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Hey, all you Bauxites who are sure you could do it better than JP, are smarter than that Harvard guy Keith Law, pine for the days of Stand Pat Gillick ...

Look what's posted over at
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OK, OK, I'll drag myself away from the Data Table I'm working on...
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The Angels win the first one, behind Paul Byrd.

No truth to the rumours that Chuck Finley is starting the second game.

And then there were four...
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So does anyone still want to replace Miguel Batista with Kyle Farnsworth?
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This is the first of three articles that attempts to discuss -- and rank -- the greatest hits in post-season history. Not the greatest games, per se, but the most important individual hits that were the most pivotal in baseball playoff history.

This installment covers the Division Series, which occurred on a one-time basis in 1981 and has been a permanent part of the baseball landscape from 1995 through the present.

Comments -- and debate -- are most welcome!
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There are places I'll remember
All my life
Though some have changed
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Well, that was lively.
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The National League takes the day off - the action's in the junior circuit. The defending champs try to stave off elimination!
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Three more games... and another managerial change. It never stops.
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We had three playoff games, managerial changes, some front-office reshuffling, and a few early off-season rumours. Let's go, people!
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Well, here we are, the end of another season. (Another year older, and deeper in debt.) Welcome to this, my last Blue Jays Report Card, this time covering September and the whole year in one panoramic swoop. Enjoy, if possible!

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And so it begins...
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In L.A. Confidential, Captain Dudley Smith tells Sergeant Jack Vincennes, “I doubt you’ve ever taken a stupid breath.” Most of the time, Alex Rodriguez is like Vincennes, if far less interesting. A perfect corporate ballplayer, seemingly incapable of an extemporaneous word, definitely incapable of adding excitement to the fine array of electronics sold by Radio Shack.
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I wish I'd thought of this when there were more than two games left in the season. But what the hell... you guys have been watching the Blue Jays all year long, right?
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