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By 5pm today we will know if the Blue Jays have extended a qualifying offer to Josh Johnson.  The qualifying offer does not guarantee that JJ will return but it seems inlikely that a team would sign Johnson and surrender a first round draft pick as well.
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The World Series could end as soon as tonight, and the WS is closely followed by the hot stove season.  The general managers of the teams who have been eliminated have been talking and ideas are being floated.

One of those ideas hit the internets today when it was reported the Jays were interested in Gordon Beckham of the White Sox.

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With all but two teams eliminated the chatter among general managers is picking up.  Most GM's say that after the season they take a few weeks to work through their needs and then identify possible trade matches with other teams.  The resulting discussions are being kicked off now to be continued at the general manager meetings to be held November 11-13 in Orlando.  And followed by the winter meetings, December 9-12.

Today Bob Elliott kicks off the rumour mill with catching news.

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The Jays have announced coaching changes for 2014. In case you have erased it from your memory, the Jays starters had a terrible year while the hitters were OK when they were not injured.

So, the Jays have changed the hitting side of the coaching staff and retained the pitching coaches.

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The Toronto Blue Jays will begin the 2014 season in Tampa Bay Monday, March 31. The home opener is against the New York Yankees Friday, April 4 at 7:07 pm.
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We have had some discussion in a couple of threads yesterday and this morning around John Farrell's comments from yesterday.  The Jays lost last night in a game where Jose Reyes and Rajai Davis could be accused of selfish behaviour.  And now Shi Davidi weighs in.  This debate is partly about tools and development but it is a lot about what is wrong with the Jays, why can they not be in contention in September?  We will likely see a lot of discussion today around the topic "what is wrong with the Jays organization?".  I thought we could do with a separate thread on this.
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Via Rotoworld it appears Romero has been sent down.  Not yet showing up on the Jays site, but big news if true.

Confirmed via Sportsnet, which is owned by the same people who own the Jays thus I'd put this in 100% official status.
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Opening day for the Jays is next Tuesday.  Opening day for most teams is next Monday.  The Jays have four games left in Florida and two in Philadelphia as they make their way back to Toronto.  The roster is now getting clearer:

Brett Lawrie will start the season on the DL.

The Jays will likely start the season with an 8 man bullpen.  The Jays think it will be easier to get Jeremy Jeffress through waivers a week into the season than it will be just before opening day.

Henry Blanco has made the roster, Josh Thole is headed to Buffalo.

Brad Lincoln has also been optioned to Buffalo, he has been nursing a sore shoulder.

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Jack Morris is the new Alan Ashby.  Morris will be the play by play guy on radio and cover on TV when Buck or Tabler are on vacation.

Is this good?  I don't know, has anyone ever heard Jack do analysis?

Meanwhile Sportsnet announced their spring training coverage....six TV games starting February 23rd, and all the games on radio or web.

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Ok, ok, I'll admit it: I grin a little bit when A-Rod's name comes up in this stuff. Am I alone?

I'm not sure why. Because he's a Yankee? No, I made an eight foot wide dollar bill with his face on it to heckle him when he was still a Ranger. Because of the absurd amount of money? Well, maybe. And maybe because of the swagger and public persona, or my impression of them.

But I softened a bit when I heard that he had a painting of himself as a Minotaur. Who can't relate to dreams of being a Minotaur?