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Like all great streaks, it had to end sometime. After retiring the first 42 straight batters of his AA career, Jamie Vermilyea’s perfect streak was ended last night with a leadoff single in the second inning. No need to worry though, he’s still working on a consecutive scoreless innings streak (18), consecutive innings without a walk (18), consecutive saves streak (2), consecutive wins in starts streak… how many more can Da Box think of?

Oh yeah, the Jays minor league affiliates won a few more games last night.
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4 for 5 with a rainout for the Blue Jay farm, a night featuring 4 great pitching performances and 8 home runs.
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Carlos Delgado looks to be ready. Charleston pitchers delivered a one hitter. Two other Jays teams had last at bat wins and two of the Jays pitching prospects pitched well enough to win, but did not.
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Happy holidays to our American friends.

Two heartbreaking losses, and solid pitching in Dunedin, Charleston and Auburn were the highlights of a 3-4 record on Saturday for the farm affiliates.
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One humiliating loss and a rainout in the Appalachian League was all that kept the Jays’ system from a clean sweep last night. Hmm, where have I heard that before…?
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Two games went to extra innings, one game did not even go nine. A new player hit a home run for Dunedin, Carlos something or other. And yours truly is off to Buffalo to see the Chiefs.
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A forgettable day as the Blue Jays affiliates went 2-4, with the Dominican Summer League entry picking up one of the wins. The six teams combined to score just 15 runs and no team could score more than four.

The good news is that four of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats have been selected as Eastern League All-Stars. Starters Todd Ozias and Cam Reimers and the double-play combination of Aaron Hill and Dominic Rich will play in the July 14th classic in Bowie, MD. Congratulations, all!
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No perfect games to report today unfortunately, but the Pulaski Blue Jays pulled out a squeaker to keep their hopes alive for a perfect season! Five levels up, Guillermo Quiroz made a rather inauspicious return to action.

Also, Da Box gets a plug from John Habib of the Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News in a must read article about Mr. Perfect, Jamie Vermilyea.
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Jamie Vermilyea. That’s the executive summary of this update. Jamie Perfect Game Vermilyea!
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The minor league teams were 7-0, what do you think about that! David Bush looks to be ready for prime time and there were numerous candidates for the stars of the day.
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With the Jays winning big in the late afternoon, the stage was set for a good night for the organization. The affiliates did not disappoint, going 4-2, with the big news being the end of Syracuse's slump and John-Ford Griffin's blast to cap a Fisher Cat comeback.
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Only a road loss from the Skychiefs (and a rainstorm in Pulaski) kept this from being a perfect night for the Blue Jays' farm system.
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It was a day for some big numbers. The Jays and Rays combined for thirty nine hits. Pulaski and Princeton combined for twenty three runs and twelve errors. Dunedin played thirteen innings and Josh Banks gave up nine runs in three innings.
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Short(ish) & sweet today, as the day job looms. A stirring debut from a very promising youngster, and the Jays' affiliates went 4-1 overall but Pulaski will get most of the ink.
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After watching the Jays bats struggle all night at Skydome, I got home to find out that the bats were very much alive down in the minors. 4 wins as all 6 affiliates were in action for the first time this year.

Curtis Thigpen's Longhorns take on Georgia in the College World Series semifinals today at 1:00pm.
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