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Frequently-maligned Jay OF Vernon Wells is 32 today. According to the greatness that is, VW's "Most Similar" player through the age of 31 has been one Andre Nolan "Hawk" Dawson.

Not to paint TOO rosy of a picture, but the Hawk's age-32 season was 1987 -- that was his 49-homer NL MVP year. Just sayin' ...

Ah, to post, perchance to dream ...

The first person who was primarily known for his work in Toronto has been elected. Congrats to Pat Gillick.
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A recent episode of CBC's Quirks and Quarks featured a segment on curveballs. Despite a right-off-the-bat gaffe (Bob McDonald equates "breaking ball" with "curve ball"), it's an interesting segment that is unlike anything I've read in the online research community. Wanna hear about it?
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Quick, who had the best outfield in baseball last year? Well, it wasn't the Blue Jays, but they were pretty darn close.
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Alternate titles: The Buck Stops Here! Molina, Mo Passed Balls. Encarnacioner of a Lonely 22 Home Runs. Okay, I'll stop.
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Bullpen as weak link, Gregg as Matsuzaka, Downs as icon, Roenicke as Purcey, and absolutely no idea what next year's pen looks like.
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The difference between the Jays 2009 and 2010 starting rotations was like night and day. Or maybe just afternoon and afternoon.
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This will be quick and painful, I promise.

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Jonny German lays it all out for us. I love looking at stuff like this.
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This is meant to be a debate, a beer-driven barroom discussion, a starting point for conversation; it’s an old argument, “who are the greatest players in MLB history?” – but  here, it’s divided into three sub-arguments:

·         Who are the greatest players ever at each position?

·         Who are the greatest players of my (your) lifetime at each position?

·         Who are the greatest active players at each position?

Note, “my lifetime” began in 1966, so for instance, I could technically slot Sandy Koufax into the LHSP position, but I am roughly defining that column (see table, next page) as “guys I remember." Define that differently for yourself if you like, but post your parameters so we know what they are.)

Now, onward to the projected lineup cards; although this is a matter of opinion, so you can’t technically tell me I’m “wrong” about any of these selections, please do let me know who you think I missed or overrated, or whatever …

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Time for a new thread, hey? Let's mix it up a little with a Question of the Day spun from a comment posted in the original "at 3" thread by long-time and valued Bauxite 92-93:

" ... the Jays would look mighty impressive if they could pull off a way to acquire [Zack Greinke] without giving up Snider, Drabek, Marcum, Cecil, Romero, or Morrow.

That list of six names includes no less than (the magic number of) five starting pitchers. So think this through and answer as if we're heading into the 2014 season:

Drabek, Marcum, Cecil, Romero, Morrow

  • Is this your '14 Jay rotation?
  • If so, in what order are they slotted into, 1-5?
  • If not, who's not in the rotational plans any more, and who has stepped up to fill (or take) that spot?
It's been a bit over a week since we last looked at what's been going on with the Peoria Javelinas, the Jays' shared AFL team.
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The Blue Jays have scheduled a press conference for today at 3pm, presumably to introduce their new manager, John Farrell.  Even though the Jays have said nothing about the hire, the news flow out of Boston has been enough to take away the surprise from today's announcement.
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It's that time of year again... the time when I discover Da Box readers are way smarter than me so what am I doing writing anything.
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Alex Gonzalez and the Atlanta Braves saved us from the prospect of three sweeps in the first round of the playoffs.  It was an improbable win for the Braves in many respects.  They were down 4-1 with Brian Wilson, San Francisco's closer, on the mound and Atlanta's offense is one of the weakest in the playoffs.  Once the Braves tied it Billy Wagner has to leave with an injury and their fate rests with Kyle Farnsworth on the mound, the Farnsworth who not known as a big game pitcher.  That view looked to be confirmed when he hit Freddy Sanchez.  The Braves options looked bleaker when Buster Posey was up with the bases loaded and one out.  Posey grounded the ball to Troy Glaus, who has not played much third this season, and Glaus passed up on the play at home and went around the horn for an inning ending double play.

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