93wrc+
RHP A.Cardona (20, A): 8.0ip, 4.26fip
RHP A.Tirado (19, A): 8.0ip, 4.51fip


OF K.Pillar (25, AAA): 61pa, 42wrc+
RHP K.Drabek (26, AAA): 14.0ip, 7.23fip
RHP J.Stilson (23, AAA): 5.1ip, 7.50fip
OF K.Wilson (24, AA): 61pa, 46wrc+
3B A.Burns (23, AA): 54pa, 32wrc+
2B C.Lopes (21, A+): 37pa, 65wrc+
C M.Reeves (23, A+): 17pa, 3wrc+
SS D.Lugo (19, A): 47pa, 33wrc+
RHP T.Robson (20, A): 7.1ip, 5.83fip
RHP C.Dejong (20, A): 10.2ip, 5.85fip
RHP J.Gabryszewski (21, A): 15.2ip, 6.06fip
LHP J.Labourt (20, A): 9.1ip, 7.47fip
Mike Green - Monday, April 21 2014 @ 04:26 PM EDT (#285112) #
Matt Boyd warm?  23 IP in 4 starts, 16 H, 1 HR, 5 W, 25K, 0.39 ERA.  Yeah, he's 23 and he is in the Florida State League, but really what more could you hope for?

Dalton Pompey is off to a fine start too. 

Gerry - Monday, April 21 2014 @ 04:28 PM EDT (#285113) #
AJ Jimenez is back from being on the DL with a hamstring strain. He was out about as much time as Jose Reyes.
uglyone - Monday, April 21 2014 @ 04:29 PM EDT (#285114) #
yeah its an age thing for Boyd, as with Hendriks. plus just a little lack of history coming in.

and thanks for pointing out the Pompey mistake, he was meant to slot in the warm group right behind guerrero with his 65pa/136wrc+ line.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.