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A dozen college pitchers to look at that should go in the first few rounds, of which 8 are left handers.

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Here's an early look at the top college hitters in the 07 draft.
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The sandwich round of the 2007 draft is going to be a long one.

EDIT (4:45 Fri): The order of the sandwich round was incorrectly presented earlier. It is correct now (I think).
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Mike Emeigh of Baseball Think Factory has posted the 2007 draft order.  The Jays pick 21st in what is reputed to be a deep draft.  Who might be available in the first round when #21 comes around?
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Gerry and I got a chance to speak with Jon Lalonde regarding the team's most recent draft.
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With today being Independence Day in the US here's a look at the college players on Team USA.

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The Blue Jays made their choices last week in the draft. This week I take a stab at who I would have taken with the top 5 picks.
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Round 19-50 will take place today. This will consist primarily of filling out rosters and selecting 'draft-and-follow' players, primarily junior college players.
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The Blue Jays first round pick is Travis Snider, OF, Jackson HS (WA).
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Thoughts, comments or analysis on the draft in general? Put them in here. Here's Baseball America's final 1st round projection. It looks like Andrew Miller will fall a bit.   

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Here's a look at who may go at the top of the draft and who will be available when the Blue Jays select.
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Tomorrow is draft day, a day of hope and excitement in thirty major league cities.  The truth however is that reaching the major leagues is a long shot for most players selected.  Teams expect their first round pick will make an impact in the major leagues but after that they hope that one or two, of the other 49 players picked, make it.  If three players from a draft become major league regulars that draft would be considered to be excellent.  I thought we should take a quick look back at the Jays drafts under JP Ricciardi to see what expectations we should have for tomorrow.
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Baseball has its well-known major league seasonal cycle. The ballplayers arrive in Florida and Arizona in February while the snow (now often only remembered from Februarys past) is still on the ground here. They come north  in April with the spring, bloom in summer, and depart after a wished-for blaze of colour in autumn.

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....and the second and the third rounds. After the Jays first pick they pick next at #120.
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