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How frequently do teams find stud pitchers after the first (and supplemental first) round?
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John Sickels held his 3rd annual 5 round mock draft on Sunday. I was the mock Blue Jay scouting director.
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You know the drill.
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A few players to keep an eye on draft day (June 7-8).
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While most organizations will take the 'best player available' in the draft, it can't hurt to see what are the positions of need down the line.
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There's a bit of a gap between the top pitchers and the group after it. Price, Detwiler, Moskos and Brackman are all likely to go in the top 10. After that no starter stands out and there's a couple closers that are possibilities in the second half of the first round. The Blue Jays were reported to be interested in Vanderbilt closer Casey Weathers.
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The draft is less than a month away. Time to look to see how the top college hitters are doing since the last time we checked in.
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The draft will be on ESPN2 this year. Baseball now has moved into the 21st century - thanks for joining the rest of us!

June 7th is the big day (a month from today!?!) beginning at 2 pm and each team will get 5 minutes to make a pick. (Under the current format teams typically made their pick within one minute over a conference call).

I've always wondered how hockey could televise their draft but baseball couldn't. Aren't the two sports pretty similar in terms of player development? You draft a player at 18 or 20, and it takes a few years to make it to the Big Show.
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A dozen college pitchers to look at that should go in the first few rounds, of which 8 are left handers.

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Here's an early look at the top college hitters in the 07 draft.
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The sandwich round of the 2007 draft is going to be a long one.

EDIT (4:45 Fri): The order of the sandwich round was incorrectly presented earlier. It is correct now (I think).
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Mike Emeigh of Baseball Think Factory has posted the 2007 draft order.  The Jays pick 21st in what is reputed to be a deep draft.  Who might be available in the first round when #21 comes around?
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Gerry and I got a chance to speak with Jon Lalonde regarding the team's most recent draft.
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With today being Independence Day in the US here's a look at the college players on Team USA.

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The Blue Jays made their choices last week in the draft. This week I take a stab at who I would have taken with the top 5 picks.
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