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So, given we know the Jays have had issues at Third Base this year (to put it nicely) what are the options for an upgrade?
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It's come to this, has it?
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This is going to be a big discussion with the Jays looking to make big trades and/or signings over the next few months in an effort to win now. How risky are prospects? Are top 100 ones safe bets? Top 10? What about the Jays own top 10? Lets check.
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And then there were four.
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One Evil Empire was dispatched by another on Tuesday night, as Boston dismissed the Yankees in a somewhat ho-hum game. And last night the Dodgers got by the Cardinals in a tense, gripping affair that was only decided on the game's final pitch. Which took place four hours and fifteen minutes after the first pitch. It was wonderful, dramatic entertainment if you had the endurance required to stick with it to the end. But now we have an Elite Eight.

The ALDS kicks off this afternoon with the White Sox in Houston, two teams managed by guys even older than me. Cool. The Red Sox and Rays get underway in Tampa Bay later tonight. The Other League gets started on Friday.
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The last time the Blue Jays played 162 games, they lost 95 of them. This was better.
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Was our faith tested? Perhaps.
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The Buffalo Bisons final stretch began on a losing note.
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On a day with no baseball, let's figure out who has the inside track on this year's awards.
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He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.
 - John Tanner, The Revolutionist's Handbook and Pocket Companion (presented as an appendix to Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw, who was of course the actual author)

There are thirty major league pitching coaches. Were any of these guys even half-decent pitchers?
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I have made an Executive Decision and separated the Game Thread from the Trade Deadline discussion.

I have this power, I try to use it for good.
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Everyone is getting curious - who will the Jays trade for?  Who will they get, who will they lose?  Lets take a look back to past contenders for an idea of what works/doesn't work and the cost.
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Baseball still has the best All-Star Game, although the tall foreheads who run the game have been doing their level best to remove all its mystique.
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The pen has been used a lot this year and has a lot of guys in it.  9 at all times it seems.  The 1983 team which many compare this team to (young, on edge of greatness but nightmare pen) had a total of 11 relievers all year.  Times have changed a lot.
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Just was thinking about the pen and how many were used there this year and the injuries so I thought 'how has this changed over the years'?
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